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 Ozone 5 / Ozone 5 Advanced by iZotope, Inc. is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin, a DirectX Plugin, an RTAS Plugin and an AAX Plugin.
Ozone 5 Dynamics Module
Ozone 5 Dynamics Module Ozone 5 EQ Module Ozone 5 Exciter Module Ozone 5 Imager Module Ozone 5 Maximizer Module Ozone 5 Reverb Module Ozone 5 Advanced Meter Bridge and Component Plugins Ozone 5 Advanced Dynamics Module Ozone 5 Advanced Dynamics Module Ozone 5 Advanced EQ Module Ozone 5 Advanced Exciter Module Ozone 5 Advanced Imager Module Ozone 5 Advanced Maximizer Module Ozone 5 Advanced Reverb Module Ozone 5 Advanced Meter Bridge Ozone 5 Advanced Phase Metering
Product Ozone 5 / Ozone 5 Advanced
Developer iZotope, Inc.
Price (MSRP) $249 / $999
Type / Tags
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Operating System Availability
Download Released
 5.05b  Downloads Released
 5.05b  Downloads Released
Miscellaneous Information
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Ozone 5 / Ozone 5 Advanced is the fifth generation of iZotope's complete mastering suite. A mastering system of 64-bit DSP algorithms with enhanced visual meter displays integrated into one plugin.

Ozone 5 Advanced adds six additional component plug-ins, extended features in every module, and a comprehensive suite of configurable meters.

Key Features:


  • Multiple modes of Intelligent Release Control technology for transparent limiting.
  • New "Intelligent III" mode provides exceptional handling of transients without pumping or other undesirable limiting side effects.
  • Stereo link control to process left and right separately, and freely adjust between fully linked and independent limiting on both channels.
  • Predictive limiting of "inter-sample clipping" keeps true analog levels in check.
  • Adjustable threshold/margin, release and character controls.
  • Visual feedback provided through Gain Reduction Trace meters, a loudness histogram, and Mini-Spectrum display.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Transient recovery adds emphasis to transients to help preserve rhythmic detail while maximizing loudness.


  • Analog-modeled EQ with "soft saturation" modeling or digital linear phase filtering with up to 16,000 bands of precision.
  • Spectrum analyzer that offers real-time and average modes, critical or third octave bands, and snapshots.
  • Matching EQ allows spectrum snapshots to be taken of reference recordings to create "automatic" EQ curves and apply them to a master.
  • Phase delay and group delay visualizations.
  • Mid/Side mode provides independent, superimposed EQ curves for center and edges of the stereo image.
  • Workflow enhancements: EQ left and right channels independently, and make precise EQ tweaks by zooming in and out both in time and frequency.
  • Advanced Only Feature: In Mixed Phase EQ mode, each node in Ozone's EQ can be linear-phase (flat phase response), minimum-phase (analog-like phase response), or maximum-phase. Variably adjust between these settings to change the transient response and pre-ringing characteristics of each individual band.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Independent curve shapes let you use the same analog-modeled filter shapes in all EQ modes, including linear phase and Matching modes.


  • Ozone 5 provides improved Plate and Room modes and a brand-new Hall mode.
  • Control room size, pre-delay, width, & frequency cutoff.
  • Controls to adjust the high and low decay times, solo the wet signal, and adjust the frequency response.
  • Mid/Side processing.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Early Reflections setting allows independent control over early reflections for control over the character of reverberation.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Additional Reverb Modes simulate additional spaces for more variety and flexibility, including Theater, Cathedral, and Arena.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Crossmix control lets you adjust the signal configuration and balance between the left and right channels' reverb signals.


  • Three types of dither algorithms and six different noise-shaping options.
  • New dither curves for 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz, as well as design improvements to existing 44.1 kHz curves.
  • New Dither Shape view.
  • Integrated DC offset filtering, auto-blanking and dither harmonic suppression for dynamic and transparent conversions.
  • Unique set of bit scopes and DC level meters provide a complete view of the digital bitstream and conversion process.


  • Retro, Tape, Warm or Tube exciter modes.
  • Circuit-modeled Tube saturation for subtle warmth and transparent dynamics control.
  • Saturation Spectrum display shows excitation by frequency and features a Post filter that allows you to sculpt the Exciter's frequency output.
  • Natural-sounding Peak Saturation.
  • Unique multiband time offset controls for tightening and adding "attack".
  • Advanced Only Feature: Circuit-modeled, multiband Triode and Dual Triode modes.


  • Analog modeled, linear phase, and hybrid crossover filters with adjustable bandwidth and Q.
  • "Learn" mode that automatically sets crossover frequencies based on incoming audio.
  • Soft compression via a Hard/Soft knee mode.
  • Color-coded All Bands mode lets you view and adjust every dynamics stage of every band in one location.
  • Gain Reduction Trace view, which plots the gain reduction of all dynamics bands on top of a scrolling waveform.
  • Real-time visualization of the dynamics within each band, including gain reduction meters, level histograms, spectrum analyzer, and X-Y compression curves.
  • Advanced Only Feature: True Envelope Detection detects levels evenly across all frequencies and prevents aliasing or artifacts that RMS detection can cause.
  • Advanced Only Feature: The Detection Circuit Filter adds a variable slope high-pass or tilt filter for reducing pumping, ideal for single-band compression modes.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Variable Knee control offers a per-band, continuously variable knee control for every dynamics band for even more flexible compression.

Stereo Imaging:

  • Phase/Channel meter display that highlights imaging, phase, and potential canceling problems.
  • Stereo Width Spectrum view to see the width of the mix by frequency to set crossovers and see the effect of stereo imaging adjustments.
  • Antiphase Prevention, add width to any frequency band without causing mono compatibility problems.
  • Multiband channel delay controls for adjusting the perceived location of the stereo field or correcting tape azimuth errors.
  • Includes options for mono, phase flip and channel reverse.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Stereoize Mode adds depth and natural-sounding stereo width to mono or very narrow mixes without sacrificing mono compatibility.

Meter Bridge (Advanced Only Feature):

  • Spectrogram.
  • Meter Taps.
  • Vectorscope.
  • Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Loudness Meters (EBU R128 Compliant).

Other Highlights:

  • Preset Manager.
  • User-definable routing.
  • Undo History and A/B Tools.
  • Mid/Size Processing.
  • Advanced Only Feature: Component Plugins.
Discussion: Active


26 March 2014 at 2:02ammau5head

I am interested in buying this used.. if anyone is interested in selling it! =)

26 March 2014 at 3:04ammrwiz2rd9

what are you looking for what version and how much are you willing to pay.

26 March 2014 at 3:39ammau5head

Preferably version 5.. doesn't have to be advanced, and I'm not sure... I can't afford a lot.. I guess it depends on how much you're expecting for it.

26 March 2014 at 12:39pmSarahBellum

I'll be selling my v5 at some point, when i have time to sort it out. It's a good tool if you don't know what you're doing and comes with loads of presets. If you do know what you're doing then you may be disappointed as you can get better results using individual plugins - which is what I went back to after a few weeks of using it.

However, there are often copies on eBay from people who also found Ozone disappointing.

if you're on a budget and know what you're doing, get all the VoS plugins and buy Klanghelms DC82 and DDMF's IIEQPro, you'll have more scope :)


27 March 2014 at 10:03amsyndicat

@Sarahbellum: This is not fair nor right so far.

There are many audio mastering situations where Ozone 5 is an excellent tool - even for pros - and even in many music production environments. It hardly depends from your expectations and applications. I use it in over 90% of situations at the very end of the master chain, but without any shipped presets (they may be helpful for greenhorns during learning phases).

Ok, ozone 5 "sounds" very neutral (as "requested" in many modern music scenarios). If you await very tonal, non-linear, non-digital or vintage equipment character of the components Ozone 5 alone could come at his ends if you don't like the usuable analog and/or saturation / exciting algos of Ozone 5's components - this is the reason why i often use it together with single or a few other plugins i.e. from WAVES and one reason why iZotope offers the modularized advance version for even more flexibility in such apps.

The dithering algo of Ozone is one of the best available on software market and the thoroughgoing mid/side multiband processing is very helpful to me. The measuring features round this - even without the metering suite of the advanced version.

Not at least: The VoS plugins seem's just VSTs on windows - for me, as a Pro Tools 11 on Mac user VSTs are just the very (!) last choice.

I could recommend Ozone 5 - i.e. together with a WAVES bundle like Silver or Gold - both versions available hardly discounted from WAVE from time time (around 65-80% plus 10% with this promo code from WAVE online: http://refer.waves.com/Ixex ).

For home to semi pro home rec users this might be (at the time!) a really cost effective alternative to get a professional basic toolchain not only for mastering.

Together with i.e. additional (discounted) WAVE saturators (i.e. Kramer Tape / Aphex vintage aural exciter or similiars) or even hardware effects many typical musical tasks could be done on a relatively high level.

btw: I tried to buy a Ozone 5 license used / second hand on ebay over monthes - without any success (did not find ONE used license in that time!), but it helps to deal out better prices on the list of Ozone 5 offers from the usual european and US music software shops there.

At last: Anything could be done "better" in special situations with more ressources (equipment, money or "just" time). To get out professional results from Ozone you need to know what you are doing too. Just pressing in some default presets may help in the learning process but will not lead to pro results in most cases.

I like the intuitive and clever user interface of iZotopes Ozone 5 and Alloy 2 and have some other iZotope (instruments/effects) plugins too - but this may depend from each ones taste. If you get it it is worth to read the user manual in detail as they hold many useful hints - i.e. to get even faster to results you want.

27 March 2014 at 12:31pmSarahBellum


you haven't said anything that contradicts my opinion (and it is just my opinion). I've been a professional for over 25 years, my personal experience with Ozone was of disappointment and I went back to using separate plugins as for me I got better results. Ozone was good, but not as good. Yes it has a logical layout (following the signal path) and good dithering, but so do other plugins and DAWS. For dithering you just choose one.

At the end of the day, it's whatever works for you, based on your knowledge and experience - there is no 'BEST' as it is subjective, I just offered an alternative opinion,.. I thought Ozone was good, but for me in the end it just wasn't as good or as versatile as using some of the separate plugins I own.

If your experience is different, then go for it - each to their own :)

27 March 2014 at 12:49pmSarahBellum

...forget to mention, Ozone is also a bit of a resource hog comparatively. Putting on the master bus of my DAW slowed the DAW's redraw to be hard to work with - that was on a 3.2Ghz quad core with 8GB RAM & 2GB G/ram (I upgraded my PC to 4Ghz 8-core & 32GB RAM which solved that problem).

27 March 2014 at 1:35pmsyndicat


this is what i expect on such bunch of deep mastering (only) algos in a native software based mastering process (at least if i trigger/use some of the resource affine Ozone 5 features) - this one reason why iZotope offers Alloy 2 (which is the "lightweight pendant" of oZone in many parts) for mixing / as channel strip. But i run it on an old 2010 Mac 6.1 2.6GHz / 4G RAM (upgraded to (GB now mainly for sample space) without any bottlenecks beside other resource affine mastering modules in the same session (and sometimes even the master of a complex mix - without any DSP or acceleration stuff). So may be your PC is somewhat suboptimal configured or the Win/VST Version of Ozone 5 works suboptimal.

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Ozone 5 / Ozone 5 Advanced

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iZotope, Inc.
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