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Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
Reviewed by rosko12 who rated it 7 out of 10
        05 May 2015 I came back to this compressor recently and decided to give it a proper work-out. There's some good features here that you won't find anywhere else. First thing you'll notice is the GUI is the size of... [read more]
Reviewed by viceverser who rated it 9 out of 10
      05 May 2015 Brilliant piece of software... Learn the reaper way of doing things and chances are you wont miss much from any other DAW. All the tools you need to make a pro mix are there, and the modulation routin... [read more]
Acon Digital Acon Digital Equalize
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 9 out of 10
      02 May 2015 Let's get straight to business: GUI: Good-looking if you ask me. Not as good-looking as its fiercest competitor, the Fabfilter Pro-Q 2, but not bad at all. The knobs and the rest of the controls are s... [read more]
VST Zone Eclipsis
Reviewed by dheerajvirgo who rated it 10 out of 10
   29 Apr 2015 The interface looks so different which is kind of attractive, and its really interesting to tweak and create the sounds.. one of best soft synths I have used.... [read more]
Voltkitchen MinimogueVA
Reviewed by bobbz who rated it 10 out of 10
   26 Apr 2015 This VST is simply amazing ! Full fat realistic analog sound, and works in mono or polyphonic stereo modes. It does everything from weird FX to superfat basses to screaming distorted leeads to wonky B... [read more]
Rast Sound MidEast Vocals for KONTAKT | WAV
Reviewed by axeast who rated it 9 out of 10
  25 Apr 2015 You can find part of the review from Ohmlab for this pack below : " ... We were absolutely floored by this collection. In fact, MidEast Vocals sample pack is so good that it kind of threw us off our g... [read more]
Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 9 out of 10
        25 Apr 2015 GUI: This is the worst part of the plugin for me. The GUI is severely dated, and while functional, it still looks horrendous. I wish they could revamp it. Biggest letdown for me. It is custimizable th... [read more]
Togu Audio Line TAL-Filter II
Reviewed by CadenMusic who rated it 10 out of 10
      20 Apr 2015 An absolutely amazing sounding simple filter plugin that's dripping with rich saturation and smooth cutoff action. I too would pay for this if it weren't free.... [read more]
Dmitry Sches Tantra
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 9 out of 10
     19 Apr 2015 Introduction: When Camel Audio went out of business, a very unique plugin became unavailable. This plugin was CamelSpace. Since that day, because I never got to purchase it, I looked around for someth... [read more]
ToneBoosters TB Sibalance
Reviewed by nicksohn who rated it 10 out of 10
     17 Apr 2015 In fact, It is hard to understand what this is capable of, or what concept it has... But, once you understand its Features, It can't be beaten. I demoed and digged almost every de-essers out there, an... [read more]
HoRNet HoRNet VU Meter
Reviewed by nicksohn who rated it 10 out of 10
      16 Apr 2015 This little thing is very useful. Autogain Feature is just awesome, and price is unbeatable. Good deal.... [read more]
PreSonus Studio One
Reviewed by kevvvvv who rated it 9 out of 10
     16 Apr 2015 No one's done a Studio One 2.6 Win 7 review yet. Here's an attempt from a MIDI composer who never records live audio. I work from "electro" to "orchestra" to "live band", and all shades in between. --... [read more]
Reviewed by Michael L who rated it 10 out of 10
    13 Apr 2015 In my experience, MuLab helps me stay focused on my musical ideas and keep in the flow. It is a DAW that responds quickly to ideas, like an instrument. For example, it takes only one second (true!) to... [read more]
Sinevibes Hexonator
Reviewed by tommyzai who rated it 10 out of 10
   11 Apr 2015 Intro Hexonator by Sinevibes is a unique spectral effect plugin for Mac that turns input audio into harmonies. It's capable of chord progressions, evolving textures, unexpected chordal arps, etc. The... [read more]
Cytomic The Drop
Reviewed by Chris_A who rated it 10 out of 10
      11 Apr 2015 in my opinion - this is the best filter plugin currently available [2015] - set at 2x Oversampling it sounds sublime. modulation options are top notch aswell - the LFOs and the clever step sequencer s... [read more]
HyperSynth Oresus
Reviewed by S9DD who rated it 6 out of 10
   05 Apr 2015 Like SIDizer, this plugin suffers from "hung" notes when used with the sustain pedal. The operation of the sustain pedal in Oresus means that it is impossible to play live. This is further complicated... [read more]
HyperSynth SIDizer
Reviewed by S9DD who rated it 7 out of 10
   05 Apr 2015 I had high hopes for SIDizer, and on first listen it meets many of the demands sonically that one would expect from a SID emulation. It has a lot of promise to be the best of the bunch. However the pl... [read more]
FabFilter Pro-MB
Reviewed by rosko12 who rated it 10 out of 10
       01 Apr 2015 What we're looking at here is quite possibly the most powerful dynamics tool known to mankind. There really is very little else in the same ballpark, and the pro-MB is even vastly more powerful than t... [read more]
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
Reviewed by wajdzilukasz who rated it 8 out of 10
      01 Apr 2015 I bought Gold version last year so it is Play edition. I cannot use samples in Kontakt but I really do not need to use it there. Quality of samples is good, key switches works correctly. Interface of... [read more]
HoRNet HoRNet AutoGain Pro
Reviewed by syndicat who rated it 9 out of 10
      29 Mar 2015 HorNet Pro offers some really usable tools for very fair prices / value and offers more flexibility then i.e. WAVES vocal and bass rider. But for me i just can give 9 points because of lack of AAX64 (... [read more]