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Postby DSmolken; Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:36 am Two free libraries of electronic glitches with demos and Kontakt

We have more free samples on the Karoryfer site. I didn't make these, but I wrote the part about attractive young women dancing in the description:

"With most of our libraries, the goal is to make something readily usable for making music that attractive young women might want to dance to or sing along to, but with these samples Ludwik Zamenhof made no such attempt. Of course you could work some of these sounds into a perfectly mainstream track, but they're aimed more at ambient, industrial and glitch music,. These samples can be substituted for regular drum samples and used for making micro-beats, sci-fi sound effects, or in live electronic improvisation."

Basically two packs of 85 glitchy samples each, one 42 MB and one 76 MB, that a guy I know made while working on one of his albums.

http://www.karoryfer.com/karoryfer-samp ... error-eins

http://www.karoryfer.com/karoryfer-samp ... error-zwei

And demos:


Have fun with them, and let me know if anything doesn't work right - I'll pass the info on. If everything works fine, I'll add them to the KVR database.

We're finishing up a cello that's recorded without vibrato and close-miked, and I've started on one more bass guitar. That one also looks quite fashionable and designery. We won't be able to release new stuff at quite this fast a rate, since right now we're basically putting out things we've done over the past several months, but an average of one new library a month should be a rate we can maintain.

We'll definitely try to do a hammered dulcimer, and if we can talk their owners into it we'll also do some bagpipes from Pakistan, cavaquinho, pandeiro, and a South American copy of an Ampeg Baby Bass. I'm also thinking about doing an electric guitar or two, and a bass played by somebody other than me, but not sure if there aren't too many of those already.
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Postby Cri; Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:49 am Re: Two free libraries of electronic glitches with demos and Kontakt

Thanks a lot, I'm going to download now ;)
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