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Hey! I'm trying out RC now, and I want it to do one thing only - Record custom phrase and drop it into chord progression. I come from Yamaha QY background, and I want to continue this path of recording my custom "style" and playing with chords untill I have something interesting.

I'm able to record something in phrase ediitor, but it does not fit chords in timeline (WHY?).
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Hi Ojd,

There are two different ways. You can record a phrase in the Phrase Editor as you did. The recorded notes are 'absolute' MIDI notes which you need to convert to chord-relative form. If what you played matches the Chord setting at the top, then you just need to select all recorded notes (Ctrl-A) and select "Chord Notes [+scale steps]" in the note mapping menu. You are done. You can save the phrase or add it to clipboard, and paste it, and use it with any chords.
If you recorded a phrase based on a different chord, no problem, you can adjust the chord in the 'Chord' menu, and do the conversion.

The other way is recording directly in a track. You don't have to set anything before recording, just record your phrase. Then right-click on the recorded phrase, and look for "Convert To Relative Form" in the phrase inspector (among the actions).
You must select "Chord Notes [+Scale Steps]" as the Mapping, and check "Replace Master Track Chords". Then you can click on "Convert To Relative Form", and you have the final phrase, which works with any chords.

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