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noise and guitar amp sims

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Postby matthewjumps; Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:49 am noise and guitar amp sims

not sure if this is the best section to post this in, sorry if its wrong...

im using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro Ultra 8R, going into an MSI Laptop running Reaper with Guitar Rig 5.

when i use hi-gain amps, or distortion pedals, i notice several types of noise.

the first type, which is present even if i have no guitar plugged in, or even no lead plugged into my audio interface, and its level appears to be less than -80dB (bottom limit of the gate in Guitar Rig). i believe this is the digital noise floor of my interface? is this correct? even though normally its super quiet, with a higain preset, its really noticeable. i can use a gate to kill it when im not playing, but during long sustains it becomes very noticeable, and after a release, as the gate is closing its you hear a 100ms or so of very loud 'fizz'.

if this is the noise floor i am hearing, is there any way to filter it out before it hits Guitar Rig? in a way thats not just a standard gate, that is. is the noise floor a particular type of noise? white, brown, pink, whatever? is there a way to overlay some type of out of phase noise to cancel it out or something? or some kind of realtime filtering vst that can take a profile of it and eliminate it? it would need to be ultra-low latency though, if such a thing is possible, since im using it in a live rig.

the second type of noise i get, is only when i plug a guitar in and turn up the pickups, but i think thats more to do with electromagnetic interference, ground hum etc. on that note, i have seen hum removal boxes that take unbalanced guitar inputs and output balanced TRS to the interface, is that a good way to go to clean up that kind of noise?
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Postby hibidy; Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:27 pm Re: noise and guitar amp sims

This is tough to answer.

A) there is ALWAYS going to be some noise for high gain. The gate should determine the extent. I frequently have the gain high, and and there is a slight (and noticeable) delay between the last note and the cutoff. This is REGARDLESS of guitar and believe me, my guitars are grounded properly :)

B) Any "other" noise is a direct result of the guitar (if I'm following) and depends (of course) on the settings.

I prolly don't have to tell you, but single coils or improperly grounded situations are going to result in undesirable results.

There is no "perfect" situation for high gain. There is always going to be a trade-off.

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