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Postby tomtoo; Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:06 am I dont complain, but it hurts seeing a gem go down.

From the beginning of massiva, to the gem called energyxt1.4, i follow this story.
Dont get me wrong i still love it, thats the problem.
Is it just to much cluttering into different osés ? Changing the programming environment to c++ ? To demanding users ? Some kind of burn out ?
I dont like to get to intimate, but whats the problem ?
Whats the future jorgen ? How does look your costumer support team ? Change request coordination team. Promotion team ? Coding team ?
Who coordinates all this ? Nobody can handle this and still coding.


Postby deleted; Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:34 am

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Postby dellboy; Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:21 am

I have to agree that trying to code for three different platforms was pushing it too far. Personally,I would be happy for it to be a PC only program again.At least then it might be possible to attain stability - which surely has to be the number one priority.

Postby deleted; Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:24 am

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Postby codec_spurt; Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:35 am

Jorgen, the Greta Garbo of DAW developers.

In retirement

In general, Garbo in retirement led a private life of simplicity and leisure. She made no public appearances and assiduously tried to avoid the publicity she loathed.[111] As she had been during her Hollywood years, Garbo, with her innate need for solitude, was often reclusive

All bad jokes aside. It is Jorgen's business really. This kind of lament has been going on for years. It'll probably still be going on in the years to come.

We can speculate:
Jorgen has been in his secret cave coding the DAW TO END ALL DAWS. Some closest to him saw him approach madness, but like the hero he was, he always pulled it back before the point of no return. Energy XTASY is unveiled to a throng of clambering young wannabe producahs, some heard shouting: We don't need no stinking fruityloops. The faithful who stuck by Jorgen's side, sworn to secrecy upon pain of death, are at his side. Clad in Black and Orange uniforms, they shroud him as the disciples did Jesus. Someone else is heard to shout: We don't need no stinking Steve Jobs!

Jorgen moves forward. The crowd react to this movement as birds in flight. The god of DAW raises his hand. The crowd fall silent: We don't need no stinking Cube.... uH huh aH!
"My friends, fellows, countrymen, those of the faith. The time has come!" Roars from the crowd, but they are quickly dismissed and cut short with a slight wave of his good coding hand. He repeats himself for dramatic effect: "My friends... dearest friends. It has been a long time!" Someone quietly mutters to his friend at the back of the 10,000 strong crowd: "You can bleeding say that again!"

Jorgen continues: "A looong time! But that time has come to pass." He now plays the intimacy angle - "When we started the XT1 project, nay, Massiva, we were young men. Now we are older than the hills, the valleys and the sky.." He now raises his hand forward, gesturing that the time has come for some crowd feedback... "Yay...Hurrah...Whoo whoo", the crowd shouts. He continues: "They said it couldn't be done - the DAW TO END ALL DAWS. But we did it! We achieved the impossible. Friends, fellows, countrymen I give you... Energy XTASY!". The crowd go absolutely wild, screaming and flailing their arms. A spontaneous chant starts somewhere from the centre of the crowd, people stomping their feet in unison to the cry :"EX TAH SEE, EX TAH SEE, EX TAH SEE, EX TAH SEE".

Jorgen smiles sagely. A lifetimes work achieved. Few men know such satisfaction. He gently strokes his wizened white wizard's beard. It has been done. The year is 2038.....


We can face reality:
The reality is that we don't know what Jorgen is up to. It's not like there is any company policy say like FXpansion, where they just DO NOT give timelines or announce new products before they are realised. There probably never will be an Energy XT3, let alone an Energy XTASY - the DAW TO END ALL DAWS. Hells bells, it probably will be 2038 by the time we get 2.8. It's almost rude in a way, when there are so many devoted fans to this wonderful software. But that's the way it is, if you don't like, you can go and play elsewhere. I suspect most people accept the faults and non-communication by now and just crack on and use XT1 or XT2 for the things it is good at and the things that work for them.

What do the next 10 years hold? A slow trickle down of minor updates to a flawed concept. Not that many flaws as such, and the concept itself being sound, but flawed nonetheless like a rough diamond. There is so much more that is RIGHT about XT than there is wrong. The non-communication is another matter, and as the sole developer, Jorgen can just about get away with his Greta Garbo mode. But it's obvious what he is capable of, and it is therefore obvious that he certainly is not working at a 'Full Steam Ahead' trajectory, more a 'Dead Slow' grumble.

Like I said, it's Jorgen's business. He doesn't owe us anything. He gave us arguably the fastest Digital Audio Workstation on the planet. I can make a finished three minute track in five minutes, rendered out and ready to be mastered in XT. It might not be very good, but there is no other software that I know of that starts up in 2 seconds, where you can install new VSTs and refresh and have them show up without rebooting, and the workflow around keyboard shortcuts to quickly blast out renders at a machine gun pace. To name but a few. And it is stable. Very stable. I really could go on, but suffice it to say that there are so many brilliant and unique things in XT, that people just can't help coming back to it for more. Like a bad friend that you know doesn't give a s*** about you, but you still hang around with him now and again because he's just so much damn fun...

We don't know what is going on in Jorgen's life. There are so many things that can make a person's life turn at right angles. There are so many ways the rug can be pulled out from under one's feet. So many unseen pitfalls that can not be prepared for. Jorgen's personal life is none of our business. He may just have woken up one day and said:"I'm bored with this s***." One thing's for sure - he knows the love for XT, he knows the potential for XT, he knows that XT is what HE makes it. An enigma wrapped in a conundrum inside a paradox...

It is what it is. There is a pattern developing here. Wake up if you want, or dream on if that suits your purposes better. I have now trained myself NOT to use EnergyXT any more. No more new projects. I use it for testing vsts and 1 bar loops. It has its place in the electronic musicians toolbox. Hell, I can't think of one type of electronic musician that WOULDN'T benefit from having it. And the price is low enough for people to buy and own a legitimate copy of the software. Ok, the forum is kind of dead now, but that is a reflection not so much of the development of the software, I believe, but the non-communication that I have mentioned. If Jorgen checked in from LA by the pool via remote conferencing, with a cocktail in one hand and a high-class-hooker in the other, this forum would be the most popular on KVR. Alternatively, if he checked in now and again and said, you know what, I've just lost heart, but I think it's great you all love my software so much, then that might at least orientate people enough for a crowd to gather. But people are disheartened. They see the potential. They know that Jorgen is one of the main contenders to create the DAW TO END ALL DAWS. But they know in their hearts that there is as much chance of that happening as winning the lottery. At least that's what I think anyway. And I don't even buy a ticket.

I've outrambled myself, even by my over verbose standards. It's a shame I wasn't clever enough to be a real programmer like Jorgen. With this user-base and this much love I'd be in my cave, working on, oh I don't know, something....

Instead I just get to talk **** on a forum that hardly anyone reads, or rather, hardly anyone posts on. The interest is there, but it's just one massive missed opportunity.

What do I think that Jorgen should do? Well, I think he should abandon XT2 and start XT3. If it needs to be PC only then fine, suits me. I mean how many actually use it on a Mac? And on Linux. I use Linux but I have very little interest in using XT on there. How many use it on iOS? iOS, seriously, I think we can see the direction this is going in...

This is about new markets and about leverage. Nothing I have seen in the last two years has proven anything else to me otherwise.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan. I'm glad XT exists. And Jorgen's attitude is no worse than a lot of other developers. We know the great devs. The ones you can reach out and touch. We know the professional ones that maintain a professional distance for professional reasons. Both types have our respect, I believe. Then there are the other devs, that, well, if they do give a ****, they have a funny way of showing it...

I'v gone past caring in a way. I have the rock solidest DAW on the planet, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the mighty fruityloops. With some of the best Virtual Instruments ever invented and some of the best Effects ever invented. A work of genius. And so much fun. Then I got me my DAW come Audio Editor - REAPER. Again, rock solid. What it lacks in usability it makes up for in versatility. So much going for it. And so full of Eastern Promise. Another genius coder, but with what Jorgen needs - a select few of the best of the rest - other top-notch coders and graphics men. Just one or two, but enough to make a difference. What could Jorgen do with a Schwa or a White Tie by his side?

Then I have Ableton, only Akai edition and I am finding that frustrating now. I need to save up and buy the full version. But I won't be able to afford it for another year or two. If they dropped the price I would sacrifice. But they have their business model and it works for them. They have a team of devs to support. It's certainly a new paradigm in music making. I enjoy it immensely and could make music with nothing else.

Not forgetting Podium, the most beautiful interface of any DAW on the planet, and a joy to work with. Development coming on slowly, but still feedback being given and appreciated. Ok, it's not the most stable of all the DAWs, but it's pretty good. Certainly good enough. It has its quirks that make it unusable for me for anything more than a loop creator of say up to 64 bars. But there is no denying its sheer aesthetic beauty. Frits doesn't need a graphic designer because he is THE graphic designer par excellence. Jorgen certainly has talents in this area, and unique and novel ideas when it comes to graphic design of his programs. That is fantastic. What he needs is a graphics man to pull him back into line, offer some fresh input and do some donkey work.

And finally we have the one we all have been waiting for. The revelation. The only piece of software that could even possibly remotely be called the DAW TO END ALL DAWS. The one and only..............Ahh.......STUDIO ONE! It has it all. It also has its flaws. But it is the only software that can be compared to a fifth-generation fighter jet. Coded by bods that know what they are doing. Not ashamed to nick the best bits of Ableton, Logic, Cubase and who knows what else and throw it together into a mix, that just works. Elegance and power made real. I am constantly smiling to myself and shaking my head as I learn this new software. I wouldn't use anything else. Don't want Cubase. Used it. Not bad. Don't want Logic. Used it. Not bad. Don't want ProTools....

And if you're wondering what's up with me. What was it Teksonik questioned was behind it all.... was it psychoactive drugs? I should be so lucky! :hihi: Nope, I'm just high on life man. Happy to have my health, have my family, have my new g/f, have my music. And live at a time never before experienced by man. As the world slowly unravels around us to the point of no return, we have the tools. Ok, most people make s***** d**s*** with it or bad drum and bass. But who cares. I'm with Bill Drummond on this one. It's all been done. It has ALL been done. Go off and form a choir.

So what is it with me? Well, if you spent 14 hours a day straight studying and researching everything you could find on your chosen subject for 3-4 days running, you might want to take a break. I like to come on KVR and learn things. To debate things. To laugh at things. To teach things. To make others laugh. Make others think. As others make me laugh and think. And this would be a good place to stop. Believe me, I could triple this post, but I won't. Sometimes it's just nice to take a break. Others watch tv. I post on KVR.

Yes, a good place to stop. Because KVR and Jorgen and XT Software go hand in hand. There is a truly unique and wonderful community of people here to take advantage of. Something that other devs would kill for, something that other devs do take advantage of. We know who they are. And they do take advantage of it. And so they should. And we take advantage of them. When we can. :lol: We know that they do what they do for love. We know they have to eat. We give what we can. Because we care. A lot. It's called a reciprocal relationship. Symbiosis - the mushroom and the tree...

Do you hear that Jorgen?

I wish you well, whatever the reasons, whatever you decide to do, or whatever the reasons for what you have done. It's none of my damn business. Just 'Thanks' for the amazing software...

“Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST.”
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Postby kejkz; Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:26 am

After reading whole post by codec... I don't have anything to add to this subject, it sums it up nicely :). I am still using XT and will continue using it for what it's good at...some damn bad music :-D
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Postby tomtoo; Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:38 pm

After posting this, i was a little ashamed and thought to delete it.

But after reading codecs post, iam happy that i did not delete it.

THX codec !

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Postby thedazed; Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:59 am

one hell of a story... wondering how 2038 really will be then^^.

The cool thing about jorgen rarely writing something is that when he does it, it's like God is talking to one and then everybody listens and tries to find a deeper sense^^.

Xt is great, even when it becomes abandoned it is a great program^^

I mean, it Crashes a lot on my pc (let's say a lot when i have around 30tracks in the seq) and recently i've got the problem, that i get empty waveforms when i render my projects. so i just have to use a recording vst in the masterbus to render the songs^^ (maybe it's the 2.7 idk^^)

Maybe in future i'll use the studioone or ableton, but with xt i learned (and still do) i learned to create music without real instruments^^.

And maybe there will be a xt3 but wayne^^

Fighting with bugs makes one stronger :D

If your pc crashes and you forgot to save, see this s an opportunity to start something new :o)

something like this^^ just wanted to say... something like this ;-D
We are all the same

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