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Bad Connection [EXPERIMENTAL]

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Postby SyntheticAurality; Fri May 30, 2014 2:51 pm Bad Connection [EXPERIMENTAL]

Friday night, at home alone, bored, miserable, but plenty of beer and home-made cheeseburgers!

Inspired by this stupid YouTube video I stumbled across of a dude trying to use an acoustic couple to call his friend (lost the link), I created...


https://soundcloud.com/synthetic_aurali ... connection


Track 1 - Psychic Modulation Aetherial and Audio Damage Replicant
Track 2 - Psychic Modulation Aetherial and Melda Productions MMultibandDelay
Track 3 - Psychic Modulation Aetherial and CamelSpace
Track 4 - Psychic Modulation Aetherial (see a trend?) and Audio Damage DrDevice into ValhallaVintageVerb
Track 5 - audio clip from a 30 minute semon by some unknown preacher from the 50's on radio that I download who knows how long ago, time-shifted, pitch-shifted, and then processed through Audio Damage Ronin and Voxengo Voxformer

Master bus: Tone2 Akoustix into Voxengo Crunchessor into Kajerhus Classic EQ (sometimes an oldie IS a goodie)

Aetherial is a very under-appreciated synth.. excels at really odd stuff. This is the first time I decided to use it as the only synth in a composition, and I think it worked out well.
I hope I don't get bored tomorrow or it's gonna get weirder! :o :o :o

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