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17 Mar 2015Samba Godschynski updates Herr Mueller's DX7 to v1.010 comments 17 Oct 2014samba_godschynski releases VEB RUNGsn 1.0 - Step Sequencer Effect that loads VST Plug-ins for Mac & Win0 comments 22 Jul 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.540 comments 27 Jun 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.530 comments 18 Jun 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.520 comments 6 Jun 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.510 comments 23 May 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.50 comments 21 Feb 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.420 comments 16 Dec 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.410 comments 26 Nov 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.40 comments 24 Oct 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.320 comments 13 Sep 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.310 comments 6 Sep 2013samba_godschynski releases VSTForx 64-bit for Mac & Win0 comments 16 Aug 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.20 comments 22 Jul 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.110 comments 16 Jul 2013samba_godschynski releases VSTForx for Mac and updates Win version to v1.0.10 comments 1 Jun 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.00 comments 12 Apr 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v0.9.1 and releases Demo Version0 comments 4 Apr 2013samba_godschynski releases Herr Mueller's DX7 (Editor)0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 28 Mar 2013VSTForx - PreRelease Offer Until June 1, 20130 comments

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by GaryG at 19 Sep 2013, 05:09

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64-bit AU
by robogone at 17 Sep 2013, 11:39

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