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Latest News: Open Source
rncbc.org releases Qtractor v0.7.7 "Haziest Photon" for Linux     27 Apr 2016 MusE 3.0pre1 Now Available for Linux     25 Apr 2016 rncbc.org releases Qtractor v0.7.5 "Hazy Photon" for Linux     21 Mar 2016 Matthieu Brucher updates Audio Toolkit to v1.1.0    08 Mar 2016 rncbc.org announces Vee One Suite 0.7.3 - Ninth beta release for Linux   22 Feb 2016 rncbc.org releases Qtractor v0.7.4 - "The Tackiest Gluon" for Linux     28 Jan 2016 Audacity updated to v2.1.2       21 Jan 2016 rncbc.org releases Qtractor v0.7.3 - "A Tackier Gluon" for Linux     30 Dec 2015 mzuther updates traKmeter to v2.0.0 for Windows and Linux     28 Dec 2015 mzuther updates K-Meter to v2.2.0 for Windows and Linux     20 Dec 2015 rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.7.2 - the "Tacky Gluon" beta release for Linux     11 Dec 2015 rncbc.org announces Vee One Suite 0.7.2 release for Linux   04 Dec 2015 MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel 2 for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X    27 Nov 2015 Karoryfer releases free "Weresax" - Sample Library for Plogue sforzando   15 Nov 2015 Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.2 - native Mac OS X version released     12 Oct 2015 Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.1 - Native Linux VST version released    28 Sep 2015 MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel 15.10 for Linux and Windows   26 Sep 2015 Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.0 and goes Open Source   11 Sep 2015 4drX releases MidiKeyswitcher MIDI VST Plugin for Windows for Keyboard Players   20 Aug 2015 Matthieu Brucher releases ATKChorus v1.0.0, ATKUniversalVariableDelay v1.0.2, ATKStereoPhaser v1.0.0 and updates ATKUnviversalDelay to v1.2.0      18 Aug 2015

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