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Extremely loud metal dub step Female

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Postby ocmtime; Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:47 pm Extremely loud metal dub step Female

I am trying to get views on youtube AND IMPROVE MASTERING SKILLS so please watch the video and tell me if this master is TOO MUCH!!!


specific advices about certain frequencies that should be adjusted are most welcome
Aroused by JarJar
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Postby Aroused by JarJar; Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:05 am


Harsh, piercing, completely colorless, flat as a pancake- it's perfect! I officially certify it as better than Skrillex.

Seriously, if you're going to play the "lauwd" game, why not play to win? All that stuff about "dynamics" and "punch" and "professionalism" is horseshit when it comes to dubstep, the productions are all shamelessly crass, and why shouldn't they be?

When I first heard dubstep I laughed out loud- what a glorious f**k you to all those mulleted engineer twats fawning at the altar of Pink Floyd and Steeley Dan (which I think are pure kitsch productions).

Rock on! If someone tries to present some famous dubstep tunes as examples of how you "should" do it, just laugh in their faces.

If you want to showcase the lady's nice voice (always a good idea), or if you want your tune played in clubs and not just on YouTube, you'll have to rethink your approach of course,. That's up to you.

You know those cliches about "no rules" and "follow your heart" and all that? How about being one of the precious few who actually do those things and not just give them lip service?

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