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Postby joejohnstun; Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:34 pm Being Single - JJ

High! This is my fifth KVRAudio song (you can listen to the others here: When You're Bad, If I Had a Pair of You, Psychosis, and Cappuccino Monday)

This is a comic song with perhaps a serious thought at the center. I realize the place for comedy in music is still up for debate, but there was really no other way to treat this topic.

Since I barely threw this demo together in a few hours, I don't really need comments on the mix. I'll present that for critique later once it's polished (if..).

I'm really interested in your thoughts on the feel, the idea, the words, the melody, the structure of the song. Is it even worth being a song? Or should it go in the scrap heap pile (along with the other hundreds of failed non-gems)?

What do you think?

Thank you!


Being Single

When I wake up bright and early in the morning
And I look around there's no one next to me
And no bed to make no kids to feed and put to school
I might turn over and go right back to sleep

(Chorus: )
Oh I love just love being single
And I'm thrilled just thrilled to come home to me
When I think of you I miss you just a little
But I love just love being single

I can go to any bar and drink and party
Or stay out for weeks just surfing with the guys
I can bungee off the Statue of my Liberty
When I'm single and alone the world is mine

I can leave the toilet seat up if I want it
Or just throw my dirty clothes down like a kid
I can walk around the house naked and flaunt it
Cuz there's no one here to tell me I'm a filthy messy pig


Well I like Like like little Joni
And I have to have Adele sometimes
And I can't get enough of Meg and Mia
Cuz I'm loving being just a single guy

My tux in the closet may have cobwebs
But the Kama Sutra couch has none
And the love song piano's in the corner
While this rock star guitar is getting all of the action


Well I go all by my lonesome to the movies
And on couples night I stand around and fiddle
And sometimes I'd like to have someone to hear me snore
But I love being single so much more


Though I have to say I miss you just a little
But I love just love being single
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Postby thomekk; Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:45 pm Re: Being Single - JJ

Well done concise song! Has this happy OpladiOlada-Vibe which I like.
Also liked the sound-fx where they were thrown in. Nothing to throw away here.
Productionwise also all seems good here.
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Uncle E
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Postby Uncle E; Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:12 pm Re: Being Single - JJ

The sound effects make it seem like this is for kids but the subject matter obviously isn't. The pissing sound is repulsive. Sorry, this just isn't for me, maybe because I'm happily married. ;)
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Postby Frantz; Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:36 pm Re: Being Single - JJ

Yes, it also sounds to me like a children's song with adult lyrics. Sort of creepy. I found the sound effects unappealing. Sorry.
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Postby joejohnstun; Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:01 pm Re: Being Single - JJ

thomekk: I heard that it sounds like Ob-La-Di, so I decided to listen to that song and wow! Right on the money! The verse melody is almost identical. I really need to brush up on my Beatles. Other people said it sounds like 'Grandma got run over by a reindeer,' 'Start wearing purple,' and a few other simple nursery songs. I think the issue is that when you use such a simple tune, odds are that other people before you have used it (a lesson learned by the alphabet song guy in his age-old rivalry with the Twinkle, Twinkle song guy).

uncleE: hahah, yep- meant to cause nausea in married ppl. thank u! :)

frantz: :( not so much children, but definitely young ppl :) still undecided about those effects. i did wanna turn it into a novelty song instead of an actual song, and i think the effects help make that point.

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Postby Barnadine; Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:43 pm Re: Being Single - JJ

Nice clear mix. I didn't find the narrator creepy. The vibe I got was more a slightly forced, manic cheerfulness, where the narrator is trying to convince himself as much as the listener. Fits the song.

But yeah, maybe twist the melody away from Ob-la-di a little. (We had to sing it in a school concert, and I still bear scars. :scared:)

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