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Steinberg has released the 6.0.3 maintenance update to its music recording and production systems, Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase Elements 6.

Based on community feedback, the 6.0.3 update provides several improvements, such as refined event opacity handling, enhanced gridline representation, Euphonix/Avid MC Pro remote control support and more efficient playback performance of HD video formats. In addition, several issues have been resolved.

Event Handling Opacity while slip-editing:

Event Handling Opacity is now also applied when you use the tool modifiers to slip-edit an event. When slip-editing, the event will now turn semi-transparent just like when dragging and moving it in 6.0.2.

The actual event handling opacity can be adjusted freely in File > Preferences > Event Display > Event Handling Opacity from full to zero opacity. The default setting is a medium value.

Please note that the setting was previously named "Drag Opacity" and has been renamed in this version.

Gridlines in front of parts/events:

To further simplify editing and positioning of Audio Events and MIDI Parts, Cubase 6.0.3 introduces the ability to draw the Grid Lines of the Project window and the Audio Part Editor in front of them.

A new setting in the Preferences > Event Display section called "Grid overlay intensity", controls the intensity with which the Grid Lines are laid over Events. The default is a subtle setting.

Please note that there is no overlay on Audio Parts.

Show Event Data/Name options:

Now it's possible to control the smallest track height where data and/or names should be displayed or hidden.

The previous preference "Show Event Data on Small Track Heights" has been removed and replaced by two new settings, which can be found in the Preferences > Event Display section.

Support for Euphonix/Avid MC Pro:

Cubase 6.0.3 adds enhanced support for the Steinberg EuCon adapter, including Avid MC Pro remote control surface compatibility.

Please note that the installation of the latest EuCon adapter is required. The update is released together with Cubase 6.0.3 and available as a separate download in the support section of the Steinberg website.

Video improvements:

Cubase 6.0.3 features improved playback performance of HD video formats in general. Single-threaded codecs (like Motion-JPEG, Photo-JPEG, and QuickTime DV) will benefit from the also new "Boost Video" option: if enabled, one CPU core is excluded from audio processing and reserved for video decoding and playback tasks, resulting in smoother performance.

The "Boost Video" option can be found in the Device Setup > Video Player page. Please note that the Multi Processing option must also be activated in the Device Setup dialog > VST Audio System page. Activating "Boost Video" may reduce the audio performance by design in order to prioritize video tasks.

Audio import: Split File Name Format:

To higher the level of compatibility when exchanging audio files with other products and to give more flexibility in general, creating split files from multi-channel files can now be named. For example, it's now possible to add suffixes like "_L" or "_R" to the corresponding channel.

The naming options can be found in the "Split File Name Format" pop-up menu below the "Split multi-channel files" or the "Split channels" options in the Preferences dialog (Editing Audio page), the Import Options dialog, or the Export Audio Mixdown dialog.


Live mode: The MultibandCompressor plug-in now features a new efficient Live mode which reduces plug-in latency as well as load on the CPU.

The Live mode can be enabled below the Output knob and is especially useful when working with low ASIO buffer sizes (128 samples or less). For achieving best audio quality in final mixing stage, the Live mode should be disabled. In case performance issues occur, increase the ASIO buffer size.

New Patchname Script:

A Patchname Script for the Yamaha MOX synthesizer is now available in the MIDI Device Manager.

Issues resolved in 6.0.3:

  • Folder track: When expanding a folder track, the track list now doesn't scroll to keep the focus on the track folder.
  • AudioWarp: When playing back warped material in a loop for an extended time, the audio quality remains intact (PC Windows only).
  • AudioWarp: A warped audio event now stays in sync, also when placed in a part with multiple splits and the project includes tempo changes.
  • AudioWarp: A potential AudioWarp issue with shifted audio events, when changing the tempo in the Sample Editor toolbar, has been resolved.
  • VariAudio: After flattening VariAudio modifications, the solo state in the Sample Editor behaves correctly.
  • VariAudio: Under specific circumstances, the VariAudio analysis could render the application unresponsive.
  • Key Commands: Applying user-created key command presets doesn't open the Preset Browser anymore.
  • Macro: Deleting a macro will not lead to rendering the application unreliable.
  • Quantize: Some quantizing errata for Audio Events is corrected.
  • Quantize: Iterative quantizing for audio events behaves correctly and approximates the chosen quantize preset and grid value.
  • VST Expression: Chasing MIDI CCs for VST Dynamics works correctly now.
  • VST Expression: if a project used Note Expression data, the Tempo Detection doesn't lead to potential instability of the application.
  • Freeze: Opening a project with frozen channels now allows proper editing of plug-ins loaded in Insert slots 7 & 8.
  • Input Transformer: The "Off Velocity" parameter has been added to the Input Transformer.
  • Metronome: Distortion at certain sample rates when using user-samples for the Metronome has been eliminated.
  • ReWire: Improved playback/transport synchronicity using Reason, respectively for ReWire connected applications.
  • Plug-in: Producing additional ASIO load when enabling the improved silence detection in the MonoDelay plug-in has been resolved.
  • Plug-in: The LFO waveform state is now displayed correctly in the AutoPan plug-in.
  • Plug-in: An issue has been resolved, where Spector doesn't display the current spectrum correctly.
  • Score: Erratic track arming issue resolved in conjunction with open Score Editor and changing layouts.
  • Score: Under certain conditions Crescendi symbols on page 1 could appear on the following Score pages. This issue has been resolved.
  • Score: The Zoom Tool in the Score Editor behaves correctly now.
  • Score: An issue has been resolved, where the Delete Overlaps function deleted preceding events under certain conditions.
  • Score: Bottom staffs are no longer selected when scrolling pages.
  • Score: Potential issues with MusicXML files exported from Finale and imported to Cubase have been resolved.
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