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Postby Tufak; Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:47 am Help: No audio input

I must be doing something wrong! The problem is that whatever I do, there's no sound coming into Cantabile.

I tried:
=> using three different setups - Lexicon Omega ASIO, DirectX Full Duplex ASIO, multimedia.
=> checking the audio engine preferences, everything seems fine.
=> checking the audio channel assignments, inputs are correctly named and connected to Front Left and Front Right channels, enabled and at 100%.
=> checking that there's outgoing audio using a VST instrument.
=> recording input audio; there was no sound going in.
=> putting a VST audio effect in a rack and enabling the rack input; there was no sound going in.
=> testing that the VST audio effect works using a VST instrument.

All three setups work fine in KRISTAL and Cubase LE 5 using the very same settings.

I'm using Cantabile Performer 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit.
Any investigation is appreciated.
2 posts since 20 Jan, 2013

Postby Tufak; Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:10 am

Oh my god! Input enable checkbox unchecked. Now I'm questioning my sanity. Please disregard this thread.
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Postby TiUser; Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:31 am


Such things happen... we dig into options and complexity and oversee the simple things.

Design wise I think the checkbox (for in and out) in the gui isn't a great visualization and really a potential trap.
Best regards, TiUser
...and keep on jamming...

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