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Portland Oregon
Support: support@pluginguru.com
May 23
Put my name on the list for when this arrives! Normal audio rates are up to 192Khz - this is operating at 24Mhz... https://t.co/WTCDWcheDf
May 21
3 Years ago - this is still one of my favorite libraries for Omnisphere... aw, who am I kidding, I like all of... https://t.co/lWavEIsAFT

www.PlugInGuru.com is a website created by John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl with very simple goals: Create synthesizer patches of the highest quality and sell them for a modest price for the most popular plug-ins. ALSO!! Support these plug-ins with free video tutorials that will empower users to edit patches with knowledge of what they are doing.

While most every plug-in has the same basic elements, the interfaces can be radically different and the way you access them can be confusing. My video tutorials are not 6 hour parameter by parameter snoore-a-thons, NO !!! I make patches, in real-time with you coming along with me. Watch how to do things once, and you remember it forever - and if not, come back and watch it again.

I currently have "Power Packs" of inspiring / kick-butt patches for Absynth 5, Massive, FM8, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX and Razor.

I feel I can provide expertise and knowledge in a way nobody else can. I've worked as a professional sound designer since 1988 for Korg - making patches, combinations, drum kits as well as creating the sample data for almost every synth Korg has released since the M1. I've also worked with all the major synthesizer manufacturers creating patches for some of the most popular and powerful software based synthesizers.

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21 May 2017PlugInGuru releases Percussa Vol 1 - Epic Cinematic Percussion Grooves for Omnisphere 2 27 Feb 2017PlugInGuru releases "Radio Ready Vol 1" for Omnisphere 2.1 - Songwriters Toolkit with 110 patches and 13 Multis 14 Dec 2016PlugInGuru releases Airwave Vol 2 - Techno/Trance Patches/Multis/Samples for Omnisphere 2.1 27 Oct 2016PlugInGuru releases Kreaturesque - Female Sample Library for Omnisphere 2.1 30 Sep 2016PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic: Guitars Part 2 (Jazz, Strat & Phrases) 14 Aug 2016PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic: Guitars - Part 1 - Seven multisampled guitars for Omnisphere 2 25 Jul 2016PlugInGuru releases Power Toolz for Serum - 128 Patch library by Bass Music Artist Nato Feelz 1 Jul 2016PlugInGuru releases "MegaMagic: Bells/Winds" - Sample/patch library for Omnisphere 2 21 Apr 2016PlugInGuru releases Instant Score: Galactik - Modern Sonic Patches for Omnisphere 2.2 18 Mar 2016PlugInGuru releases FuturX - 145 patches for Spire 24 Feb 2016PlugInGuru releases Northern Lights for Omnisphere 2.1 with Intro Offer 23 Jan 2016PlugInGuru releases OMG! Drums V1 for Omnisphere 2 - sample based drum kit library with Multis set up to include a drum machine 3 Oct 2015PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic PADS for Omnisphere 2, Kontakt 5, Serum, Reason and EXS24 24 Aug 2015PlugInGuru releases Kid Anthem - 300 patches for Omnisphere 2 7 Aug 2015PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic Dreams Sample Library in Omnisphere 2 format 19 Jun 2015PlugInGuru releases "Airwave Vol 1" Trance / Progressive House Library for Omnisphere 2 20 Apr 2015PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic Dreams - sound design based sample library for Kontakt 5, EXS24, SERUM and Iris 2 6 Mar 2015PlugInGuru releases TOXIC Zebra - 135 patches & 33 wavetables for Zebra2 23 Dec 2014PlugInGuru releases OmniChill and OmniChill Video Power Pack for Omnisphere 26 Nov 2014PlugInGuru releases MegaWav Epic and MegaWav Evil - 100 Patch Libraries for Xfer Serum

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This is Northern Lights - Patch Walkthru   Radio Ready Promo #2   This is MegaMagic Dreams for Omnisphere 2.1   This is Kreaturesque - A Patch Walkthru Video   Introducing Omniverse II: The Dark Hope   This is Rotten Razor - Patch Demo!   This is MegaMagic: Guitars - Part 1   First Look at MegaMacho Drums!!   This is MegaMagic Dreams! Patch Walkthru   Zebra2 Tips & Tricks PLUS a Preview of TOXIC Zebra Patches!   PlugInGuru Power Review: Spire 1.1   This is Power Toolz for Serum by NATO FEELZ   This is MegaMagic PADS!!   PlugInGuru Interview with AIRWAVE!   TOXIC FM8 by PlugInGuru   Sound Design Tutorial: How to Make MegaMagic Dreams Sounds   This is TOXIC Omnisphere!   This is AIRWAVE Vol 1 - a 2 hour Patch Walkthru!   MegaMacho Drums Owners Manual Part 1   Airwave Vol 2 for Omnisphere 2 TEASER!   This is AIRWAVE Vol 2 for Omnisphere 2!   Let's MAKE - Downtempo JAM Created w/MMD, Massive, Absynth + MORE!   Intro to Omniverse III: Aurora   Bass Box for Trilian: The Sonic Tour!   This is MegaMagic: Guitars Part 2 - a Patch Walkthru Video   This is OmniChill - An Adventurous Patch Walkthru   Let's Make a fun BPM Bass patch from scratch in Zebra2!   TOXIC Zebra - Patch Walkthru & TIPS   This is MegaMacho Drums Power Pack for BreakTweaker   5/20/17 - Percussa Vol 1 - Library Exploration!   This is MegaMagic: Bells/Winds (a Patch Walkthru video)   This is OMG! V1: Library Intro & How to make Drum Machine!   Introducing OmniPulse! (w/Tips & Tricks)   This is KID ANTHEM - 300 Patches / $25 for Omnisphere 2.1   Here Is MegaMacho 1.5 UPDATE!   This is Instant Score: Galactik for Omnisphere 2!   MegaWav Epic/Evil Patch Tour   MegaMagic Pads "Triumphant" Logic Pro X Demo Walkthru  
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