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Postby Synthbuilder; Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:05 am A modified Roland RS-101

OMG I made a video...


So this is my attempt to turn a rather battered old Roland RS-101 into a new and very useful machine.

The unit arrived in several pieces when I first got it. Over the period of a few months, when I could grab the time, I fixed it up and then modified it.

I upgraded the power supply, added the human voice circuitry from the VP-330, created a balanced stereo output, put a proper mixer for each tone, added an ensemble bypass switch for each tone and added the ensemble modulation section from the RS-505.

What you see in this video is me just mucking about with the various switches and pots on the unit. The first sound is the VP-330's human voice circuitry, then the brass, then the strings. Note that this RS-101 now has three ensemble modes - controlled by the furthest switch on the left. Mode 1 is the RS-505's ensemble I, mode 2 is the RS-505's ensemble II and mode 3 is the RS-101 default chorus although is has been made stereo.

It should be noted that the RS-101's oscillators and note gating circuitry are different to the RS-505 and the VP-330 so it won't sound exactly like either. But I think it has its own sound which is rather pleasing.

Photographs and more details about the mod can be seen at:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/87190215@N ... 738730018/

I should say sorry for the rather tatty video quality. The room was dark and my camera is somewhat limited. This, however, is the raw sound from the RS-101. There are no effects added.

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Postby CrystalWizard; Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:36 pm

nice work!
that's an upgrade.

i remember you from synth-diy, howdy~
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