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Postby standalone; Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:17 am

Compyfox wrote:Hence the low filesize.

shane1980 wrote:73GB
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Postby Compyfox; Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:05 am

I talk about the low filesize of the VSTi, not the original content.

But you can(!) trim it down to a certain filesize.

Let's take studio kit a, recorded in environment b. Environment b has a huge room size, so the release times will be tremendous if you don't go for closed micing. But even then, chances are that you have 1-2s long release trails for a tom or a crash or something.

This is where physical modeling comes into place.

Instead of samples, you only use the transients of a signal, and model the behavior of a certain kit piece. Or a piano string, or a violin string, etc. This all has been done already with Epianos (think of MrRay from Genuine Soundware), with Pianos (Pianoteq is a prime example), with strings (Synful Orchestra), with guitars (reFX Slayer, Xhun Audio IronAxe), even drums (Image Line Drumaxx).

So why should it not be possible to have a 14bit MIDI step range, tons of sample content, but only 300MB of filesize?

Granted, I'd also love to see studio pics. But does it really matter if the drums are physically modeled? Does it matter who the drummer was that hit each kitpiece at like 20 thousand different ways?

It's the sound that matters, not how they got there.
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Postby Daan22; Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:24 am

Granted, I'd also love to see studio pics. But does it really matter if the drums are physically modeled? Does it matter who the drummer was that hit each kitpiece at like 20 thousand different ways?

It's not that I would love to see studio pics, but to me it would prove all claims that are being made by this company about the world famous studio that this library was recorded in. If this company really recorded in those studio's it is remarkable (at least!) that there is no image or anything on their website.
Why wouldn't they do that? It could only increase the amount of customers, so this is simply weird. No picture of the world famous Concert Hall in Berlin either, where this company supposedly recently recorded a string library.

Same goes for the drummer. Which company would work with a professional drummer(s), and not give credits on their site? To me, this is weird too.

Compare this product with the NI drummer series. A very similar product, with many of the same features, in fact, this product seems to be based and partially cloned from NI. On their site, there are pictures from Abbey Road Studio, pictures of the recorded drumkits, and names of the drummers that cooperated.
That's the normal, professional way I.M.O.

Anyone can claim anything. I just have a feeling something is not right here, like few others said too. Did he even record the samples? And you're right, it's about how it sounds. But some openness and transparency from the developer would give potential customers the feeling that they're not being lied to and mislead.

Some pics and info could take al doubt away, hope they appear on their site.
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Postby realmarco; Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:33 pm

Compyfox wrote:
musicdoc wrote:Sounds great .. But.. After trying your other products I just don't have any high hopes yet. Sounds fishy. Recording 73gigs? Compressing or doing something to get to 300 megs? Expensive studio sessions at worlds top studios?

Forgive me for being a doubter but something's not quite right here. I'll still try the instrument just for the heck of it.

To my understanding, the plugin uses physical modeling rather than samples. So I think only the impulses are used, and the rest is modeled. Hence the low filesize.

I've yet to test this thing myself (can't currently - not nearby any studio environment), but I liked the audio demos. At least the ones from demo users and the Bebop mix. Though I think there will be heavy EQing and compression needed.

Someone can give any info regarding the ouputs? I think SynthEdit (shell) has a limitiation on that end (read Stereo). At least in Cubase.

realmarco wrote:
Mudcat007 wrote:
realmarco wrote:Mac AU version ? :help:

If you want access to more instruments/plugins why don't you just switch to a PC?

cuz i use logic

Then be like every Mac user out there... Look - somewhere - else.

You (and by that I not only mean you in person, but also the general Mac crowd) have plenty of cross platform alternatives. You (the Mac users) decided to jump on Mac because it was shiny and now pretty much abandonned (Logic and OS wise).

If you (again, the mac users - and you as well realmarco) want Mac versions of certain plugins or VSTi, since they're just more intuitive than what the Mac has to offer. And simpler to maintenance since Mac offers a new OS with new kinds of kinks every half year... Then write the developers of both SynthEdit and SynthMaker, ask for Mac rendering options. Or pay the developers of the tools you're interested in themselves to invest in a Macintosh environment.

It's that simple.

That, or use V-Machine's MAC environment - which can load PC VST/VSTi stuff.

"But I don't want to wrap..." - UH-UH-UH! Shhhh... you have the possibilties. Use them, else suck it up like everyone else. kthnx!

I'm not pissed either that certain tools only exist on a Mac platform (like Auria). I just sucked it up and live with it and don't spam threads with constant whinings to port them. Sheesh!

ile is said several times if the guy mentionned that its a S-E plugin i would not bother asking. i am not a mind reader i like to have choice so if a Dev is making PC version I'd like to see Mac version of whatever the plugin is simple as that if i annoy u then mute me
If your plugin is a Synth-edit/synth-maker creation, Say So.
If not Make a Mac version of your Plugins Please.


...everyone is out to get me!!!!!!!
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Postby Compyfox; Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:42 am

Yes, you are annoying since you don't take a dive over on the developer page, or on the KVR database. "It's too much of a hassle" - yeah right.

How long is SE and SM existing now? Several years. A "PC only" version should give you already the indication "wait a minute, no Mac - so it 'could be' either of those shells". It's a 50:50 chance, unless on the dev page is written "Mac version in the works" - which clearly is btw.

But you don't bother either way, so stop trolling and degrading to "cool speak" please.

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