Sample Fuel releases Revolution - A Reversing Virtual Instrument

16th October 2018

Sample Fuel has announced the release of Revolution v1.5 for HALion, HALion Sonic and the free HALion Sonic SE.

"Revolution is our first Reversing Virtual Instrument that utilizes 2 different synthesis engines making it one of the most unique and capable reversing sample library instruments available anywhere. The approach when creating this instrument was not to be just a one-shot reverse library but to deliver a product that would be the most usable and unique reverse library on the market for the modern-day media composer. Our goal was not just to reverse the sample content and call it done, but to create an engine capable of creating reversing textures that you can loop, mangle, layer on top of one another or add to a granular texture. The patches are interesting and unique enough to give your compositions new color and texture." said Danny Lux, owner at Sample Fuel.

Key Features:



Price: Revolution introductory price is $119.99 until November 16th, 2018. Normal price will be $149.99.

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