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Product Reviews by KVR Members

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Open Source Audio Research Protoplug
Reviewed by sonoro1234 who rated it 10 out of 10
      26 May 2015 Reminds me VSTLUA but is stable and lets you play with audio also. Only left for the community to increase the library of Protoplug fx and instruments.... [read more]
WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm
Reviewed by ianorth@yahoo.com who rated it 3 out of 10
      25 May 2015 Works in Max for Live. Otherwise largely useless in anything else. If you open it as a VST in Cubase or as an audio unit in Logic the scrolling function doesn't work - very annoying. A great idea but... [read more]
Variety Of Sound epicVerb
Reviewed by mdrmusic who rated it 9 out of 10
   24 May 2015 PROS: This is my go-to 3rd party verb in all instances during production. The sound is gorgeous, warm & rich, satisfyingly customizable without being complex, definitely epic yes. Free. CONS: I ha... [read more]
Renoise Renoise
Reviewed by excuse my arrogance! who rated it 10 out of 10
        23 May 2015 Renoise is awesome, . I have used Cubase, Ableton Live, Tracktion and all had their quirks. I demoed renoise and got used to its vertical spreadsheet in one day and i'm happy with it. Why i'm happy be... [read more]
Xfer Records Serum
Reviewed by lsc9x who rated it 10 out of 10
      21 May 2015 First off, I own licenses to probably 25 of the "top rated" VST synths on the market, so I've had a chance to work with a lot of the big ones out there, and each are different, they are all good in th... [read more]
Humatic TouchDAW
Reviewed by Stringrazor who rated it 9 out of 10
  18 May 2015 This is an amazing app. Not only does it emulate a Mackie Control Universal (MCU) but it also has various MIDI utility screens with configurable controls and a piano keyboard. A hidden feature, explai... [read more]
Sinevibes Zap
Reviewed by mostafagamal who rated it 10 out of 10
   18 May 2015 Great Plugin ! The idea of tracing audio would be used as bass driven by vocals ! Totally inspiring.... [read more]
BeepStreet Sunrizer
Reviewed by itoa who rated it 10 out of 10
     15 May 2015 The best emulation of JP8k supersaw. It's just the same. Tons of filters.. and this pleasure factor :)... [read more]
Madrona Labs Kaivo
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 10 out of 10
     12 May 2015 What is it? Kaivo by Madrona Labs is a VST synthesizer. But not just a regular VST synth, this one is a combo synth with physical modelling and granular synthesis. A very original combo, but let's see... [read more]
DDMF Metaplugin
Reviewed by nicksohn who rated it 9 out of 10
       09 May 2015 DDMF makes some absolutely excellent plugins. Yes, Metaplugin is one of those. It is basically plugin host. i.e., plugin of plugin. It has very helpful tools for M/S job or Multiband Job. Metaplugin m... [read more]
Pethu Hahaha CS01
Reviewed by alienimplant who rated it 10 out of 10
   07 May 2015 I don't understand why this isn't the top 5 of all synths let alone free synths available on Windows. I wish this could be ported to AU so badly. Even so, I think I'm going to be firing up VEP in VMWa... [read more]
Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
Reviewed by rosko12 who rated it 7 out of 10
        05 May 2015 I came back to this compressor recently and decided to give it a proper work-out. There's some good features here that you won't find anywhere else. First thing you'll notice is the GUI is the size of... [read more]
Reviewed by viceverser who rated it 9 out of 10
      05 May 2015 Brilliant piece of software... Learn the reaper way of doing things and chances are you wont miss much from any other DAW. All the tools you need to make a pro mix are there, and the modulation routin... [read more]
Acon Digital Acon Digital Equalize
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 9 out of 10
      02 May 2015 Let's get straight to business: GUI: Good-looking if you ask me. Not as good-looking as its fiercest competitor, the Fabfilter Pro-Q 2, but not bad at all. The knobs and the rest of the controls are s... [read more]
VST Zone Eclipsis
Reviewed by dheerajvirgo who rated it 10 out of 10
   29 Apr 2015 The interface looks so different which is kind of attractive, and its really interesting to tweak and create the sounds.. one of best soft synths I have used.... [read more]
Voltkitchen MinimogueVA
Reviewed by bobbz who rated it 10 out of 10
   26 Apr 2015 This VST is simply amazing ! Full fat realistic analog sound, and works in mono or polyphonic stereo modes. It does everything from weird FX to superfat basses to screaming distorted leeads to wonky B... [read more]
Rast Sound MidEast Vocals for KONTAKT | WAV
Reviewed by axeast who rated it 9 out of 10
  25 Apr 2015 You can find part of the review from Ohmlab for this pack below : " ... We were absolutely floored by this collection. In fact, MidEast Vocals sample pack is so good that it kind of threw us off our g... [read more]
Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 9 out of 10
        25 Apr 2015 GUI: This is the worst part of the plugin for me. The GUI is severely dated, and while functional, it still looks horrendous. I wish they could revamp it. Biggest letdown for me. It is custimizable th... [read more]
Togu Audio Line TAL-Filter II
Reviewed by CadenMusic who rated it 10 out of 10
      20 Apr 2015 An absolutely amazing sounding simple filter plugin that's dripping with rich saturation and smooth cutoff action. I too would pay for this if it weren't free.... [read more]
Dmitry Sches Tantra
Reviewed by kuzami who rated it 9 out of 10
     19 Apr 2015 Introduction: When Camel Audio went out of business, a very unique plugin became unavailable. This plugin was CamelSpace. Since that day, because I never got to purchase it, I looked around for someth... [read more]