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D.H. Miltz
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Postby D.H. Miltz; Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:35 am February Contest: Voting

Vote for your Top 10 favorite compositions, in order (most-favorite = #1, proceed downward).

Voting ends on early a.m. (US Central Time), Friday, March 1.

No voting for yourself. Voters must have had 20 prior posts, or at least have participated in the contest this month.

Once you place your vote, you cannot change it, unless permission has been granted by the moderator.

In the case of equal scores after voting, entries will be separated by how many 10 pts (i.e., how many #1 votes) they got, then 9 pts and so on. (Thanks to OSC for this rule.)

You must participate in voting to win prizes!

A useful link (but please note the caution at the bottom of the page) :

Thanks and good luck.
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Postby markheath; Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:32 am

First of all, congratulations to whoever came up with the theme this month. It has inspired some really creative entries, both in the music and those who came up with lyrics. Picking favourites was tricky as usual, and especially so this month as often I would like one half of a song much more than the other half. I've made a few comments on each song, including what my favourite "half" was.

#1 doc jon (introversion extroversion) Brilliant idea. The introversion piano part is lovely. If I was being ridiculously picky I would say you could do with sampled piano with more layers of velocity. The second part is awesome, perfectly executed (although crying out for some extroverted vocals to go with it). Love it. Favourite half - second.

#2 Kryptonaut (Brand New Day) You create a stunning mood with your spoken word poetry, really impressive. Second part is nice, but I felt like the first bit deserves to be a song all by itself. Favourite half - first

#3 Soughtaftersounds (Sorrow to light) Loved the emotional strings on this one, some nice orchestral composition ideas going on. Favourite half - not sure

#4 Bzur (hummingbird v sea elephant) Wonderful piano work for the hummingbird section. Both parts capture the different moods nicely - I like the gloriously deep bass for the sea elephant. Favourite half - first.

#5 VicDiesel (Never the twain) Loved the haunting ethnic flute part - you play that thing beautifully. Second half is cool as well, and manages to feel like it still belongs with the preceding part. It's a nice touch bringing the flute back in at the end. Favourite half - first

#6 Patrick9 (Winter to Spring) Really liked your melody and chord choices, particularly in the Spring part. Favourite half - second

#7 Sepheritoh (A song about us) Really liked the gentle and relaxing sounds of the first part. Second part felt a little rushed. Favourite half - first

#8 Beanpole (Above n below) Great songwriting, lyrics that made me laugh, a cool idea, well executed. Favourite half - not sure

#9 Shangsean (Alien Sun) Some really nice atmospheres in both halves. Great sounding percussion in the second half. Favourite half - second

#10 Sovarozum (Time Transcending)
In some ways similar to VinDiesel's entry. Like the ethnic intro, and it fuses very nicely into the second half, with some great beats. Favourite half - second

Sadly no more points left to give out, but a few comments:

D H Miltz (Waking up) Nice gentle atmospheres throughout very evocative of the theme of dreaming and waking (was half expecting a jarring alarm clock sample to appear, but glad it didn't :) . Good transition between the two halves. Favourite half - second

Offthewall (love-hate) Another very creative idea, and some good songwriting skill on display. Favourite half - second

Ruedi Reina (Vera Digital vs Dr Rock) Another cool idea. Liked the transition between the parts. Favourite half - not sure

Clarago (Ameles Potamos) Good use of samples, and the giving birth idea is nice. Favourite half - second

Hellfog (death and Despair) Really liked the epic synth brass sounds in this one. Shame the EP distorts a little in places. A good two part composition. Favourite half - first

Zabrilla (26 hours) Really liked the intro with great use of delays. The distortion in the second half was a little too extreme for my taste. Favourite half - first

Laguna Rising (Surf & Turf) My favourite things about this are the choice of scale for the guitar part, and the wah lead sound coming in midway through. Favourite half - second

Sleek (Ghosts) Couldn't quite pick out the lyrics in this one. Like the way the guitar solo comes in and then wrong-foots you by being in an unexpected scale. Favourite half - second

Nikp2000 (the spell of opening) Some nice guitar ideas in here, and once again some creative choice of scale, particularly in second half. Favourite half - second
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Postby Shangsean; Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:24 am

1. Sovarozum - Time Transcendence
2. VicDiesel - Never the Twain
3. D.H. Miltz - Waking Up
4. Doc Jon - Introversion Extroversion
5. Bzur - Hummingbird vs sea elephant
6. Zabrilla - 26hours
7. Soughtafter Sounds - Sorrow to Light
8. Laguna Rising - Surf & Turf
9. Sleek Month - Ghosts
10. Hellfog - Death and Despair
Doc Jon
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Postby Doc Jon; Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:46 am

1 Soughtafter Sounds - Sorrow to Light
2 D H Miltz - Waking up
3 Sovarozum - Time Transcendence
4 Shangsean - Alien Sun
5 VicDiesel - Never the Twain
6 Sepheritoh - A Song About Us
7 bzur - Hummingbird vs Sea Elephant
8 Patrick9 - Winter to Spring
9 Clarago- Ameles Potamos
10 Hellfog - Death and Despair

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Postby ClaRago; Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:25 pm

1-Off The Wall - Love/Hate
2-Bzur-Humming birds..
3-Kryptonaut-Brand New Day
4-RuediRena- Vera Digital...
5-Vic Diesel-Never the Twain
6-Beanpole-Above'n Below
7-Hellfog-Death & Despair
8-DH Miltz-Waking up
9-Nikp2000-The Spell..
10-Sovarorum-Time Transcendance

Sorry but no time for comments right now, maybe later.
Really enjoyed some of the vocals especially the gritty & slightly wonky ones.
Some wonderfully well produced music too
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Postby offthewall; Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:01 pm

8) Hmmmm ...
interesting combinations :shock:

1 … beanpole_Above_n_Below
2 … Sovarozum_Time Transcendences
3 … docjon_introversionextroversion
4 … bzur_hummingbird_vs_sea_elephant
5 … nikp2000-the_spell_of_opening
6 … VicDiesel_Never-the-twain
7 … kryptonaut_brand_new_day
8 … Patrick9_Winter_to_Spring
9 … sepheritoh_A-song_about_us
10 .. DHMiltz_WakingUp

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Postby kryptonaut; Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:46 pm

Gah!!! With two sections to each entry it's twice as hard to rank them!

1. VicDiesel Never-the-twain
2. shangsean aliensun
3. DHMiltz WakingUp
4. bzur hummingbird vs sea elephant
5. RuediRena Vera Digital vs Dr Rock (Kill Kill Kill vs Homebrew)
6. beanpole Above n Below
7. SoughtafterSounds SorrowToLight
8. Sovarozum Time Transcendences
9. sleek Ghosts
10.zabrilla 26hours
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Postby sovarozum; Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:45 pm

Voting on this is actually harder than I thought. There were so many good entries this contest... let's see here...

1) Hellfog - Death and Despair

2) Zabrilla - 26 Hours (I love how the second half was similar to the first, but similar in pitch.)

3) Shangsean - Alien Sun (I'm a fan of synth music! this is right down my alley!)

4) VicDiesel - Never the Twain (The first half drew me in, very unique intrumentation)

5) Doc Jon - Introversion Extroversion (It felt almost as if I was listening to a live crowd from the stage, very lifelike!)

6)Bzur - Hummingbird vs. Sea Elephant (The first half in relation to the second is a total change of mood for the song, great use of theme!)

7)kryptonaut - Brand New Day (I enjoyed this because of the harmonies and outlined chords. Plus the narrative 'inner' dialogue, that was awesome.)

8)SoughafterSounds - Sorrow to Light (This should be the song that plays anytime I decided between crossroads and come out successful. Very well composed, and good job!)

9)RuediRena - Vera Digital vs Dr. Rock (I like the transition a lot, but more importantly, I fell in love with the repetition and vocal samples)

10)Patrick9 - Winter to Spring (The sax was amazing! Reminded me a tad of TD's (Tangerine Dream) stuff, the frozen/boreal intro was great as well!)

Good job to all of you and good luck! 8)
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Postby nikp2000; Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:26 pm


1 offthewall-love-hate
2 Sovarozüm-Time Transcendence
3 docjon-intro-extro
4 bzur-hummingbird
5 rudirena-Vera Digital
6 sleekmonth-ghosts
7 vicdiesel-never the twain
8 beanpole-above'n'below
9 kryptonaut-A Brand New Day
10 laguna-surf and turf


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Postby VicDiesel; Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:16 pm

1. Kryptonaut (what can I say; I'm a sucker for happy endings)
2. D.H. Miltz
3. Doc Jon
4. Shangsean
5. ClaRago
6. Nikp2000
7. Sleek Month
8. Bzur
9. Sought after sounds
10. Zabrilla

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Postby robogone; Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:07 am

1. VicDiesel
2. Bzur
3. Souughtaftersounds
4. Patrick9
5. Sovarozum
6. Hellfog
7. Shangsean
8. Kryptonaut
9. doc jon
10. D.H. Miltz

Again, didn't manage to enter one of my own this month, but took a listen to them all last night so I could vote.
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Postby forw; Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:21 am

1 bzur (that walnut piano is on my to-buy-list now!)
2 dh miltz (nailed the 2 concepts)
3 sovarozum (despite of the ugly snare drum sound :hihi: - is it from the korg m1?)
4 hellfog
5 clarago
6 shansean
7 off the wall (cool 2nd part :troll: )
8 beanpole (nice 2nd part)
9 zabrilla
10 ruedi rena
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Postby Sepheritoh; Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:05 am

1. Off The Wall - Love/Hate
2. Sleek Month - ghosts
3. Laguna Rising - Surf & Turf
4. doc jon - introversion extroversion
5. Beanpole - Above n below
6. Nikp2000 - the spell of opening
7. Soughtaftersounds - Sorrow to light
8. Shangsean - Alien Sun
9. Patrick9 - Winter to Spring
10. D H Miltz - Waking up
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Laguna Rising
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Postby Laguna Rising; Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:48 am

01 - nikp2000 - the spell of opening
02 - doc jon - introversion extroversion
03 - sepheritoh - A song about us
04 - DHMiltz - Waking Up
05 - shangsean - alien sun
06 - sleek month - Ghosts
07 - RuediRena - Vera Digital vs Dr Rock
08 - Sought after Sounds - Sorrow To Light
09 - bzur - hummingbird vs sea elephant
10 - beanpole - Above n Below

HMs :
hellfog - Death and Despair
VicDiesel - Never the twain
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Postby beanpole; Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:34 pm

Doc Jon
Sleek Month
can't sing, can't play, looks awful.....

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