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segmentation fault
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Postby segmentation fault; Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:37 am Sequencer with a current version of ZynAddSubFX?


I'm looking for a sequencer in which I can use a current version of ZynAddSubFX (i.e. one that I've pulled from github and installed myself).

What sequencers could work?
  • LMMS -> probably no, because you'll have to compile zyn into LMMS
  • ardour -> I haven't figured out yet how to add zynaddsubfx there...
  • ... ?

Thanks on advance,
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Postby fundamental; Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:46 am Re: Sequencer with a current version of ZynAddSubFX?

To add a zyn plugin instance to ardour:
- go to the mixer view (upper right button)
- right click on the middle of the screen
- select a MIDI track
- select ZynAddSubFX in the instrument dropdown
- click add

To get the UI:
- double click on the red box saying 'ZynAddSubFX' in the new track

If zyn isn't in the instrument dropdown list ensure that you have the lv2/vst version installed on your system and edit->preferences->plugins->"Scan for Plugins".
If this does not solve the issue look at the output of Window->Log
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