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SOLVED: Shortening note lengths without using the List Editor (MuLab 5)...?

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Postby Thaddarwin; Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:39 am SOLVED: Shortening note lengths without using the List Editor (MuLab 5)...?

Hi all...

I've been having a play with MuLab 5 and have loaded up a couple of the demos to see what it's all about... I notice that some of the notes are shorter than the normal default length of one beat... On attempting to make slight length adjustments to notes in my own Sessions they snap to the full beat and I can't shorten them - only lengthen them using the penci tool. The only way I can shorten them is by using the List Editor...

Am I missing something...? - If I wanted to double up on the number of beats per bar for a break - I would normally expect to shorten a note and pop another half way along the beat. An example of this is the demo of 'Indigitalis' (available from the download page from MuTools website) - Sequence - piper Rack (2) between bars 25 and 26...

It seems I can make the relevant adjustments in the demo above - but not in my own sessions...? Is there a snapping tool that is defaulted to on, maybe...?

Any help would be appreciated...


Ok - It seems it was just me... Right clicking on the sequence editor and going to Grid / Toggle Snap On/Off and then ctrl + left click + drag to create a note (instead of double clicking whilst toggle is active) allows you to make a note any length you like... I knew it had to be something simple...


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