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Postby Extreme-G; Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:22 pm Indecive on this composition??

Just recently i got the Nexus2.. I love it. It's so unique.. it comes in soooo handy. goes the extra mile a bit ;).... Anyway, i notice some of the presets are sort similar to common sounds/beats i've heard, yet slighly tweaked a bit.
I really like the SQ presets... So i'll cut to the chase here..

On one of my hands-up electro vol 3 expansion packs, i have this SQ preset called AleeChords... the preset is set to do a melodic chord progression that I really love.. however, i feel like would that be copying? am i cheating? anytime i make a song one thing i keep in mind, is to make sure it doesn't sound too similair to another song.. One of things that i seem to have a hangup on is chord progressions.. I'll come up with a chord progression, and then stop myself and say whoaa - sounds too much like this other song I know ?? plus, maybe i just gotten to lazy... but i really like the chord progression of SQ AleeChord preset. and im sure someone else already has taken it by now...

IDK.. Indecicive about proceeding.. but i guess i'm like that with a ton of things in life which tends to be a downer after awhile..Not to mention, i get mad writer's block too often... but i take a break, and then something good just clicks in my brain. hard to explain...
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Postby EnGee; Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:34 pm

I believe you will have different opinions.

My direction is to always remind myself to be inspired but not to imitate. So, IMO, enjoy the examples and be inspired by them but don't copy them. Be original with your creation as much as you can.

However, it is very difficult to be original in every small detail but IMO if the 'feeling' is original, the artistic result would be different and not a copy whatever similar it seems.

(Damn it is a difficult topic :-o )

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