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FabFilter Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Milestone with One-Time Discount Sale          (FEATURED NEWS ITEM)FabFilter is celebrating its tenth anniversary of creating powerful audio plug-ins by announcing a generous ten-day sale, with a discount of 40% off a... [read more] Audacity announce their 'Audacity Unconference 2014 (AU14)'    07 Apr 2014 Audacity have announced their Audacity Unconference 2014 (AU14). This is an event for all Audacity u... [read more] Music Matters releases Grade 1 Music Theory Video Tutorials    25 Mar 2014 Music Matters has released Grade 1 Music Theory Video Tutorials, a download package that is designed... [read more] Samplecraze release book: Low End Theory 20 Mar 2014 Samplecraze has released Low End, the latest instalment in the Samplecraze Production Series of eboo... [read more] ADSR updates "Learn Every Function & Feature of Massive" Video Course for Massive 1.4 20 Mar 2014 ADSR has announced that its Learn Every Function & Feature of Massive Video Course, featuring 11... [read more] Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange (A3E) trade show and conference to be held in Boston September 2014            08 Mar 2014 The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and Sitarian Corporation have announced the lau... [read more] Audible Genius updates Syntorial to v1.3.1 and Primer to v1.1     28 Feb 2014 Audible Genius has updated Syntorial, synthesizer training software that teaches synth programming a... [read more] Riffstation updated to v1.4   21 Feb 2014 Riffstation, an app for guitar players and musicians to practice and learn the songs, has been updat... [read more] ADSR releases 15 Sound Packs for Massive, FM8, Sylenth1 and more (+new free Video Tutorials)   12 Feb 2014 ADSR has announced the release of 15 new sound packs along with 10 new free Tutorials covering Massi... [read more] Alexander Publishing launches "Visual Orchestration 3: Doing the Basic Orchestral Mix" 10-lecture video course with Pre-Order Pricing 11 Feb 2014 Alexander Publishing, working with Numerical Sound, has begun releasing Visual Orchestration 3: Doin... [read more] 4irmann releases "ScaleFreq Generator" for Voxengo GlissEQ (Free, Any OS)    07 Feb 2014 4irmann has released Scalefreq Generator, a tool for rendering frequencies of notes and musical sca... [read more] London Electronic Music Event (LEME) announces 2014 program 04 Feb 2014 London Electronic Music Event (LEME) has announced their 2014 program. The two-day event brings toge... [read more] NAMM 2014 Hal Leonard publishes Musical iPad (Book)  22 Jan 2014 Hal Leonard has published Musical iPad, a guide through the most popular and productive apps for the... [read more] ADSR Launches "Zebra - Oscillators and Envelopes Masterclass" Video Course 20 Jan 2014 ADSR has launched a new video course for u-he's Zebra. Zebra – Oscillators & Envelopes Mastercla... [read more] Futucraft publishes video manual for Kairatune VSTi/AUi   20 Jan 2014 Futucraft has published a video manual and sound design primer for the free Kairatune VSTi/AUi. The... [read more] Reason101 releases "Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack" book, PDF copy, and ReFill package   17 Dec 2013 Reason101 has released Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack, a new book that also comes with a... [read more] Audible Genius giving away Syntorial/Korg Monotribe   04 Dec 2013 Audible Genius needs your help deciding on what direction to take Syntorial, the synthesizer trainin... [read more] Melodynamic Studios releases App 2 for iOS - Free Game / Learning App  19 Nov 2013 Melodynamic Studios / J ISAAC has released Melodynamic Studios App 2, an iOS application designed to... [read more] Audible Genius updates Syntorial - now includes VST/AU synth     08 Nov 2013 Audible Genius has updated Syntorial, synthesizer training software that teaches synth programming a... [read more] KV331 Audio announces free NFR (Not For Resale) Licensing of SynthMaster for Music Technology Schools and Instructors      24 Oct 2013 KV331 Audio has announced free NFR (Not For Resale) licensing of their SynthMaster software synthesi... [read more] Hal Leonard publishes "Power Tools for Studio One 2 Volume 2" 09 Sep 2013 Hal Leonard Books has released the second volume of the book on Studio One 2, Power Tools for Studio... [read more] MakeMusic updates SmartMusic Education Software    31 Aug 2013 MakeMusic has announced the newest version of SmartMusic, its interactive learning software for musi... [read more] Audible Genius releases Syntorial - Interactive Synthesizer Training Software   22 Aug 2013 Audible Genius has released Syntorial, synthesizer training software that teaches synth programming... [read more] macProVideo.com releases "macProVideo Player" AU Plug-in   22 Aug 2013 macProVideo.com has released an educational DSP plug-in designed to help audio producers learn softw... [read more] Riffstation updated to 1.3   21 Aug 2013 Riffstation, an app for guitar players and musicians to practice and learn the songs, has been updat... [read more] Impact Soundworks Launches Academic Discount Program 14 Aug 2013 Impact Soundworks has launched a new academic discount program for students, teachers, and instituti... [read more] My KVR Relaunched (+New Look & Avatars)      08 Aug 2013 As you may have noticed, KVR has had a bit of a change today. The first in a series of changes that... [read more] macProVideo announces Logic Pro X Video Courses  16 Jul 2013 macProVideo has announced the release of 7 hours of Logic Pro X Online Courses. Delivered in full HD... [read more] Protootr releases Mix Buddy 1.1 for iOS  11 Jun 2013 Protootr has updated Mix Buddy for iOS to version 1.1. Mix Buddy is an audio reference tool that is... [read more] Chris Halaby's Industry Focus: Learning to Master Innovation: An interview with Stephen Webber       03 Jun 2013 Stephen Webber Can the ability to innovate be learned? Certainly a useful innovation requires a cr... [read more] Garrigus.com announces "SONAR X2 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide"  14 May 2013 Garrigus.com has announced the release of the SONAR X2 Power! book (ISBN: 978-1-285-19894-1) by Scot... [read more]