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Postby mevla; Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:42 pm Linux: Runs well in Bitwig, not so in Mixbus/Tracktion7


Just got zyn-fusion. Great sounds. I use the VST version in Bitwig in Linux Mint 17.

In Bitwig 2.0 beta3, no parameters are shown in the Bitwig interface (all other synths have all of their parameters shown). This probably prevents using automation (not tried yet). Also, the patch name disappears if the GUI is closed and reopened. So it's very important to put the patch name in the track name or to note it down otherwise. This does not prevent using Zynaddsubfx. I actually already added some sounds to a current project.

However, it will not run at all in Mixbus32C (Ardour) and Tracktion7. In Mixbus32 the DAW will instantly crash when the Zynaddsubfx GUI is summoned up. In Tracktion7 the DAW will report that it cannot run the plugin. Same Linux system.

I use Bitwig to compose, sketch and arrange. I do not use synths in Mixbus32C as I reserve it for mixing only. I haven't started to use Tracktion7.


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