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Mike Greene
423 posts since 21 Aug, 2007, from Los Angeles

Postby Mike Greene; Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:36 pm "Guitars by Sampleholics" . . . Released!

New "Pixidor" demo added! (See post 2 for description.)

http://soundcloud.com/realitone/sets/gu ... mpleholics

Yeah, I know what you're thinking - "Just what the world needs, ANOTHER guitar library." Normally I'd agree with you. But check out how this one sounds. The sounds in these two demos (one rock, one semi-acoustic) are all presets. No effects in Logic used.

"Guitars by Sampleholics" is a playable sample set (not loops) of a Les Paul, Strat, Schecter Blackjack and an acoustic guitar, as well as a Fender Jazz bass. These all load into . . . wait for it . . . Stylus RMX. I did this because as I was making "Acoustic Kits," I noticed that Stylus has some really good guitar amps. (Way better than the Kontakt amps. With all due respect, of course.)

In the audio demos above, all sounds are from Sampleholics Guitars and Sampleholics Acoustic Kits loaded into a *single* Multi of Stylus RMX. (Even the tambourine is Acoustic Kits.) All effects are inside Stylus. No other sounds or effects are used. No effects on the drums, by the way. Those are "baked into the samples," because recall with Acoustic Kits, you get sets that are close mic, room sound, rock mix and "Caveman." The guitars, on the other hand, are recorded direct and all amps and effects are Stylus.

Here's a link to the Sonic State video from NAMM:
http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2013/01/ ... tylus-rmx/

Disclaimers: Stylus doesn't allow pitch bend or dynamic layers, so this is much more basic than a full featured guitar library like Electri6ity. But let's be honest - How many cues where you use guitar really need any of that? I don't know about you, but 9 times out of 10, I just need great tone. (Apologies if that sounds like sales talk, but it's true.)

Round robin is handled by one set of samples mapped to the lower three octaves, then alternate samples for the same notes on the octaves above. You also have the option of straight mapping, where the guitar goes from drop-C to whatever the highest note is. Articulations are Sustain, Palm Mute, Major and Minor Chords, and Effects. (Left and right round robins for all.)

"Guitars by Sampleholics" includes presets with amp and effects combinations, so you don't need to be a guitar expert to get a good sound. We did it for you. (All sounds in the demos are presets.)

The price? Only 20 bucks, but that's for a limited time until I figure out the final price point. (Interestingly, when we raised the price of Acoustic Kits from $25 to $59, we didn't see a drop off in sales. There's an interesting psychology to all this I'm still figuring out.)
Mike Greene
423 posts since 21 Aug, 2007, from Los Angeles

Postby Mike Greene; Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:27 am

New demo added! Pixidor uses an acoustic guitar palm mutes preset called "Acoustic Pizzicato" that I like a lot because it has a pizzicato strings character. The melody (which I freely admit probably has a couple dozen notes too many) is the acoustic pizzicato mixed with an acoustic sustain preset with a little high end rolled off. The combination makes for a punchy lead instrument that's fun to play. Check it out:

Mike Greene
423 posts since 21 Aug, 2007, from Los Angeles

Postby Mike Greene; Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:19 pm

New demo added! This quick little Rockabilly demo was a fun one to do. As with the others, it uses guitars and bass from Guitars by Sampleholics and drums from Acoustic Kits. Check it out:


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