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Recently I developed a PHP script which is able to batch import a bunch of sample folders into an existing Maize instrument. Now this tool is veeeery basic and suiting my needs only. Feel free to use it, but I won't give any support. Unless someone wants to transform it into a real app for Windows and/or OS X.

Download it here:

Here's a brief explanation:
Unzip the script, place it into your webservers htdocs folder and open the script from your webserver. Basically you copy a .ms2 file into the Maize folder and sample folders (!) with WAV files into the samples folder. You may need to change the permissions for all files to 777, so the script is allowed to change sample names and overwrite the .ms2 file. It will try to set the necessary permissions itself, but on OS X and Linux systems this won't work.

The script does only accept WAV files. Every sample folder will be converted to one group in Maize and the groups' name will be the folder name. The WAVs are mapped onto the keyboard, so their root note should be part of the filename (like Bass A1.wav, Pad-C3.wav etc). The script then maps the samples onto their root notes and fills the spaces with setting note ranges. If no root note is given, the samples are mapped chromatically, starting from C1.
The samples are browsed for their length and loop points, this can take up a while, that isn't optimized yet. It could even result in server timeouts.

That's it. When starting the script, select your .ms2 file and the script will copy all samples/folders into that .ms2 instrument (with relative paths, so keep the folder structure later on), creating groups for all sample folders. You can switch between Maize and the script anytime, the GUI and instrument settings are not affected by the script.


PS: The groups also get sorted by category, so you could name your sample folders BS Bass, PD Pad sound, LD... AT... FX... and so on. AT and PD sounds get different envelopes (slow attack, long release). Furthermore AT and FX sounds are put to the end of the preset list, so that basses, leads, pads etc. are upfront.

PPS: The „Move single samples..." option is useful when you have one single sample folder with lots of samples that should result in individual folders/groups. The script then just creates a folder for every sample and moves the sample into it. Just some kind of simple batch processing.
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So it's you! Thank you for this amazing & much needed tool that will save me a lot of time!

Cheers! :tu:
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This is great cheers!!
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Sounds interesting, Im looking at this now.
Certainly beyond my scope of training but if I manage to get anything that works I'll shoot you an update. :tu:

Edit: When I attempt to use this I get clicks in the instruments upon note release.
Cant quite figure out what is causing this.
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For anyone trying to map samples from folder best method I found was count the amount of samples in a folder and enter key range u desire for example key 60 would be middle key I have 8 samples in folder 60+8=68 so you enter 60-68 samples will get layed out in the single keys then move and right click to root...

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