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Postby LGK_Dude; Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:19 am UA Apollo: Questions for owners

Hello everyone,

I'm coming from a MOTU PCI audio interface and looking at upgrading to the apollo but had a couple quick questions. First, is there a max length for the FW800 cable to work reliably? I know with my MOTU unit there is a cable length limit. Is it the same with FireWire? How about Thunderport? Though I dont need it yet, its nice to know the apollo is somewhat "future proof."

2nd, in my current setup I have 2 sets of reference monitors + a sub, so I'm running the digital outputs from my MOTU into a Presonus Central Station which allows me to switch between the monitors quickly (A= mains, B= 2nd monitors, C= sub) as well as having a nice fat volume knob sitting on my desk. How are you guys with multiple monitors using the Apollo? Are you using the D/A converters on the apollo and using the monitor outs for your mains, another set of line outs for the 2nd monitors (i.e. line out 1 & 2) & switch them via software? Or are you using a hardware box like the Presonus Central Station?

Obviously I would want the best D/A converters to do the converting, so in my case would it be best to ditch the Presonus completely, or still use it for monitor switching but instead hook it up analog instead of digital? I'm currently running the digital out from my MOTU into the Central station, and letting it do the conversion. The Central Station is a passive unit so its not suppose to alter the sound. I guess that would probably have to be an "in studio" test between the units and decide from there, but I'm curious to know how others are working.

Also, anyone know how to go about getting the best deal on an Apollo? $2000 is a little steep at the moment. I dont need it today, so perhaps I'll wait and hope UA has some sort of hardware special. Or maybe I'll try selling my LA-610.

Bottom line - how are you enjoying your Apollo? Was it worth the purchase? Seems like a very cool piece of kit, but would love some user options. Thanks!!
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Postby billcarroll; Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:37 am

I believe Firewire cable length limit is 4.5 meters / 15 feet. Yeah, I know it's 14.76 feet, but people seem to run with the 15' measurement.

You can overcome the 15' limit with better cable and repeaters. I'm sure there are other ways to extend the limit now too.
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Postby LGK_Dude; Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:52 am

Thinking real hard about picking one of these up, but I'm comparing it to the Apogee Quartet, and besides the Apogee offering multiple monitor control (which I know the apollo cant do - I'm hoping hooking up my multiple monitors + sub to different outputs switching the output in my DAW will suffice?) the Quartet also offers a digital readout of the volume level. So for example if you find "64" to be a good general mixing volume, every time you come back to your project you can set your monitor level to "64" so everything sounds exactly how you left it. Or you can set a few different levels consistently, i.e. soft is "42, medium is "64", loud is "78", so when you test your mixes they are always playing back consistently at these different set volumes.

Does the Apollo have any digital display of SPL, or any way to constantly get back to the same or multiple volume levels? If not, how do you guys deal with this issue using just the Apollo without a 3rd party monitor controller? Or is a 3rd party monitor controller essential? I do have a presonus central station, but I wouldn't want to adversely color the signal out of the Apollo, so I'm unsure if I'd even use it! (have to A-b them) Or maybe I can use the Analog outputs to my mains, and use the digital outputs to my Presonus central station? If you mute the mains by pressing in the volume knob, does it also mute the digital output as well?
My progressive rock band - free demos here!! (and if you do listen please let me know what you think!) http://www.aeonsatori.com/news/free-downloads

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