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Postby ricktallis; Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:56 pm September 11 (9/11) - The Moment To Know


September 11th, 2001, the day America will never forget the immense tragedy and the sobering experience written in the pages of its history.

I have dedicated this song to all of those who lost their loved ones in the tragic event of 9/11 please have a listen and share it with your friends on the loving memory of all the people who lost their their lives on 9/11.


I would be most pleased to hear your comments and opinions on my productions. May all of those who passed away in 9/11 tragic event rest in peace for ever and may we never forget about them and their families.

Download MP3/320kbps : Rick Tallis - The Moment To Know (9/11)

Thanks a whole lot.
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Postby Xiangqi; Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:37 pm

excellent. thanks for posting.

hopefully, someone with decent monitors will comment on the mix.

in any event, it's a good piece of songwriting/arrangement, and moving vocal performance.
12 posts since 14 Jun, 2012, from United States

Postby ricktallis; Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:50 am

Thanks a whole lot for your lovely comments and time Mr. blits. a good mix should sound good almost on any device and if the mixing quality on your device was not persuading enough it is the weakness of my production and I would be most pleased if you could give me any tips on the things that were lacking on the mix of the track even on the device you have listened to it.

thank you so very much again and I'll be looking forward to your reply whenever you were free enough to write it down. have a very beautiful night and day ahead of you.

yours, Rick.
2820 posts since 21 Jul, 2009

Postby Xiangqi; Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:44 am

hi rick,
it seems like there's sort of a 'trebly rasp' built in to the vocal track. it seems like maybe a tad bit much mid-hi and hi in the overall mix.

it's really close to being 'just right'. this is why i was hoping that someone with better monitors would chime in.

in re-listening to this, it gets even better. that is some great singing.

among others, it is at least somewhat reminiscent of paul young.

keep it up. you're definitely on a good tack.
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Postby ricktallis; Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:02 am

Mr. Blitz

Thanks a whole lot for your time and please be kind to accept my apology for this long delay, what you have mentioned might be caused by some boosting around 10k I usually boost around 10k by ikmultimedia pultec eqp 1a at the very end of the mastering chain, but was it fatiguing to your ears or it was just too much?

I would also be most pleased if you could have a listen to my 3 other songs if you had the chance.
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Postby padillac; Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:16 am

This is a nicely done sort of poppy dream boy sort of sound. I had difficulty understanding the vocals, tonally and content-wise. The vocals are tough for me to make out with those effects. Also even listening a couple times I don't really get what's going on or what the song means. When the line "I've made you pancakes" comes up, it makes me laugh...maybe because the way it's mixed it's highly emphasized, and I don't often hear references to pancakes in tunes :)

That said, I love your voice, and there's definitely a lot of emotion there. That actually makes me feel bad making these comments because it sounds very personal and for all I know this is about you serving your cancer-stricken mother pancakes moments before her house gets hit by a tornado. I hope you'll forgive me. I really like the tone and the emotion here. I definitely missed the story though due to the vocal production and somewhat confounding lyrics.
12 posts since 14 Jun, 2012, from United States

Postby ricktallis; Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:19 am

Dear Padillac,

thank you so much for your time listening to the track. I'll get to your comments one by one,

1. I couldn't understand the fact you did not understand the vocals content-wise cuz it's not one of those break beat street styles from uk that they provide the listener with so many words at once and you may have difficulty understanding them but didn't know what exactly was the issue understanding the words I've sung on this one, so if you had the chance be kind to provide me with more details so that I can get back a persuading answer for your highly respected comment on this one.

2. your issue with the content, I have referenced it on my own website describing the story taking place on the morning of 9/11please find the quoted lines "The story starts from the early morning of September 11th where the son was leaving the apartment to go to work in one of the towers of the world trade center" and he is the only person taking care of his paralyzed mother and usually before he leaves the house he makes her breakfast.

3. about referring to making someone pancakes, there is this thing when writing lyrics for your songs about DETAILS (which I have learned it from the ambassadors of this job myself), details is what invites the listener in and somehow is your chance to give your listeners, themselves and so you may get the chance to invite them in. speaking of some sort of sky-ish and heaven-ish stuffs are not the things that might invite your listener in but they are just something that makes them say okay it was nicely analogized but when you want to refer to a earthy kind of story you may talk about the very earthy things like making your loved ones pancakes in the morning. And that was a part of the sentence that her son was telling her mother completely normal and earthy yet with details to invite you in (bad luck it failed me in your case), "mama I'm off now, I've made you pancakes, I will give you a call on every break" but I was not the first one using such content in my stuffs and if you haven't heard any song referencing to that I think you have not heard enough country songs cuz they even take it to a higher level when they talk about socks and underwear, I think you gotta check on Nashville productions sometimes. for the start I suggest you listen to Blake Shelton - Who are you when I'm not looking (that I know of he is one of the judges of "the voice").

4. and last but not least the story was not about my mother struggling with cancer, it was a made up story about a paralyzed mother who looses his son on the 9/11 tragedy and what makes the story more painful was the fact he was the only one she had to take care of her. You can review the lyrics of the song on the mp3 tag file but I will enclose it herein below as well, please find the lyrics.


Manhattan autumn, a morning like any other
She woke up thinking she's the luckiest mother
But she feels so helpless when he's not around
She feels the weakness he's always kept her from


Said mama I'm off now, I've made you pancakes
I will give you a call on every break
Bent down to kiss her and take a look through her eyes
To read the words she would never let him realize


Don't go, I need you
In every breath I breathe you
It's yet to come


The moment to know...


Staring at the tree, outside the window
She was counting the leaves, waiting for the next wind to blow
But out of the blue, there came a strong wind
Shook 'em off of the tree, all the yellows and greens


Glasses were shaking, panic in the streets
Chilled to the bone, she was caught in a bad dream
Emergency sirens filling any gaps of silence
She could hear her words out there but no longer soundless


Don't go, I need you
In every breath I breathe you
And here it comes…


The moment to know....


The moment to know he was flying away
And she will never find the words to pray
The moment to know he will never come home
Manhattan autumn remains forever grey

I highly appreciate the time you've spent listening to my track and honest to god I will be more than pleased to hear more from you and learn if there was anything misunderstood about this production or any of the other productions of mine as well. Thanks a whole a lot again and hope my description helped you get the image and the message better. meanwhile I can only remain yours truly, Rick Tallis.

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