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Postby C.Kerry; Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:11 pm

fluffy_little_something wrote:Yes, correct, there seem to be a bit too many options everywhere frankly. Four modulation options for all those parameters also seems exaggerated to me. In most cases people will not use more than one or two. Just like few people will use more than 2 or at most 3 filter stages in series. You might make a light version of your synths, cutting the numbers roughly in half, e.g. 3 instead of 4 envelopes, 2 instead of 4 modulations per parameter, half the number of waves in the morph and flexi oscillators, etc. :)

Currently your two synths are so much more professional than the price suggests :) The effect setting options also go way beyond most synths out there. There are so many options that it almost makes me feel like using an external, simple to use TAL reverb instead of the included one, where I feel like I have to try and tweak every parameter to get the right sound, which takes ages. Your synths are for people with lots of self-control or spare time :hihi:

Because of all the tweaking possible maybe it would make sense to include a parameter snapshot feature where one can temporarily save, say, four versions of the patch one is working on. This way one could directly compare those versions and approach the desired sound faster.

Anyway, I am very happy with what I bought. No other synth in my collection is so complete and gives me so much value for the money. Sure, some people don't like SE synths and their sounds, but yours sound very pleasant and powerful, not cheap or anything.

The only thing I am missing is an integrated preset manager (like TALs U-NO-LX) so I would not have to save my patches within my DAW. Since I use two DAWs it would be better to have my patches separate.

PS: Just noticed, is there no noise generator or am I just blind? :D

It's the first time i have heard from anyone asking to reduce the features :wink:
The Synths were developed primarily for myself and i wanted to have everything there if i need it. The X-Jupitae synths do give you many options and choices, that is their niche i guess. I see them as tweaker's and performers' Synths. The different waveforms really are required - each one provides a different sound and when you alter the Harmonics you can customise the tone/sound even further.
But i understand that so many options can be bewildering - you don't have to use them all, but in future if you need them - then they are there waiting for you. :)

As for the FX - i based them loosely on a Hardware Modular programmable DigiTech TSR24s unit i had - i liked that i could tweak all the parameters and not just select factory presets like 'Hall', 'Room' etc.. And of course the architecture of the FX routing is also quite flexible - more so than the average FX unit IMHO. (but not as flexible as i would have liked! haha)

After a short time, you should be able to just dial in FX settings you like and tweak them from there. Of course having internal presets for Reverb, Chorus, Echo etc would be ideal, but SE does not support that so easily :(

'Snapshots' sound like a great idea - difficult in SE - but a good idea.
My next VSTs will not be made with SE - so i can build features like this quite easily because i will have total control of the Code :wink:

Can you use FXB files to save patches separately?

There is Noise as an Osc mode on the Flexi Osc and you can choose a Noise waveform on the Multi-Osc but it is not available on the Morph Osc.

BTW: on my website there are links to online 'manuals' which describe the features in more detail - Osc's, Filters, Envelopes, Pattern Arp etc...

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Postby fluffy_little_something; Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:36 pm

Yes, I had already downloaded the manuals from your site. I don't really understand everything, yet, but maybe I will once I have more time again, hopefully at the weekend. Don't worry, I probably won't ask more questions :D

I found one of the two noise options you mentioned, will keep looking for the other...

I could load an fxb file if I had one, but I have no idea about the format Mixcraft uses for saving VST presets. In the directory where they are saved (AppData Mixcraft bla bla) it says .presets as file type. That is probably not the same as .fxb :roll:

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