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Really BIG Drums

Official support for: audiospillage.com

Moderator: audiospillage

8 posts since 7 Nov, 2012

Postby eenixon; Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:54 am Really BIG Drums

Hello. I'm new to Drum Spillage, just venturing into creating a new pad and kit.

At the moment I need the kinds of sounds created by very large and deep drums, e.g., tympani and orchestral bass drum. I'd like to create a kit of perhaps 8 drums of this sort with varying sizes up to the tenor register.

My experiments so far with modifying the FMPercussion model have not been very successful. So, I'm looking for suggestions re: things to tweak or places to look for either tutorials or free kits. Maybe a different model would be easier to customize?

Thanks for your help.

1530 posts since 13 Feb, 2012, from Amsterdam

Postby BDeep; Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:40 pm

If I find the time I may have a go at it, but don't forget that effects can shape half of the sound. If you drain a sound in reverb for instance, it will immediately sound huge ;) just a thought.
8 posts since 7 Nov, 2012

Postby eenixon; Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:06 am

Thanks for your response.

In the interim, I've had some success with both the FMPercussion and Membrane models. My experience so far seems to indicate that Pitch is a key factor. Consequently, I tend to set the Tuning slider to 100% and keep Pitch in the lower quarter of the range; a small pinch of PitchEG can enliven the sound but too much creates a caricature -- not what I'm looking for in this piece. Anything else that contributes higher partials has to be managed very carefully.

The high Tuning level is convenient because I do want to generate actual notes as opposed to percussive effects.

My difficulty has now shifted to the mix, in which it's hard to maintain the sense of size in the context of a rather thick, drony texture. This _is_ related to reverb in part: it may be the case that the reverb will have to be applied in the mix rather than the drum model. (And instinct is saying I'll have to add some edge above what is needed in a solo context.)

Thanks again. ...edN

PS: Two questions: Is there no way to "Reply" such that the Subject header is carried over? And, I'd be happy to post one or two of the pads, but I don't see a way of doing so in the context of the thread; can it be done?
1530 posts since 13 Feb, 2012, from Amsterdam

Postby BDeep; Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:33 pm

I think eqing is the trick with mixing, you'll have to carve a space for it, as it were.
The way to share patches would be through a link and one of the many cloud storage services.

Btw, do you have Ableton Live? Collision might be suited to the job.
8 posts since 7 Nov, 2012

Postby eenixon; Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:00 pm

I stumbled on Chromaphone a couple of days ago. I assume there's a lot of Chromaphone in Collision (or vice versa) given Ableton and AAC partnered on the development. Chromaphone is appealing because: a) it has a standalone mode and b) it does VST which is handy when you use Cubase.

Yes, Collision / Chromaphone is a definite alternative. Collision has the price advantage but I don't use Live as much as I should at the moment.

Thanks for the tip on EQ; that and some side chaining might get me where I'd like to be.


Moderator: audiospillage

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