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Sound Magic

Sound Magic releases iQEnhancer Mobile Intelligent Microphone and Ultimate Enhancer Intelligent USB Microphone

Sound Magic has announced the availability of its iQEnhancer Mobile Intelligent Microphone and Ultimate Enhancer Intelligent USB Microphone, which they say are "spearheading a new technology product sector since they can both be controlled by an Android or iOS app to improve their sound, making it much easier to achieve a desired result compared to time-consuming traditional microphone techniques".

As implied by name, the iQEnhancer Mobile Intelligent Microphone and Ultimate Enhancer Intelligent USB Microphone are both intelligent microphones, meaning they can be controlled by Sound Magic's HTML5 technology-based app to enhance their features and reduce learning, enabling people to quickly create professional-sounding recordings.

The iQEnhancer Mobile Intelligent Microphone is aimed at mobile usage, designed to work with smartphones (Android and iOS) and iPad, while the Ultimate Enhancer Intelligent USB Microphone is a USB microphone aimed at regular recordists. But both share a number of attributes as studio-quality microphones, such as a cardioid pickup pattern that minimises background noise and isolates the main sound source, for example, enabling a warm, rich sound suited to a wide-ranging target audience of musicians, vocalists, project studio producers, podcasters, broadcasters, and voiceover artists — anyone working with audio and accessing a suitable Internet-enabled device, in other words.

Which is exactly where that HTML5 technology-based app comes into play. Anyone using this app will be able to see how the sound changes when adjusting the height of the microphone with all information instantly shown on-screen when moving to a specific position — a useful reference tool when seeking a specific sound. Several A/B comparison listening tests are often undertaken by recording engineers when doing this traditionally, which is time consuming in itself and also reliant on years of experience to achieve the desired result, whereas this is not necessary when being guided by the app.

The app also provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how achieve a specific sound — simply draw a rough Frequency Response Curve on-screen and it will automatically calculate the result. While interacting with the app, users will also achieve a better understanding of how to achieve their goals in the least time possible, producing the best results in the process.

Also included is the Neo MasterTool plug-in, a multi-band, multi-process mastering system designed to assist users by further enhancing the sound of their recordings. Unlike standard software plugins, Neo MasterTool stores the microphone performance data directly, effectively masking any weaker-sounding aspects while reinforcing plus points. A dynamic enhancer alters the existing signal level within the bass and high frequency ranges to enhance the signal's dynamic feel, while a psychoacoustic harmonic enhancer is modelled on a specially designed circuit that generates musically related harmonics within a tightly-controlled frequency range — adds more body and depth to the sound when applied to bass frequencies, which is ideal when listening on in-ear headphones, and adds more clarity, focus, and air (allowing each element to breathe) when applied to high frequencies.

The iQEnhancer Mobile Intelligent Microphone is available to purchase from Amazon and also directly from Sound Magic for $199 / €179 / £149.

The Ultimate Enhancer Intelligent USB Microphone is available to purchase from Amazon and also directly from Sound Magic for $249 / €219 / £179.

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