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2 posts since 15 Aug, 2002, from Paris

Postby UniCon mkii; Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:23 am

Hi All,
I just bought and installed Valhalla Room.
I'm going to make use of your presets and have a good listen to then
If i make any decent presets myself, i'll be sure to post them, hope i can give something back.
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3631 posts since 1 Oct, 2006, from Um! Where is this?

Postby Resonator63; Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:24 am

Thanks for sharing all these presets.
Much appreciated :)
204 posts since 22 May, 2009, from Portugal,Azores (faial island)

Postby sergiofrias; Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:22 pm

80's gated drums...this is my valhalla room ams rmx-16 non-lin 2 patch emulation recreated as close as possible to the original. try to use it (as a send,mix to taste) on linn drum samples ,pure 80's nostalgia.don't forget to use TB reelbus or other tape emulation,also "eq into tape" as done in the 80's for a more vintage sound.


<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="ams rmx nonlin2" mix="1" predelay="0.0302000009" decay="0.0265265256" HighCut="0.437583894" earlyLateMix="0.524999976" lateSize="0" lateCross="1" lateModRate="0.145454541" lateModDepth="0" RTBassMultiply="0" RTXover="0" RTHighMultiply="0.0666666701" RTHighXover="0" earlySize="0.201101094" earlyCross="0" earlyModRate="0.0909090936" earlyModDepth="0.419999987" earlySend="1" diffusion="1" type="0.583333313"/>
...want to know how to program great synth sounds,check my video tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/sergiofrias25
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2824 posts since 14 Nov, 2006, from Pacific NW

Postby valhallasound; Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:45 pm

sergiofrias wrote:80's gated drums...this is my valhalla room ams rmx-16 non-lin 2 patch emulation recreated as close as possible to the original.

From a technical perspective, the nonlin reverbs in ÜberMod get much closer to the RMX16 Nonlin2 architecture. The ValhallaRoom stuff can get much denser and smoother than the RMX (I'm not going to say *better* as those raggedy RMX reverbs sound great in a mix).

Thanks for posting the preset!

Sean Costello
1 post since 16 Apr, 2012, from United States

Postby j2 Music; Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:59 pm

Really like this one I designed. I use it for a short yet present, bright ambience. Nice for thickening up vocals or placing a bit of roomy-ness throughout a mix without muddying the waters too much. I've used it as an insert or as my short bus reverb.

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="Tight Ambiance" mix="0.143000007" predelay="0" decay="0.00570570584" HighCut="0.79261744" earlyLateMix="0.207000002" lateSize="0.810000002" lateCross="1" lateModRate="0.806060612" lateModDepth="0.670000017" RTBassMultiply="0" RTXover="0.0979797989" RTHighMultiply="0.577777803" RTHighXover="0.534228206" earlySize="0.0303303301" earlyCross="0.469999999" earlyModRate="0.111111112" earlyModDepth="0.349999994" earlySend="1" diffusion="1" type="0.166666672"/>
8 posts since 25 Apr, 2005, from Germany

Postby vanielik; Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:24 am

Here is a Basic Stereo Reverb
Works nice on Acoustic Instruments. Used this one on a classical harp production.
(also nice with Dark Space algorithm).

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="Basic Stereo Reverb_01" mix="1" predelay="0.053199999" decay="0.0171171166" HighCut="0.405369133" earlyLateMix="0.529999971" lateSize="0.600000024" lateCross="0.400000006" lateModRate="0.103030302" lateModDepth="0.519999981" RTBassMultiply="0.413333327" RTXover="0.0272727273" RTHighMultiply="0.444444448" RTHighXover="0.2966443" earlySize="0.0605605617" earlyCross="0.150000006" earlyModRate="0.0909090936" earlyModDepth="0" earlySend="0.699999988" diffusion="0.850000024" type="0.0833333358"/>
355 posts since 27 Sep, 2005

Postby trance_lucent; Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:53 pm

While all the people pay the tribute to the VVV (for its lush and wide sound) I very often find VR actually lushier and wider and warmer in the cases when reverb tail is long enough. For example, this preset:

Code: Select all
<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="Lush space" mix="1" predelay="0" decay="0.0989990011" HighCut="0.765100658" earlyLateMix="0.921999991" lateSize="0.430000007" lateCross="0.790000021" lateModRate="0.177777782" lateModDepth="0.379999995" RTBassMultiply="0.333333343" RTXover="0.0707070678" RTHighMultiply="0.822222233" RTHighXover="0.409395963" earlySize="0.211711705" earlyCross="0" earlyModRate="0.181818187" earlyModDepth="0.200000003" earlySend="1" diffusion="1" type="0.0833333358"/>


Sorry for the crude play: I really can't play accurate enough the music that emotionally great for me forcing me to live every note (praise to Brad Fiedel).

P. S. Try to switch algorithm to LV264, that a spacious explosion! Might need to tame Late Mod Depth a bit though.

P. P. S. But I found that VVV's sound has more definition, resolution in highs (despite of ancient algos) in bright setups.
182 posts since 22 May, 2012

Postby Cimbasso; Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:25 pm

Can we post our Vee3 presets here as well? I made some (30 and something) PCM and 480-ish presets in case anyone is interested..

I tried to match preset parameters from 480 and PCM and also did additional tuning by ear. However, I'm no reverb expert by any means and I'm pretty sure that attack values are wrong (couldn't find them in Lex reverbs). Maybe Sean (or somebody else) can fine-tune them to be even more similar to originals..
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2824 posts since 14 Nov, 2006, from Pacific NW

Postby valhallasound; Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:21 pm

Cimbasso wrote:Can we post our Vee3 presets here as well? I made some (30 and something) PCM and 480-ish presets in case anyone is interested..

I tried to match preset parameters from 480 and PCM and also did additional tuning by ear. However, I'm no reverb expert by any means and I'm pretty sure that attack values are wrong (couldn't find them in Lex reverbs). Maybe Sean (or somebody else) can fine-tune them to be even more similar to originals..

I started a new thread for Vee3 presets.

As far as matching Attack to the Lexicon Shape/Spread, it might be difficult to get an exact match. I would try multiplying the Lexicon Spread value by 0.39, and using this as the Attack percentage. Use Random Space for Random Hall presets, and the Chamber algorithm for the other 480L presets. If you have a 480L handy, you should match the decay times by ear, as the older Lexicon stuff had a very loose relationship between the displayed and actual decay times.

Sean Costello
56 posts since 24 Jan, 2012, from Greece

Postby dimtsak; Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:50 am

A preset i've made by, as the name suggests,
playing a virtual electric piano.

Mix knob is by default at 11.4%

Hope you find it useful

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="Deep e-piano" mix="0.114" predelay="0.0390000008" decay="0.0359359346" HighCut="0.493288577" earlyLateMix="0.83099997" lateSize="0.620000005" lateCross="0.360000014" lateModRate="0.25050506" lateModDepth="0.370000005" RTBassMultiply="0.24666667" RTXover="0.0393939391" RTHighMultiply="0.622222245" RTHighXover="0.399328858" earlySize="0.168568566" earlyCross="0.74000001" earlyModRate="0.359595954" earlyModDepth="0.310000002" earlySend="0.560000002" diffusion="0.709999979" type="0.583333313"/>

425 posts since 15 Aug, 2010

Postby xtrax; Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:23 pm Presets VR

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.1b11" presetName="480CustomLrgHall" mix="1" predelay="0" decay="0.034434434026479721069" HighCut="0.23020134866237640381" earlyLateMix="1" lateSize="0.80000001192092895508" lateCross="0.25" lateModRate="0.16767676174640655518" lateModDepth="0.070000000298023223877" RTBassMultiply="0.46666666865348815918" RTXover="0.049494948238134384155" RTHighMultiply="1" RTHighXover="0.28523489832878112793" earlySize="0.060860861092805862427" earlyCross="0" earlyModRate="0.17373737692832946777" earlyModDepth="0.050000000745058059692" earlySend="0.89999997615814208984" diffusion="0.64999997615814208984" type="0.4166666567325592041"/>

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.1b11" presetName="480 Large Hall 2" mix="1" predelay="0" decay="0.030330330133438110352" HighCut="0.29060402512550354004" earlyLateMix="0.89999997615814208984" lateSize="0.82999998331069946289" lateCross="0.75" lateModRate="0.19191919267177581787" lateModDepth="0.17000000178813934326" RTBassMultiply="0.53333336114883422852" RTXover="0.067676767706871032715" RTHighMultiply="0.6666666865348815918" RTHighXover="0.33355703949928283691" earlySize="0.18598598241806030273" earlyCross="0.10000000149011611938" earlyModRate="0.16969697177410125732" earlyModDepth="0.050000000745058059692" earlySend="0.69999998807907104492" diffusion="0.40000000596046447754" type="0.8333333134651184082"/>

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="300 Large Hall" mix="1" predelay="0" decay="0.0316316299" HighCut="0.197986573" earlyLateMix="0.649999976" lateSize="0.959999979" lateCross="0.200000003" lateModRate="0.24040404" lateModDepth="0.0700000003" RTBassMultiply="0.466666669" RTXover="0.0404040404" RTHighMultiply="1" RTHighXover="0.234899327" earlySize="0.259059072" earlyCross="0" earlyModRate="0.0848484859" earlyModDepth="0" earlySend="0" diffusion="0.649999976" type="0.833333313"/>

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.0" presetName="480 Large R Church" mix="1" predelay="0.0719999969" decay="0.0358358361" HighCut="0.162416101" earlyLateMix="0.750999987" lateSize="1" lateCross="0.200000003" lateModRate="0.343434334" lateModDepth="0.0700000003" RTBassMultiply="0.466666669" RTXover="0.0797979832" RTHighMultiply="0" RTHighXover="0.189932883" earlySize="0.0296296291" earlyCross="0.0299999993" earlyModRate="0.169696972" earlyModDepth="0" earlySend="0.349999994" diffusion="0.699999988" type="0.833333313"/>

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.1b11" presetName="NarcissusLargeHall" mix="1" predelay="0" decay="0.031631629914045333862" HighCut="0.36375838518142700195" earlyLateMix="1" lateSize="1" lateCross="0.30000001192092895508" lateModRate="0.12525252997875213623" lateModDepth="0.15000000596046447754" RTBassMultiply="0.53333336114883422852" RTXover="0.041414141654968261719" RTHighMultiply="0" RTHighXover="0.33087247610092163086" earlySize="0.25905907154083251953" earlyCross="0.050000000745058059692" earlyModRate="0.084848485887050628662" earlyModDepth="0.050000000745058059692" earlySend="1" diffusion="0.64999997615814208984" type="0.75"/>

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.1b11" presetName="Dense Hall" mix="1" predelay="0.041999999433755874634" decay="0.027027027681469917297" HighCut="0.42953020334243774414" earlyLateMix="1" lateSize="0.89999997615814208984" lateCross="1" lateModRate="0.12525252997875213623" lateModDepth="0.15000000596046447754" RTBassMultiply="0.6666666865348815918" RTXover="0.050505049526691436768" RTHighMultiply="0.22222222387790679932" RTHighXover="0.29530200362205505371" earlySize="0.19449450075626373291" earlyCross="0.76999998092651367188" earlyModRate="0.17373737692832946777" earlyModDepth="0.21999999880790710449" earlySend="0.52999997138977050781" diffusion="0.92000001668930053711" type="1"/>

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.1b11" presetName="Small Dense Room" mix="1" predelay="0" decay="0.0030030030757188796997" HighCut="0.33624160289764404297" earlyLateMix="0.80199998617172241211" lateSize="0.15000000596046447754" lateCross="0.80000001192092895508" lateModRate="0.21010100841522216797" lateModDepth="0.050000000745058059692" RTBassMultiply="0.46666666865348815918" RTXover="0.053535353392362594604" RTHighMultiply="0.22222222387790679932" RTHighXover="0.2013422846794128418" earlySize="0.0014014013577252626419" earlyCross="0.5" earlyModRate="0.18585859239101409912" earlyModDepth="0.039999999105930328369" earlySend="0.69999998807907104492" diffusion="0.64999997615814208984" type="1"/>
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78 posts since 6 Jun, 2005

Postby ironflippy; Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:55 am

I'm wondering if someone could help me approximate the drum verb in this song (around :45 you can hear it clearly):

(caution: it's a very loud track)

I'm fairly certain what is recorded is an actual room. I've gotten decently close with tweaking some of the small room presets, but doesn't sound quite right. It sounds like it might have a fair amount of pre-delay (and heavy compression and EQ). Obviously, there are a lot of factors in getting this exact sound.

Any tips?

846 posts since 24 Mar, 2007, from Vancouver, BC

Postby Audio~Geek; Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:52 pm Re: Post yer ValhallaRoom Presets (& preset requests) here!

In need of an anechoic room preset.
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2824 posts since 14 Nov, 2006, from Pacific NW

Postby valhallasound; Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:19 pm Re: Post yer ValhallaRoom Presets (& preset requests) here!

Audio~Geek wrote:In need of an anechoic room preset.

Here you go:
425 posts since 15 Aug, 2010

Postby xtrax; Sun May 25, 2014 10:15 pm Re: Post yer ValhallaRoom Presets (& preset requests) here!

For the new algo.

<ValhallaRoom pluginVersion="1.1.1b11" presetName="Golden Age Hall" mix="1" predelay="0.041999999433755874634" decay="0.027027027681469917297" HighCut="0.42953020334243774414" earlyLateMix="0.80199998617172241211" lateSize="0.94999998807907104492" lateCross="0.75" lateModRate="0.24646463990211486816" lateModDepth="0.10000000149011611938" RTBassMultiply="0.40000000596046447754" RTXover="0.050505049526691436768" RTHighMultiply="0.055555555969476699829" RTHighXover="0.33959731459617614746" earlySize="0.19449450075626373291" earlyCross="0.10000000149011611938" earlyModRate="0.17373737692832946777" earlyModDepth="0.050000000745058059692" earlySend="0.52999997138977050781" diffusion="0.92000001668930053711" type="1"/>

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