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HGFortune: Ghost Machine Suite out now - more patches

VST, AU, etc. plug-in Virtual Instruments discussion

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1830 posts since 15 Aug, 2004, from soundland

Postby Fortune; Sat May 05, 2012 7:50 pm HGFortune: Ghost Machine Suite out now - more patches

HGFortune Ghost Machine


a little demo video:

Ghost Machine is a multipart algorithmic composing machine featuring a Pad part with Long Wave Sequencing, a HiSq part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, a bass part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, and a drum part with 4 instruments parts each with a 16 step sequencer. All these 16 step sequencers are pattern driven which are changing due to an internal algorithm to create music. In AutoPlay mode you can let the machine do all the composing work for you, or you can transpose manually at realtime to change the current rootnote. The spirit of this machine is more about flowing pattern changes and arranging a track or performance at realtime.

Ghost Machine TS (tabbed screen variant)

GhostMachine Pro Suite at introductionary offer til June., 21st only 49Euro instead of 79Euro = over 37%off
In fact you buy 1 and get 4:
- Ghost Machine Pro (normal one screen)
- Ghost Machine TS Pro (variant with tabbed screen)
- Wave Slot Player for adding OneShots and athmospheric loops
- Ghost Machine WoF Edition Pro (128 patches, 97 scales)
So you get both variants the normal Pro (one screen) and TS Pro (tabbed screen). You might put the normal Pro on your desktop PC while the TS Pro variant is running on your notebook at no extra prize!

There are two Demo Suites (each comes with two freebies!):
Ghost Machine Suite Demo
- Ghost Machine Pro Demo
- Wave Slot Player Free for adding OneShots and athmospheric loops
- Ghost Machine WoF Edition free (64 patches, 16 scales)
or here

Ghost Machine Suite TS Demo
- Ghost Machine TS Pro Demo (variant with tabbed screen)
- Wave Slot Player Free for adding OneShots and athmospheric loops
- Ghost Machine WoF Edition free (64 patches, 16 scales)
or here

Demo version restrictions
Ghost Machine Pro / TS Pro demo with fade down intervals & (mostly) nice voiceovers;
Single Out seletable only with each drum instrument;
MIDI Out only for X-Trigger (used for WaveSlotPlayer AddOn)

older entry:
As May 6th is on a sunday this year it is a good day for a surprise in reconnecting to the past some way. The circle of the spiral crosses the point where it all began: HGFortune's very 1st public VSTi 'Wheel of Fortune' or WoF! In reminiscense to this after about 9 years here is a worthy successor GhostMachine WoF Edition 2012 which is an offspring of the bigger project GhostMachine.

GhostMachine WoF Edition 2012 ties some links to it's predecessor in having a Bass & HiSq part, a scale based algorithmic composing system, a pattern based sequencer with 2 x 8 steps instead of 4 and with the note pattern being editable. And what is most important it does have that very special vivid groovy feel back ;-)
And, yes, as of May 6th GhostMachine WoF Edition 2012 is free!
Download of GM WoF is now part of the GM Demo Suites above.

Now, what is the contest about?
As the note patterns are editable you can win in creating 2 x 24 different (= other than the default ones) note pattern. Of course simple note pattern like 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 or 1,8,1,8,1,8,1,8 do not qualify for the contest. So patterns have to be some kind of melodic sequences. Also it must not necessarily be 2 x 24 note pattern in one patch as you might use the same pattern for Bass and HiSq part.
For more details on pattern please refer to the manual of GhostMachine WoF Edition 2012 Appendix 3 esp. what is written about strategies with pattern.
It is not necessary to create completely new patches in terms of sound parameters as the contest is only about note pattern. Use one or more patches of your choice for your pattern

Even better there are two chances to win: as we'll have a winner from half the way to end of the contest and a final winner. The contest starts today and ends on May 20th 12 o'clock GMT and half way is May 13th 12 o'clock GMT. Thus all submissions up to May 13th 12 o'clock GMT (12:00) are eligable for the halftime winner, and all submissions up to May 20th 12 o'clock GMT (12:00) for the final winner.

Prices to be won:
Halfway and final winner - Ghost Machine Pro plus one of these VSTi: The Tiger or Serenity (winners choice)
Second winner - Ghost Machine Pro
Third winner - The Tiger or Serenity (winners choice)
also there will be some surprise consolation prices!

Contest is closed now.
There has been one submission :-(
Thus this one is the unrivaled winner! Congrats go to Bob Bobwood!

Have fun
Last edited by Fortune on Thu May 24, 2012 8:58 am, edited 6 times in total.
6488 posts since 4 Feb, 2004

Postby braj; Sat May 05, 2012 9:43 pm

Really cool, will install soon :)
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4800 posts since 14 Jun, 2004, from Denver, CO

Postby Jazzyspoon; Sat May 05, 2012 10:30 pm

Wow, thanks so much, Fortune. :)
124 posts since 1 Feb, 2007

Postby werd; Sun May 06, 2012 1:18 am

Looking forward to the Pro tabbed version
Musica Ex Machina: "I am all bionic except my voice"
2286 posts since 4 Mar, 2004, from Portugal (Lagos)

Postby Ja.x; Sun May 06, 2012 2:29 am

Will the no-tabbed GUI fit in a laptop screen?
Eventually something intelligent will appear written here. Watch this space.
6043 posts since 7 Nov, 2005, from Florida

Postby Karmacomposer; Sun May 06, 2012 3:28 am

I always loved WoF and bought all of them - GREAT synths.

Congrats on this one. Can't wait.

124 posts since 1 Feb, 2007

Postby werd; Sun May 06, 2012 3:34 am

Ja.x wrote :Will the no-tabbed GUI fit in a laptop screen?

On my Toshiba A100 15.4" Diagonal Widescreen XGA display* with max. screen resolution 1280x800 pixels : NO, missing half of bottom row knobs, even by removing the taskbar in Plogue Bidule but YES in Ableton Live 8.
Musica Ex Machina: "I am all bionic except my voice"
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16845 posts since 27 Jul, 2005, from the wilds of wanny

Postby thecontrolcentre; Sun May 06, 2012 3:36 am

Thanks HG ... good luck with the pro version. :tu:
Stephen G
2 posts since 10 Apr, 2012

Postby Stephen G; Sun May 06, 2012 3:42 am

Fantastic looking synth HG - Thanks!
Great to see something so rhythmic being added to your impressive collection of wonderful morphing textural type sounding synths.
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605 posts since 3 Apr, 2011, from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Postby alvfaria; Sun May 06, 2012 6:49 am

:tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu:
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9234 posts since 12 Mar, 2012, from South Bavaria - near the alps... :-)

Postby Tricky-Loops; Sun May 06, 2012 8:24 am

BTW, congratulations to your birthday... 8)

Unfortunately I haven't time to play with note patterns, I'm riding away with The Tiger... :hihi:
1830 posts since 15 Aug, 2004, from soundland

Postby Fortune; Sun May 06, 2012 12:49 pm

Tricky-Loops wrote:BTW, congratulations to your birthday... 8)

Thanx :D

btw. we have over 250 downloads ...

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2475 posts since 17 Mar, 2011, from Spain

Postby IrionDaRonin; Sun May 06, 2012 1:24 pm

Cheers for the freebie, and also for the contest. I love any musical contest.
But i have a couple of doubts.

One patch per person?
What e-mail to send the patch?

I already finished mine. I will send to you in a couple of hours.

Have a good day :)
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1577 posts since 22 Apr, 2009, from Belgrade

Postby bpblog; Sun May 06, 2012 3:17 pm

thanks HGF and happy birthday!
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2567 posts since 30 Mar, 2007, from virginia, US

Postby bailees7irish; Sun May 06, 2012 3:35 pm

thank you very much, Fortune! can't wait to have a play with this :D
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