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FabFilter Pro-MB
Reviewed by rosko12 who rated it 10 out of 10
       01 Apr 2015 What we're looking at here is quite possibly the most powerful dynamics tool known to mankind. There really is very little else in the same ballpark, and the pro-MB is even vastly more powerful than t... [read more]
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
Reviewed by wajdzilukasz who rated it 8 out of 10
      01 Apr 2015 I bought Gold version last year so it is Play edition. I cannot use samples in Kontakt but I really do not need to use it there. Quality of samples is good, key switches works correctly. Interface of... [read more]
HoRNet HoRNet AutoGain Pro
Reviewed by syndicat who rated it 9 out of 10
      29 Mar 2015 HorNet Pro offers some really usable tools for very fair prices / value and offers more flexibility then i.e. WAVES vocal and bass rider. But for me i just can give 9 points because of lack of AAX64 (... [read more]
HoRNet HoRNet AutoGain Pro
Reviewed by nicksohn who rated it 10 out of 10
      29 Mar 2015 When I bought this plugin, It works weirdly. It turned out that there is some issue. But After some talking via several mail with developer, I got the "works-properly" version. Thanks, Saverio. His su... [read more]
New Sonic Arts Vice
Reviewed by askewd who rated it 10 out of 10
     28 Mar 2015 Simple but powerful loop slicer. Especially great for users of Logic which doesn't have an elegant graphical slicer built in. This is fast and easy to use with very sexy interface. I love it!.... [read more]
Softube FET Compressor
Reviewed by rosko12 who rated it 7 out of 10
       27 Mar 2015 I haven't jammed on this as much as i would like to but here's some preliminary thoughts: The softube fet is essentially a "heavy drum sound" compressor and it does that exceptionally well. Basically... [read more]
XILS-lab miniSyn'X
Reviewed by sfd who rated it 10 out of 10
       25 Mar 2015 I remember when I saw Jean Michel Jarre's famous convert in Houston in the mid 80s where he had that amazing laser harp. I was just blown away by the fantastic sound of that harp. Later on I learned t... [read more]
MeldaProduction MPhaser
Reviewed by robohymn who rated it 9 out of 10
      19 Mar 2015 Very, very good phaser for free. Only problem is it crashes Reaper every time I try to remove it from a track or delete a track it's on. [NOTE, this problem has been resolved and is specific to my mac... [read more]
Kuassa Cerberus Bass Amp
Reviewed by CJG007 who rated it 10 out of 10
       18 Mar 2015 I am loving this! One of the best Bass amp sims out there, and i have had them all. Honestly, this thing is killer! Put it on a bass track i had, pulled up a preset and instant satisfaction...none of... [read more]
mucoder hypercyclic
Reviewed by anp27 who rated it 10 out of 10
      15 Mar 2015 Hypercyclic is a step sequencer that can give you interesting glitchy type effects when used effectively. It is free so it's a no-brainer to check out. Note to the developer: Please port this wonderfu... [read more]
mucoder tonespace
Reviewed by anp27 who rated it 10 out of 10
      15 Mar 2015 An amazing plugin! And it's free! It generates chords and so much more, great for trying out chord progressions. Especially useful for musicians who aren't necessarily good at playing chords on the ke... [read more]
BlauKraut Engineering Charlatan
Reviewed by oscillian who rated it 9 out of 10
   08 Mar 2015 It's hard to describe why I keep going back to this plugin even if I have a ton of other commercial alternatives. Maybe it's the great sound. Maybe it's the intuitive interface. Maybe it's just the st... [read more]
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov GE
Reviewed by saxophonick who rated it 10 out of 10
      08 Mar 2015 Does what it says it will. Brilliantly. Although labelled as mastering buss processor, it is equally at ease on mix buss, drum buss..any other buss or track. Its most discernable features vs the compe... [read more]
write-a-hit.com MelodyBuilder
Reviewed by Hermu who rated it 1 out of 10
  08 Mar 2015 WARNING! Spyware or Trojan Software. - version 6.0 without previous versions. - no software author. - no serious contact address. - no copyright. - Windows installer is not certified with risk of mali... [read more]
CodeFN42 Chordz
Reviewed by inkwarp who rated it 9 out of 10
   06 Mar 2015 these are amazing plugins for anyone working with MIDI a lot, and just what i have been looking for. i have already made some great melodic tune-age today with Chordz but i urge everyone interested to... [read more]
CodeFN42 Chordz
Reviewed by No_Uhe_in_my_machine who rated it 8 out of 10
   05 Mar 2015 As owner of the Xfer Cthulhu, I must say I got admired with this one. The way that the notes and chords are organized are great, and there's also the option to create and save you owns. Now this is ve... [read more]
MoReVoX REmatrix
Reviewed by imental who rated it 10 out of 10
       26 Feb 2015 REmatrix by the joint venture of MoReVoX and Overloud is an extremely powerful convolution reverb plugin that is easy to use. It allows the user to combine five different impulse responses loaded simu... [read more]
LVC-Audio Limited-T
Reviewed by imental who rated it 10 out of 10
       26 Feb 2015 Limited-T by LVC Audio is a straightforward, yet versatile track and buss limiter that allows users to add a wide range of pleasing color that ranges from digital clarity to analog warmth via the X/Y... [read more]
LVC-Audio Limited-MAX
Reviewed by imental who rated it 10 out of 10
       26 Feb 2015 Limited-MAX by LVC Audio is a fully featured mastering limiter that provides a loud and transparent sound. To accomplish this, MAX dynamically selects from three different algorithms — Clean, ClipShif... [read more]
jsAudio jsCompShaper
Reviewed by ccowkey who rated it 10 out of 10
   22 Feb 2015 This is all kinds of good. Lacks a manual but really even with no brain whatsoever it would be hard not to improve your sound.... [read more]