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D.H. Miltz
11052 posts since 20 Jun, 2008

Postby D.H. Miltz; Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:08 am March Contest: Submissions


This month you are asked to submit an entry in the genre of funk (as you understand it).

This Wikipedia article might be helpful, but it is not an official definition. I'll leave defining funk up to you and the voters.


Submissions MUST follow these rules:

1 - Encoded in either .mp3 or .ogg format. No quality limit, but consider trying, say, V2 vbr rather than 320 cbr.

2 - A STRICT MAXIMUM of three minutes in length. If it shows up as 3:01 in my player, it's getting the boot.

3 - entered into the contest by posting a DIRECT LINK in this RULES & SUBMISSIONS thread (use the GOSSIP thread for everything else). If you cant provide a direct link, please contact one of the following people listed below, they will be happy to help you out. These people provide free hosting for the purpose of this contest only! They are not a hosting service. When contacting these people, please take the effort to understand the terms and conditions they provide.

1 - knockman
2 - watto
3 - slartibartfast

In addition...
Kara at www.kara-moon.com/forum has offered "self service" space. Log into the forum to find out more.

But wait! There's more! If you use SoundCloud to host your entry, you might find this tutorial by kryptonaut helpful. Bear in mind that SoundCloud's free accounts have a limit (per track) of 100 downloads.

4 - Submitted by early a.m. (US Central Time) Monday, March 25th, 2013.

5 - Your entry must be composed specifically for this contest.

6 - Your entry must be created using at least some audio plugins, virtual synths, or software studio.

7 - Your entry should have the FILE named in a format of "yearmonth_artistname_tracktitle" (ie "1206_artistname_tracktitle.mp3"), where the artistname is the same as your KVR name. Please do not use spaces and special characters in the filename. I will be booting for improperly named comps (this will not be a DQ, just a little reminder that you didn't tag your comp correctly). Special considerations will be given to those that have the hosting agent change the file name.

8 - If you are going to tag your mp3--and you should--the artist name is to be the same as your KVR name, and the title tag is to be the name of your tune(help us out, okay? it's easier to sift through labelled entries).

9 - One person can participate either with one entry, with one entry and one collaborative effort or with two collaborative efforts.

10 - Every submission has to be tagged with:
a) used instruments (virtual and 'real')
b) players' and singers' names (if other than entrant; collabs are allowed, sometimes encouraged, but they must be credited)
c) origin of loops and samples, if they're not free of copyright (this includes CreativeCommons material; please read and follow the license of the samples and loops you use); naming the origin of copyright free loops is also encouraged, but not mandatory. Please only use samples you are legally entitled to use.
d) name(s) of composer(s) -- if an entry is a cover this should be noted in the file name and/or the mp3 "Title" tag as well as the submission post (not everyone reads the submission posts).

11 - If there are strong doubts about the origin of the composition or parts of it, the participant should have the possibility to send a project file to the moderator, who could give it to a trustworthy person with the right host to examine it. Important: the participant should not be forced to do it.

12 - No resubmissions without permission from the moderator, INCLUDING for time-overage correction. PM me for permission!

13 - Any tracks not adhering to these guidelines will be very naughty indeed. Possibly disqualified upon peer review. And at least mocked for all to point and giggle.

14 - Voting (members must have at least 20 posts to vote ... although contest entrants are exempt from this ruling) will run from the submission deadline until early a.m Monday, April 1st. Anyone voting for themselves will find ALL their votes disqualified; any entrants not voting will also be disqualified.

If you have questions, send a private message to D.H. Miltz or ask in the gossip thread.


Ben from Camel Audio has been so kind as to donate a prize of ANY of their
products this month (and later months until further notice).

Ugo at Ugo Audio has donated a copy of M-theory + Dualism bundle, Ironhead + Tunguska bundle, Metallurgy, or Disturbance, for this month (and later months until further notice).Thanks UGO

Quinto from SKNote Software Sound Synthesis has donated any one of his plugins for the contest this month. (and later months until further notice). Thank you Quinto.

Michel Rouzic the developer of Photosounder has donated a copy (with noncommercial license) of Photosounder or a copy of SplineEQ for the October contest (and later months until further notice).

Dave Hoskins from QuikQuak has donated a copy of Fusion Field (full license) for December's contest (and later months until further notice). Thanks, Dave Hoskins.

Kong Audio has donated a license for HuLuSi for March's contest. Thanks to Kong Audio.
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Postby ClaRago; Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:49 am

I will set the ball rolling.

Drums :Kontakt library + some Logic congas loops.
Horns: Kontakt library.
Bass & keys : Logic instruments.
Drone intro : mix of two Jovica's freesound samples.
Guitar : my son's PRS Soapbar II +Logic amps & pedalboard.
Meant to be of the Latin Funk Rock variety .
489 posts since 2 Apr, 2004

Postby nikp2000; Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:12 pm




made in live8 with:
yellow strat
cheap Samick music man clone bass
horns from Roland GR20 guitar synth
a drum loop from acid6
guitar rig4
eq and compression from live8
mastered and converted to mp3 in tracktion3 with Tracks3


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700 posts since 25 Apr, 2011

Postby kryptonaut; Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:25 pm

A Little Bit of Funk

Because all you need's a little bit of funk.

A Little Bit of Funk (download)

You gotta get up if you're gonna get down,
And you gotta move quick if you wanna stick around.
You gotta be cool if you wanna look hot,
And if you wanna have it all, you gotta give it all you got.

And if you wanna find your soul, don't need no priest, no nun, no monk,
Better take it from me, I can guarantee, all you need's a little bit of funk

You don't need no speed to make you move,
You don't need no needle to stay in the groove.
You don't need no wings, to get you up and away,
You don't need no booze, to make you sway.

You don't need no pills or potions, no you don't need that junk.
Baby take it from me, if you wanna be free, all you need's a little bit of funk.

Alchemy (Organ, E-Piano, Synth)
Magix Independence (Bass)
Rob Papen RG-Muted_CM
Magix Vita, Magix Beatbox2 (Rhythm)
Kjaerhus Classic chorus, autofilter, delay
Tone2 BiFilter2
Magix vocal strip
CM Tape simulation
Magix EQ and Mastering
Zoom H1
Ibanez RT150
Magix Samplitude Music Studio 2013
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Laguna Rising
6693 posts since 4 Apr, 2005, from here and there

Postby Laguna Rising; Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:27 pm

Dirty Fun #51


HW: Jackson bass, Charvel guitar, Fender Strato, Mega-Amp, Line6 PodX3, Rocktron Chameleon, George dennis wah pedal, Shure SM58, Behringer preamp, Alesis compressor
SW: DSK Elektrik Keyz, PI-Elektro Piano, MDA Piano, MinimogueVA, NI Battery, Glaceverb, TAL-Reverb, keFIR, LFX-1310, Kjaerhus Classic bundle, AradazMaximizer, CamelSpace, ADT, Dominion
Sample: You Otta Stop Your Braggin by Sista Monica ( www.vocaldownloads.com )
2808 posts since 2 Mar, 2003, from The only civilized county in Texas

Postby VicDiesel; Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:46 pm

This is really not my genre.

Funky Loop

Logic, guitars from Vir2, keyboards EV stuff, synths Zebra.

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Mister Natural
2065 posts since 28 Oct, 2007, from michigan

Postby Mister Natural; Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:53 pm

Tell Me What to Do

LIVE8 environment
LIVE efx
KJhaus Classic AutoFilter

"the digital photo of that guitar just doesn't have the same warmth as an analog photo for me"
Doc Jon
457 posts since 19 Feb, 2011

Postby Doc Jon; Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:41 pm

Get Down, Get Funkaaayyy!!!

Get Down, Get Funkaaayyy!

When I was a little boy my daddy said to me
Son, I've got a secret to pass down the family tree
For eternal happiness you live your life my way
And follow just one simple rule each and every day

He said you gotta get down
You gotta get funkaaayyy!
You gotta get down
You gotta get funkaaayyy!

Years went by, my daddy died, and then I lost my way
It seemed I had forgotten what my daddy used to say
Down and out and all alone when something strange occurred
I begged the Lord to save my soul and this is what I heard

He said you gotta get down
You gotta get funkaaayyy!
You gotta get down
You gotta get funkaaayyy!

Live my life the funky way and now I'm not alone
I got a wife and children now, a family of my own
And when they ask me how I keep my happiness so strong
I think of what my daddy said and pass the secret on

I said you gotta get down
You gotta get funkaaayyy!
You gotta get down
You gotta get funkaaayyy!

Host: Cubase 6.5
Instruments: Superior Drummer2, Halion Sonic SE, Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2, Korg MonoPoly, AAS Lounge Lizard 4
edited 23.3.13 to include full list of instruments used
Effects: IK T-RackS, Camelphat, ValhallaRoom, Cakewalk VX64 Vocal Strip, DaTube, Host EQ, compression, reverb, chorus
iZotope Ozone 5 on Master Bus

Uses a Freesound clap sample by kendallbear

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2499 posts since 17 Mar, 2011, from Spain

Postby IrionDaRonin; Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:23 am

Irion Da Ronin - Shut the Funk Up



-Rob Papen RG Muted CM (for the wahwahs)
-U-he Zebra 2 (for the bassline)


-FL Studio Parametric EQ2
-FL Studio Reverb 2
-FL Limiter
-Izotope Vinyl (free)
-Flux BitterSweet 2 (free)
-Variety of Sound ThrillSeeker XTC Blue (free)
-Voxengo MSED (free)
-Dblue Glitch (free)

Samples (I have chopped some of them)

-Free drum samples from Music Radar, Computer Music magazine DVDs, Loops Artist and Jungle Jungle 1989 to 1999.
-Drum hits from FL Groove Machine.
-Free voice samples from Music Radar forum Vocals & Voices Volumes
(I don't have a "funking" clue what the irritating voice is saying but i found it rhythmic with the groove)

The Track

Encoded to MP3-256 kbps this time.

The track is a bit silly, i just wanted to have some fun without thinking too much.
Due this is not one of my main styles, i won't post in Soundcloud this time, so if anyone have a problem when downloading, please, let me know it.
And that is it. I hope you like it somehow and find it groovy and funky with a modern touch.
Don't be too much hardcore in the feedback, please :hihi:

Have a nice day and good luck :)
D.H. Miltz
11052 posts since 20 Jun, 2008

Postby D.H. Miltz; Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:22 pm

2:43 / 3MB ogg or 4.8MB mp3
mp3 . . . ogg

Edited to fix ogg link.

Used: MU.LAB, Audacity, Kontakt/Infinite Player (w/Studio Drums kapsule), sfz (w/Big Mono), Proteus VX (clavinet & organ), Amplitube 3 (bass & wah chk automation), GHi, QB3, EasyQ, GS-201, Classic Compressor, StripBus, Roundtone, RoVee, SPAN, POD, Telecaster, Squier bass, Oxygen 49, SM57.

Basic drum midi from: http://www.fivepinpress.com/drum_patterns.html . Editing (slight) and additional drum stuff done via Oxygen 49 and mouse.
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el-bo (formerly ebow)
8676 posts since 24 May, 2009, from A galaxy, far far away

Postby el-bo (formerly ebow); Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:54 am

ok, here goes nothing :)

Funk That !!



- Logic Pro 9


- drums - Native Instruments 'Abbey Road 70's (dry kit)'
- Bass - Spectrasonics 'Trillian'
- Piano - Logic Pro 'EXS24'
- Electric Piano - Logic Pro 'EVP88'
- Clav - Logic Pro 'EVD6'
- Vibes - Logic Pro 'EXS24' 
- Pad - Logic Pro 'EXS24'
- Lead - U-he 'Podolski'
- Brass / Horns - Logic Pro 'EXS24' …….. IKMultimedia 'Miroslav Philharmonik'
- Strings - IKMultimedia 'Miroslav Philharmonik'


- Logic Pro

- 'Channel EQ'
- 'Compressor'
- 'Space Designer'
- 'Fat EQ'
- 'Tape Delay'
- 'Spread'
- 'Adlimit'

- IKMultimedia

- 'TR3 VC 67'
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1826 posts since 22 Aug, 2006, from Charlotte

Postby satYatunes; Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:05 am

What the Funk


Download: http://soundcloud.com/satyatunes/what-the-funk/download

Well, this is my interpretation of the theme with a little bit of Jazz thrown in.

Host: Reaper 4
Instruments: Sonik Synth 2, Dimension Pro, Wusik Eve and some loops from the Magix/eJay loop CDs that I bought 12 years back :-)

- Magnus Ambience Reverb
- Minimal Sound Delay Studio
- FabFilter Timeless 2
- VoS DensityMkIII
- jsCompShaper
- jB Ferox
- Melda MXXX
- PM Clarisonix
- ReaComp, ReaEQ, ReaGate
- Voxengo StereoTouch

Mastered in Ozone 5.
1052 posts since 25 Apr, 2004, from NWUK

Postby Patrick9; Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:22 pm

I had hoped to do a melody vocal but ran out of time - still, this is a bit different.

Joey and Sally

Listen here, I'll tell you the story
Of Joey Blo and Sally Brown.
Joey played guitar and Sally was a dancer
In the Blue Gardenia in Shady Town.

Joey had a thing for Sally
He thought maybe Sal felt something in return
But that romance could never happen
Sally Brown was the bosses girl.

Every night he'd play...

Dance for me baby, while my guitar is playing sweet and low
You and me were meant for each other
Sally Brown and Joey Blo

The boss set off for Windy City
Takin care of Mob business for a couple of days
That night Joey made a move on Sally
And the smouldering spark became a blaze.

They spent the night wrapped in each other
Lovin and Laughin til the break of day
But the Boss came back kinda unexpected
And with his pearl-handled Colt blew them both away.

Believe it or not, its the truth I tell ye
I got the gig in the Gardenia band
And late at night when the club is empty
If you listen real close you can here the sound

Dance for me baby, while my guitar is playing sweet and low
You and me were meant for each other
Sally Brown and Joey Blo

I quit the band at the Blue Gardenia
for a gig on the new Phoenix Show
There's a dancer called Nancy that I really fancy
I play for her the only song I know

Dance for me baby, while my guitar is playing sweet and low
You and me were meant for each other
Patrick9 and Nancy Cho.

Tracktion 4, Casio MG500, Addictive Drums (demo and loops), Alchemy,Nexus,SampleTank, Sylenth, GAC1,Endorphin,GrMach2,FreeAmp25,Baxxpander, Blockfish, Cinematic Reverb, Classic Master Limiter, Altiverb, Event Horizon
272 posts since 6 May, 2005, from Somewhere In Scotland

Postby beanpole; Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:42 pm

This was a struggle for me so I got my work colleague, Gareth Thomas, from the Edinburgh based band U-Know-Hoo to provide guitars on my track.

I Can Feel It

Reason 3
Tracktion 2

Drums are from an old CM cover disk
Gareth used a Fender Strat guitar
Shure SM57 mic

Tracktion 4-Band Equaliser & Compressor
Kjaerhaus Classic Reverb & Chorus
Mackie Final Mix
can't sing, can't play, looks awful.....
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Postby farlukar; Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:29 pm


>> ogg vorbis << | >> mp3 <<

Sound sources: Steven Slate drums EX, TickyClav, Bass Collection SB331, Samick LSE450
Sound manipulators: MVerb, TLs pocket limiter, Pushtec, Ob La Wah, Boogex, Oldskoolverb, TLs Maximizer

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