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Detunized releases "Glass Harp" sound library

Detunized has released Glass Harp, a new sample library that features the sound of chromatically tuned wine glasses.

For this latest Detunized project more than 80 wine glasses where collected from flea markets and junk shops. After carefully separating the wheat from the chaff, instrument maker Sergey Karamyshev ended up with 39 glasses that got tuned by filling each one with a certain amount of water. This resulted in a lovely sounding instrument with a range of 3 octaves (D3 to E6). It has a lively timbre and produces rich sounds with strong overtone content.

This instrument is sampled both in stereo and close-miked mono, each time with a legato and a staccato pass. For the sake of an even more realistic feel an additional release sound layer was edited.

Glass Harp Live Pack contains two main instrument racks - Glass Harp True Stereo & Glass Harp Mono Pick Up. Both racks consist of 3 layers (legato, staccato, release) plus 8 carefully mapped macros. As a bonus, 9 hand-crafted alterations and extracted single modules of the main racks offer an easy-to-go starting point for individual tweaks.

  • Compatible with Live 8/9.
  • 200 MB Sample content (234 samples, true stereo and close-miked mono).
  • €9.00.

Glass Harp Universal features the same sample content and includes 10 pre-edited patches. With these patches in unified formats Glass Harp is compatible with various software samplers and DAWs.

  • Formats: SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP.
  • Patches: Legato, Staccato, Release, LegStac, LegStacRel.
  • 200 MB Sample content (234 samples, true stereo and close-miked mono).
  • €9.00.
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