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Postby ecton; Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:30 am custom midi plugin needed (cool!)

hey guys,

I need a certain custom midi plugin that converts incoming midi notes into a stream of note triggers at the frequency given by the incoming note. the stream should last as long as the monophonic note at the input is held and it should be invariant in note pitch.
some special features are also necessary:
->the pitch bend wheel should slow down or speed up the trigger-stream continuously and the pitch bend range should be variable
->the note length of the notes inside the trigger stream should be variable under the following options:
1.)it should become shorter the higher the note pitch of the incoming note is - if possible
a: scalable by a midi cc
b: adding up to a given length defined by a cc-value
2.)solely using a midi-cc

The aim is to control a usual vst-sampler as a pulse train synthesizer.

Anyone able to (and would) program such a thing?


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Postby Hink; Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:58 am

probably better for this to moved to the developers thread, I will leave a shadow link here so you know where it went :)
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Postby stubbz; Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:54 am

I might take you up on this project (I have literally just started programming vst, but this doesn't sound hard)

but first! this was not entirely clear
b: adding up to a given length defined by a cc-value

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