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TB-303 £700 :( Will probably get another some day
TR-909 £650 :'( Won't get another as I got a Vermona instead which can do similar kicks
Microwave XT rack £350 :( didn't really like it when I had it years ago but I think I might like it now and currently got it set to auto email from ebay.

Also sold Virus Ti and Supernova II, regretted selling them after a few years and bought them back (done this twice)
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Even worse, I GAVE my 60s AC15 to my brother :)
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Postby thecontrolcentre; Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:40 pm Re: Anyone ever sold a bunch of tastey hardware, and regretted it ?

thecontrolcentre wrote:I sold my Tokai Telecaster (pink paisley).

! found a picture of it ... onstage in 1990 :ud:

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Stupid American Pig wrote:I regret selling my tr808. Both of them.

I also regret selling mine, but it was that or become homeless.
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Hardware synths? Only have sold 2 - my Ensoniq ESQ-1 and Roland D10. I do miss my old Roland VK-7, but only has a Hammond-type controller. It had a decent keyboard and real drawbars, as opposed to using faders on a modern-day controller.

However, I really wish that I had kept the Invisible Stands keyboard stand that I bought when I had the ESQ-1. I've never had a stand as sturdy as that one, and also so literally "out of the way".
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Postby Straight2Vinyl; Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:14 am Re: Anyone ever sold a bunch of tastey hardware, and regretted it ?

I regret selling my ASRX Pro years ago. I wasn't using it at all and don't know how I'd incorporate it these days, but the filters on that thing were nice.
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A while back I got the idea that I could replace a lot of my gear with a Sonic Core XITE-1. Nothing crazy vintage or anything, but out went a Prophet 12 (that looking back, may have had a problem), Pulse 2 and Analog Four. Sadly, the zealots on the Sonic Core forum neglected to mention that Scope was an abandoned format that had never really been finished and was a buggy and awkward to use p.o.s. :roll: (also, no Scope instrument sounds better than garden variety native plugins, but they don’t use much CPU) I lost a bunch of money selling it (surprise! No one wants abandoned tech!) and although I now have a setup that in many ways is better, I do kick myself for that fiasco. I have room on my audio interface for one more stereo instrument and I may actually replace the Pulse 2 or the Analog Four.
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