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Eventide UltraReverb
Reviewed by C.Ray who rated it 10 out of 10
      29 Sep 2014 This is a awesome reverb! Well worth the price. I've use some other reverbs and I must say this hold it's self very well! Good job Eventide.... [read more]
Eisenberg Vier
Reviewed by tommyzai who rated it 10 out of 10
       29 Sep 2014 INTRO Vier by Eisenberg is a fascinating virtual instrument! It is based on the Doepfer MS-404, a monophonic rack mount synth from the 90s that still has a strong industrial music cult following. I ha... [read more]
DSK Music DSK Virtuoso
Reviewed by Igrewsome who rated it 8 out of 10
   27 Sep 2014 I wanted this VST to basically create string sections. I'm going to explain it this way... if you're needing to write a chamber orchestra piece, and you're planning on using multiple instances of this... [read more]
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ
Reviewed by grymmjack who rated it 9 out of 10
      26 Sep 2014 I don't own any CZ hardware, but I really like this plug-in. The sound is very unique and interesting, and perhaps because I was a young kid in the 80s the kinds of sounds it makes resonate with me. I... [read more]
Martin Eastwood Audio Mverb
Reviewed by SnappyDee who rated it 10 out of 10
       25 Sep 2014 I'm suprised that this one hasn't garnered a review yet, so here goes. I'm no real expert on reverbs - I've tried most of the free/cheap ones and I'm familiar with their limitations; mainly that they... [read more]
Apple Logic Pro
Reviewed by deft_bonz who rated it 6 out of 10
   24 Sep 2014 Introduction ******************* Logic X is a comprehensive DAW shipping with everything you need as a starter. Record audio, play your MIDI gear, mix your tracks. And even mastering is possible. It c... [read more]
Apple Logic Pro
Reviewed by kingjmg who rated it 10 out of 10
   23 Sep 2014 I use Logic Pro for school and personal productions. I don't understand why people think its so hard to use or doesn't compare to other production programs. Honestly, the sounds are CRYSTAL clear and... [read more]
Xfer Records Serum
Reviewed by FarleyCZ who rated it 10 out of 10
      23 Sep 2014 I had high expectations on Serum. Steve Duda, man, who's been in the background of some of the most influental acts in electronic music, man, who I personally consider a genius, wrote it. His LFO Tool... [read more]
4Front Technologies 4Front Bass Module
Reviewed by Igrewsome who rated it 10 out of 10
     22 Sep 2014 This is my go-to Bass guitar VSTi. Absolutely one of my favorites. I've got a few others I've used, but this one coupled with the BassGrinder amp... MAN. Yes, it's got the classic Fender P-Bass sound.... [read more]
Xfer Records Serum
Reviewed by clickglue who rated it 10 out of 10
      22 Sep 2014 I've never reviewed a synth, but this time I want to share my day one impressions of Serum. Because in my view this is a superb instrument. It has the analog sound quality of Diva and can compete with... [read more]
torn sub Shaka
Reviewed by SheltoN86 who rated it 8 out of 10
   18 Sep 2014 I'm a drummer and relatively new to "music with computers" world. Our keyboardist loves that softsynths stuff. moreover we use reaper for recording sessions and shows, so there would be always a lapto... [read more]
torn sub Shaka
Reviewed by pc2000 who rated it 2 out of 10
   16 Sep 2014 I gave this offering a low rating, because there are free alternatives that actually have more features. I was surprised to discover that the Shaka drum sampler doesn't seem to have the basic ability... [read more]
Native Instruments Massive
Reviewed by Xenos who rated it 9 out of 10
       14 Sep 2014 Overview: What needs to be said? Almost everyone out there already has it lol. It's a great synth and I like it a lot. Native Instruments is one of the top dogs in the VSTi game. They know how to make... [read more]
Image Line FL Studio
Reviewed by rondo85 who rated it 9 out of 10
    11 Sep 2014 I have used FL Studio for 10 years and it is the most impressive DAW on the market. Lifetime free updates, you can customize the interface for aesthetics and workflow, compatibility with any VST, VST2... [read more]
Reveal Sound Spire
Reviewed by Dafunque who rated it 9 out of 10
     10 Sep 2014 The perfect synth, i haven't found it it yet. Spire comes pretty darn close though. I love its user-friendliness and the effect section, which has everything your need, and i mean everything. I find t... [read more]
EverythingTurns WRAITH
Reviewed by exiannyc who rated it 9 out of 10
   09 Sep 2014 I really like Wraith SQR (the bigger version, with the sequencer). I've had Reaktor for several months, downloaded a Lot of ensembles for it, and built a couple myself. I think Wraith sounds better th... [read more]
PSPaudioware PSP MixTreble
Reviewed by Krakatau who rated it 10 out of 10
       07 Sep 2014 Let say that, despite the fact that it isn't a brand new product at the time these lines are written, it is undoubtedly of a brillant conception if, like me, you're into sound design (i would say even... [read more]
AIR Music Technology theRiser
Reviewed by virton135 who rated it 9 out of 10
      05 Sep 2014 I bought The Riser is a very useful tool to make transitions and may be the only program on the market that is dedicated to rise up / down. It has some resemblance has a synthesizer parameters, but it... [read more]
Native Instruments Discovery Series: West Africa
Reviewed by Krakatau who rated it 9 out of 10
      02 Sep 2014 I won't enter into a too detailed description of the plugin itself, but being experienced on western African cultures, i might have a good critical view on this instrument. Regardless of it official f... [read more]
Acon Digital Acon Digital Multiply
Reviewed by Michael L who rated it 10 out of 10
      30 Aug 2014 I started using Multiply at the beginning of the KVR-DC because I was looking for a chorus that produced clean results with complex sounds and included enough relevant parameters. Developers of other... [read more]