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Postby DevonB; Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:33 pm

whyterabbyt wrote:The 'timing' of already-rendered audio is sample-accurate. Thats immutable. One audio sample per timing subdivision. It runs at the sample rate, and as such, visually, its timing can be displayed exactly if you soom in sufficiently.

The internal timing of MIDI events, however, has nothing to do with the sample rate. Ultimately, it has to be quantized to that sample rate for playback purposes, but it doesnt run nearly that fast.

MIDI events are driven by a clock which is measured in pulses per quarter note. In a modern DAW ppqn is typically set at values like 480, although that's something which can be altered. The further complication of that is that ppqn is derived from the tempo, not the sample rate.

And then you have quantization on, to 64ths, or 32nds, or 16ths.

Sorry to be pedantic, but you forgot MIDI timing jitter possibilties if he's coming in on a USB MIDI interface.

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Postby tonytee335; Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:25 am

I'd just like to close off this issue by saying that it has been resolved.

After a lot of testing I have found that the problem was a combination of the audio not being rendered in time, and also the waveform being displayed incorrectly. When the problem first occurred I listened to the original midi track and the rendered audio side by side and there was phasing between them, when I reverse phased the audio there was no phase cancellation, the tracks could still be heard. I did not mention this purely because it is obviously the first thing I would have done.

I have found that taking the midi part and copying it to a new project on its own, then loading up the Vsti, freezing the Vsti and the channel and leaving the audio engine ouput channel unchecked when exporting, results in a waveform that display wise still starts after the beat inconsistently throughout, but when listened to side by side with the midi track does not phase and nulls completely when the audio is phase reversed.

I'd just like to thank the people who were constructive in their comments.

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