DMS Ascension Synthesizer 60% off in the KVR Marketplace

25th March 2021

DMS has announced that Ascension is on sale until 1st April, 2021, for $19.90 (60% off RRP).

Ascension is a PC & Mac compatible 64-bit workstation synth. Reviewed 4/5 Stars in Computer Music Magazine (issue CM259).

With 4 powerful, FM enabled oscillators you can choose any mixture of subtractive, wavetable synthesis and a 6 GB ROM sound library.

The synth also includes a multi-FX unit with 'Drag n Drop' signal processing chain, an arpeggiator with MIDI loop player (with 'Drag and Drop' support straight in to your DAW) along with a collection of over 1700 dancefloor ready royalty-free MIDI loops and much more.

KVR Audio, Inc.