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Mr. Tunes
2891 posts since 11 Mar, 2002, from Toronto

Postby Mr. Tunes; Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:28 am Hanging notes (not to be confused with chads)

Hello old friends, I have a technical issue that I can only entrust with KVR Audio to help with.

I have a Novation K-Station which i'm using as a hardware controller over 5-pin midi. The interface is a newer generation Focusrite Sapphire. The DAW is Ableton 9 on a Mac.

The problem is hanging notes, which I understand to be common with hardware midi. How can I narrow down if this issue to figure out if it's the novation or the focusrite?

In the same setup I am also running a Roland A-49 over USB midi, which is has no problems with hanging notes.
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Tj Shredder
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Postby Tj Shredder; Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:09 pm Re: Hanging notes (not to be confused with chads)

Switch the controllers, then it will be obvious...
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Postby K-Bee; Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:59 am Re: Hanging notes (not to be confused with chads)

I had a similar problem with my DX7. I used a rather generic USB/Midi interface but after switching to a slightly more expensive Roland UM-ONE, the problem disappeared. My point being, USB/Midi interfaces can be too cheap apparently (A bit like HDMI cables). Don't know if that applies to you connection. Just though it was worth a mention :wink: :)
Jim Y
380 posts since 29 Jun, 2008, from Mid Wales, UK.

Postby Jim Y; Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:41 am Re: Hanging notes (not to be confused with chads)

I have thought the Sapphire driver ought to be reliable. If it was a cheap generic usb-midi adapter, I'd suspect that, but it should be good thru the Sapphire. If your other controller has 5pin midi, try using it the same way with the Sapphire.

On Windows, I'd use Midi-ox to spy on the actual midi messages to see if note on's do reliably get followed by note off messages. I see a Mac app called snoize that may help, but I don't know it myself...

As it's getting old now, the K-station key contacts could be misfiring. I have one, and some of the panel buttons are already getting senile :ud:
Mr. Tunes
2891 posts since 11 Mar, 2002, from Toronto

Postby Mr. Tunes; Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:23 am Re: Hanging notes (not to be confused with chads)

Thanks for the hints here. So far what i've found is that the K-Station has a global setting (Kill <>) which will deliberately hang a note when you hit an octave key while playing a note. Since this is a two-octave keyboard, this is likely what I have been doing to cause the problem.

FYI some other info I found along the way: The only way to hit a panic button in Ableton is to hit stop and then play again which flushes the midi messages. The problem with this is if your set involves playing back clips, they will stop, and also it is not that easy to map stop/play to your controller (something to do with it having to hit 127 and then back to 0). I was able to map play and stop with two midi keys, but not with the buttons on the k-station.
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Postby lfm; Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:33 am Re: Hanging notes (not to be confused with chads)

One guy at Steinberg forum had those issues - and they were solved by using din midi out from hardware - not hardware to usb. So separate midi interface - to usb is ok, but separate midi interface.

Drivers for specialized interfaces for midi are much better than what a synth manufacturer do, generally IMO. The interface is just not a big part of the product itself.

Other things to try - is using usb out from hardware - use a port on other side of computer. At least on computers I've had the root usb is different on either side of computer for usb ports.

Usually two root usb systems - one for front usb ports and one for back - and select one that is not doing audio - if audio is over usb.

Just some ideas...

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