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Audiority Side Filter
Reviewed by JaredAudio who rated it 2 out of 10
      05 May 2016 It stops working randomly and I have to bypass then enable it again to get it to work. There are other plugins that I wish I would have spent my money on.... [read more]
Insert Piz Here midiPads
Reviewed by CaptainBetty who rated it 10 out of 10
   04 May 2016 For my specific application this little plugin works amazingly well. I run production for a band I own and we occasionally have samples; sound effects, intros, etc... to trigger throughout the show. F... [read more]
feelyoursound.com Sundog Scale Studio
Reviewed by tommyzai who rated it 9 out of 10
   02 May 2016 INTRO Sundog Scale Studio by FeelYourSound is a fantastic song composition tool that helps song writers of all levels quickly and easily build chord progressions, harmonies, and melodies. It's a stand... [read more]
Apple Logic Pro
Reviewed by GrabtharsHammer who rated it 9 out of 10
   30 Apr 2016 Logic was my very first DAW. I got it bundled as a light version with the "Guillemot Maxi Studio Isis" soundcard in 2001 when it was still developed and distributed for Windows PCs. I made my first ho... [read more]
Kazrog Thermionik
Reviewed by GrabtharsHammer who rated it 10 out of 10
      30 Apr 2016 I tried many, many guitar amp simulations - everything from the very first POD generation to PODxt, Guitar Rig, AmpKit, Bias, ReValver, TSE X50 etc. Never tried a Kemper and/or AxeFX though as they ar... [read more]
Ignite Amps Emissary
Reviewed by philouganja who rated it 10 out of 10
     29 Apr 2016 yeah, this is one of the best amp simulation I have ever try. Very clean sound. And it's free !! What else ....lol. www.soundcloud.com/philouganja-dub-selector. Reggae & Dub noise maker ...... [read more]
vladg/sound Proximity
Reviewed by Vospi who rated it 10 out of 10
     26 Apr 2016 I can't believe this one is not rated yet. Proximity is an extremely valuable tool for mixing, and not only music, but speech, theatre, FX and everything where you need a bit of hand-crafted realistic... [read more]
Wusik Wusik Station V8
Reviewed by tatanka who rated it 10 out of 10
      25 Apr 2016 Part 1: Sample Player/Sampler/Rompler (mainly focused on the Wusik Station V8) I call it Part 1 cause I have not come further then to loose myself in this ocean of ready made sounds. So all the hundre... [read more]
Renoise Renoise
Reviewed by EnergyCrush who rated it 10 out of 10
        23 Apr 2016 I've been using Renoise for 14 years (since v1.28), and regard it as my primary DAW for composition. I primarily write EDM, Ambient or Glitch in a home studio using plugins (monitors or headphones on... [read more]
FXpansion Geist
Reviewed by EnergyCrush who rated it 10 out of 10
      23 Apr 2016 I've been digging into Geist for a few months now, and it's become hands down my primary tool for adding rhythm to my productions. One liner: It's a kick-@$$ tool with intuitive control for several di... [read more]
NUSofting EMM Knagalis
Reviewed by frragnarsson who rated it 8 out of 10
     23 Apr 2016 Highly original and very authentic "feel" of the sounds. To get the most use of it, get familiar with the controls, they are simple to understand. The sound quality is good and the brings so much spic... [read more]
NUSofting Sinnah
Reviewed by wakax who rated it 9 out of 10
     20 Apr 2016 My favourite free (in beta/developement stages) synth in the landscape lately. And one of the best ideas in synthesis that was publically shared and wellimplemented. What I like most about Sinnah (and... [read more]
Audio Simulation DreamStation DXi2
Reviewed by Monotron who rated it 10 out of 10
   20 Apr 2016 2016. Wow. My all time favorite soft synth is still working with Windows 10 (as a VST via 'polac's' awesome dxshell v1.0.4b wrapper). Here are 10 reasons I still love and continue to use this amazing... [read more]
Rhythmic Robot SH Poly
Reviewed by Saukar30 who rated it 9 out of 10
   15 Apr 2016 If you're looking for a synth to use in Kontakt that actually works like a synth, don't want to spend a lot of money, don't want the library to be too huge AND want it to sound good, look no further t... [read more]
ToneBoosters TB FlX
Reviewed by FarleyCZ who rated it 10 out of 10
     12 Apr 2016 Imma be quick on thisone. This is hands down the best dynamic EQ I've used. Don't get me wrong. I've tried pretty much all the major ones and they are awesome, but I always get lost in that "range" pa... [read more]
Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite
Reviewed by Sycopation who rated it 9 out of 10
      10 Apr 2016 A lot of you probably own this because you got it free when you bought a Focusrite interface. That's why I have it. Since it was free I really didn't bother with it much for the first half year or so... [read more]
KV331 Audio SynthMaster
Reviewed by superfirak who rated it 10 out of 10
      09 Apr 2016 Great synth at a great price! Well worth it. Superb sound. It has many presets and many of them sounds good. I really love the cool way of editing and especially love the FM sound.... [read more]
Rob Papen RP-Delay
Reviewed by Sycopation who rated it 10 out of 10
       08 Apr 2016 The description here does not do this product justice at all. Please go read the product page at the Rob Papen website. This delay may not be for everyone, specifically people working with recorded au... [read more]
SPC Plugins ArcSyn
Reviewed by tommyzai who rated it 9 out of 10
     07 Apr 2016 INTRO ArcSyn by SPC Plugins is a virtual analog modulator synth that is not based on any particular vintage hardware, but successfully captures the essence of that era of beasts. The purchase, downloa... [read more]
Monoplugs Monique - Bass and Lead Synthesizer
Reviewed by tommyzai who rated it 9 out of 10
      06 Apr 2016 INTRO Monique by Monoplugs is a fantastic monophonic subtractive synth plugin that has all the sound, features, and flexibility needed to bring bass-lines and synth-lines to life. The purchase, downlo... [read more]