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Virus Commander is out

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Postby 4damind; Thu May 08, 2014 1:50 am Virus Commander is out

I received the newsletter yesterday and this version got some small improvements and fixes since the first release eg. Key strokes support in plugin, Resizable user interface, 6 color themes, Support for Soft Knobs, Data sync wizard...
I have not found a announcement on KvR so it could be interesting for Access Virus A/B/C/XL/Indigo users ;)

If you never heard about the Virus Commander:
It's a programmer/librarian for Virus A/B/C/XL/Indigo.
It works as a FX plug-in (but audio is not handled by the VCommander) so it don't needs complex routing with midi tracks and stuff. Only insert it as a effect and that's is it.
Patches, actual edited voices and the complete session (!) is stored within the project (total recall!)

I quote this from the announcement on Gearslutz:

VCommander, the most complete MIDI editor and librarian for Access Music's synthesizer product line Virus (Type A-C) has
finally made it to version 4, available for Windows and Mac and can run as standalone or as VST/AU plugin.
Among the known feature set of the previous version 3, we've spend some more useful functions like batch
processing, full Vocoder support, Solo-Mode and many more.

These are the features of version 4:
• Runs as VST/AU-plugin or standalone
• Support for Windows (32/64Bit) and MAC OSX (32/64Bit UniversalBinary) from 10.6
• Instant access to all Single or Multi patches
• 1024 DirectEdit memories for Single patches
• 2048 DirectEdit memories for Multipart patches
• 128 DirectEdit memories for Multi patches
• Save/Load Session files (containing all Single-, Multi- and Multipart patches)
• Save/Load Single patches to/from disc
• Save/Load Multi patches to/from disc
• Save/Load Parameter-blocks to/from disc
• Save/Load Single patch collections to/from disc
• Save/Load SysEx files to/from disc
• Save/Load MIDI files to/from disc
• Comment or bookmark Sound patches
• Two types of edit state indicators for Sound patches
• Easy creation of Multi patches (Drag&Drop)
• Copy Parameter blocks (i.e. copying the filter block from Single patch A000 into
patch A010 or copying the effect from one Single patch into another or even into a
Multi patch)
• Drag&Drop support
• Unlimited, patch related Undo/Redo
• Unlimited Undo/Redo for incoming Midi messages if you directly tweak the
hardware knobs or buttons
• Real envelopes for Amplifier, Filter and Vocoder
• Search patches by name
• Browse for categories
• Jump to banks
• Intelligent dependency check for Multi patches and their associated Singles
• Single patch compare-mode
• Find and bookmark Single doubles
• Search & Re-link Multiparts
• MIDI meter for all Multiparts
• Global MIDI meter
• More than 3350 automatable parameter (incl. all Multipart parameter !!!)
• SOLO mode (Multi-mode)
• Built-in MidiClock generator (Experimental feature, available only in plugin)
• Built-in Midii Time-code generator (Experimental feature, available only in plugin)
• Feedback detection for all physical Midi devices
• Complete support for A, B, C, Classic, RackXL
• Instant access to tempo and main volume
• Hardware (Virus) auto-configuration to work with VCommander
• Full Vocoder support
• Favourite file folder for easy and quick file access
• Undo list for easy navigation through all Undo records
• OnScreen keyboard with keyzone support (hideable)
• Oscillator/Modulator waveform pictures
• Batch processing for Single sounds and Multiparts
• Support for Definables (Soft Knobs)
• Different color themes

For more information, please go to http://www.solar3d-software.com

There you can download your trial version to check out the beast
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Postby kmonkey; Thu May 08, 2014 3:02 am Re: Virus Commander is out

This is really great tool. Thanks

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