RJ Studios releases SideMinder 2 - 2nd generation mono-band Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer

17th June 2021

RJ Studios has released SideMinder 2, the 2nd generation of their mono-band Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer plugin. Here's what they're saying:

SideMinder 2 is a unique stereo enhancement plugin that dynamically maximizes the stereo width of a mix similar to the way a limiter maximizes the amplitude - all while preventing width "over-widening" that can cause phase cancellation when mixed to mono.

SideMinder 2 is a completely rewritten update to the original mono-band SideMinder plugin with the following new features:

SideMinder 2 is a 64-bit plugin available in VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats for Windows and Mac OS 10.11 up (M1/ARM requires Rosetta).

Price: $24.95 USD Downloadable demos are available at the RJ Studios website. Existing customers will be contacted with loyalty and upgrade discount pricing.

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