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March Contest: Voting

D.H. Miltz
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Postby D.H. Miltz; Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:06 am March Contest: Voting

Vote for your Top 10 favorite compositions, in order (most-favorite = #1, proceed downward).

Voting ends on early a.m. (US Central Time), Monday, April 1.

No voting for yourself. Voters must have had 20 prior posts, or at least have participated in the contest this month.

Once you place your vote, you cannot change it, unless permission has been granted by the moderator.

In the case of equal scores after voting, entries will be separated by how many 10 pts (i.e., how many #1 votes) they got, then 9 pts and so on. (Thanks to OSC for this rule.)

You must participate in voting to win prizes!

A useful link (but please note the caution at the bottom of the page) :

Thanks and good luck.
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Postby RuediRena; Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:09 am

I am a bit sorry I didn't join this month because I love funk and was working on some track I didn't finish :( . Well, I may use it some other month ...

I very much enjoyed listening to your songs though. So here are some comments and my votes:

#1 Doc Jon - Get Down, Get Funkaaayyy!!!
A lot of ingredients are perfect: groove, sounds, lead and background vocals, those disco strings, your composition, and last but not least the brass stab in the end. This one stands out from the rest apart from Irion's track. This IS FUNKAAAYYY!!!

#2 Irion Da Ronin - Shut The Funk Up
Polished sounds and concept, jazzy with an incredibly charming breakdown. This track would have deserved a better ending in my opinion. The second standout track of the bunch. Well done, Irion!

#3 mr natural - Tell Me What To Do
This track is strangly funky and reminds of the atmosphere of Sly Stone's 'Riot Going On' - the dark, minimal cousin of funk. Super groovy from 1:54 on.

#4 nikp2000 - Black Liquorice
This groovy track incorporates definitely the funk. It is well rounded and there is this very nice brass lead sound in the second half. A pity that there are no vocals because it sounds like a very good backing track. Maybe you can find some singer to collaborate via SoundCloud.

#5 vulcandj - Funk In A
I like the story and the track has got the funk but your vocals could be more prominent in the mix and the track lacks punch overall. It is not a matter of loudness but I feel that some instruments and the voice are competing in the same frequency range and need their own frequency slot to stand out instead of 'subtracting' each other.

#6 D.H. Miltz - Shake It
You have to love those 'shake it one time for Miltz' vocals. Cool sound to it as well. There is a Clavinet which is always good for me. Unfortunately you lose the funk a bit in the second half. I love the very funny vocals at the end.

#7 satYatunes - What The Funk

Punchy sounds, a nice jazzy vibe, phantastic saxophone towards the beginning. This is really grooving - apart from the string and brass riffs in my opinion which are strangely stiff sounding. I was waiting for that virtuoso jazz solo but it didn't happen. I love the bubbling wah effect in the very ending.

#8 Kryptonaut - A Little Bit Of Funk
Funky groove, good sound design. Your vocals lack punch. Less reverb and some dirt in the mix would help. The instrumental part doesn't lift off except towards the end. The little reprise in the ending is a very charming idea.

#9 VicDiesel - Funky Loop
It is groovy and so the rather reverb loaded mix works quite well. A pity that you ride only one good musical idea from beginning to end without development.

10 ClaRago - Flunky
Cool sounds throughout this track, especially that crunchy bass. One exception are the maracas which don't serve your groove. The first guitar solo is not so funky as well as the riff in the break. In the end you are spot on heavy funking, a pity you have to fade out for the three minute limit.

And some comments on the remaining tracks in alphabetical order:

Barnadine - Quiet Funk
This track's minimalism makes me aware that it doesn't groove. The bass is way too loud in the mix. Sorry, but it doesn't work for me.

beanpole - I Can Feel It
Good song, but the vocals are too loud, the overall good groove is slightly breaking down one or two times, the brass is not grooving.

el-bo - Funk That!!
An exercise in jazz funk. Not bad but I miss some strings or brass in the lyrical parts. Or maybe wahwah guitar like in some Isaak Hayes tracks. It feels like a demo. There is also no real ending to the track. A pity you didn't elaborate this nice idea.

Farlukar - Dung
Groovy and very interesing free funk in first part but you seem to run out of ideas in the second minute. It also hasn't got a real ending.

Laguna Rising - Dirty Fun #51
Some good departures in this track, nice sounds and all. But somehow this is badly mixed, too muddled rhythmically and not to the point. I would have liked more of the vocal sample.

Patrick9 - Joey and Sally
Classic story but I didn't like your vocal delivery. A pity that you didn't have the time to sing and mix this appropriately. Overall the mix lacks some punch. Try to get rid of some reverb. I fell that somehow the strings don't connect to the rest of the instruments.
1052 posts since 25 Apr, 2004, from NWUK

Postby Patrick9; Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:13 pm

1: Doc Jon - Get Down, Get Funkaaayyy
2: Irion Da Ronin - Shut The Funk Up
3: nikp2000 - Black Liquorice
4: Kryptonaut - A Little Bit Of Funk
5: satYatunes - What The Funk
6: vulcandj - Funk In A
7: ClaRago - Flunky
8: D.H. Miltz - Shake It
9: el-bo - Funk That
10: Laguna Rising - Dirty Fun #51
Doc Jon
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Postby Doc Jon; Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:51 pm

1 Vulcandj - Funk In A
2 Irion Da Ronin - Shut The Funk Up
3 nikp2000 - Black Liquorice
4 VicDiesel - Funky Loop
5 el-bo - Funk That!!
6 satYatunes - What The Funk
7 D.H. Miltz - Shake It
8 Kryptonaut - A Little Bit Of Funk
9 ClaRago - Flunky
10 Laguna Rising - Dirty Fun 51

Full reviews to follow in gossip thread
2808 posts since 2 Mar, 2003, from The only civilized county in Texas

Postby VicDiesel; Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:45 pm

1. Doc Jon

2. Mr Natural

3. Patrick9

4. vulcandj

5. Irion da Ronin

6. beanpole

7. Laguna Rising

8. Kryptonaut

9. nikp2000

10. D.H. Miltz
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Postby kryptonaut; Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:49 pm

1. docjon Get Down Get Funkaaayyy
2. vulcandj Funk in A
3. el bo Funk That
4. nikp2000 Black Licorice
5. DHMiltz Shake It
6. Irion Da Ronin Shut the Funk Up
7. VicDiesel Funky Loop
8. ClaRago Flunky
9. beanpole I Can Feel It
10.satYatunes What the Funk
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el-bo (formerly ebow)
8676 posts since 24 May, 2009, from A galaxy, far far away

Postby el-bo (formerly ebow); Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:07 am

1 ) nikp2000 - black licorice - my favourite…doesn't feel as complete as some of the others, but had the best feel to me..could really picture a band performing it in front of me…the only one that had me bopping my head (in that funk way) and finger-drumming along…and one i could really have seen my virtual band digging :) …excellent laid-back grooving between drums and bass…..would have liked a 'stab' at a bit more of an adventurous trumpet solo (less blues scale, more jazz), but no big problem….

2 ) Vulcan dj - funk in A - really like the feel of this…would have liked to hear it based on a slightly more human feel in the beat…i like the lyrics and the delivery…the "funk in A" chorus made me laugh out loud on a few occasions :) …good flow…like the change-up in vocal delivery and sound..really like the unison bass and guitar section….at times i heard some red hot chilli pepper's 'b.s.s.m' era (never a bad thing :) )

3) Doc John - get down, get funkaaayyy!!! - great stuff….really polished piece in all areas…great lyrics, top delivery….great strings that really bring to mind my 70's childhood…very disco :) …nice keyboard solo…good use of brass despite the horrible brass sound…

4 ) Irion Da Ronin - shut the funk up - really hybrid track…the sax stuff really brings to mind guru josh 'infinity and candy dulfer, especially as the samples stick out against the track so much…i like the crushed vocals…like the soprano sax stuff…enjoyed most of the edits/stutters etc…this could easily have been made into any style, thinking d 'n' b, lounge etc, but it doesn't immediately bring funk to mind…i think there's a tendency for funk's calling card to be a wah guitar, but there's more to a good funk than that...in other words, a wah guitar does not a funk tune make….still doesn't stop me enjoying the piece, and even if it's not funk it's still funky ;)

5 ) D.H. Miltz - shake it - unlike one of the other reviewers i really like the intro, lead in sections…i like the chords and the weird sloooowww vocal stuff..also the lead line…all kinda falls apart for me in the following section though which is a real shame…i do commend the use of a more 'human' feel to the drums, especially in funk, but i think more time/effort could have been spent in making the whole rhythm section gel around the groove…funk has that paradox of needing to be a bit slack rhythmically while also being slap bang in the groove..it's a difficult thing to get right, especially when you are recording all the parts….separately :) …it doesn't help that the kit is so far back in the mix so there's no real drive….still like the idea/track though

6 ) Vic Diesel - funky loop - brings to mind 'kool and the gang', but also that bassline reminds me of scritti politti…there needs to be much more to this composition to do it justice….i really like what it has so far, but for me there needs to be some more progression…i'm guessing you know that as you make it quite clear in the title ;)

7 ) Kryptonaut - a little bit of funk - if this had been an instrumental it would have been better for me….lyrics fine, but i didn't feel the delivery….it would have been vastly improved if you had assumed a character and made it a bit more of a pastiche…for me, it was just delivered too straight against the backing track….also, you need to slap the keyboardist for trying to steal the limelight underneath your vocal passages :) it seems to be a real battle, but once the keyboards are out on their own they really shine..really love the the instrumental sections with the organ

8 ) Beanpole - i can feel it - i feel pretty much the same way about this as kryptonaut's track…really love the backing track here…really appreciate the live feel of it…a great band feel…. but the vocal just doesn't work for me….it feels very laboured..also too loud in the mix

9 ) satYatunes - what the funk - a nice idea, but just way too rigid in execution for this style...ended up squeezing all the funk out of it….the sax and wah chords seem to be the only things that have any kinda lilt and sway….really loving the lead sound at 1:37 , really brings to mind 'trouble man' soundtrack by marvin gaye…would have loved more of it…think there's also a bit too much different elements in it…would love to see it stripped back and given more feel to the groove

10 ) Patrick9 - joey and sally - good idea….i think the spoken vocal delivery works well, but the mix really ruins the backing track…i think this could really sound much better with a different mix, also arranging to make a bit more space between elements

excuse all the edits...mainly for formatting but also for getting one of the entries the wring way around :roll:
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Laguna Rising
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Postby Laguna Rising; Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:10 pm

01 - DocJon - get down, get funkaaayyy
02 - Barnadine - Quiet Funk
03 - VicDiesel - Funky Loop
04 - DHMiltz - Shake It
05 - satYatunes - What the Funk
06 - nikp2000 - Black licorice
07 - Mister Natural - Tell Me What to Do
08 - ClaRago - Flunky
09 - Irion Da Ronin - Shut the Funk Up
10 - Farlukar - Dung
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Postby satYatunes; Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:33 pm

01 - DocJon - Get down, get funkaaayyy
02 - Irion - Shut the Funk Up
03 - Nikp2000 - Black Licorice
04 - VicDiesel - Funky Loop
05 - Vulcandj - Funk in A
06 - Beanpole - I can feel it
07 - Laguna Rising - Dirty Fun
08 - DH Miltz - Shake It
09 - Kryptonaut - A little bit of funk
10 - el-bo - Funk That
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Postby farlukar; Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:17 pm

  1. nikp2000 - Black licorice
  2. el-bo (formerly ebow) - Funk that!!
  3. VicDiesel - Funky loop
  4. IrionDaRonin - Shut the funk up
  5. Doc Jon - Get down, get funkaaayyy!!!
  6. Vulcandj - Funk in A
  7. kryptonaut - A little bit of funk
  8. beanpole - I can feel it
  9. satYatunes - What the funk
  10. Barnadine - Quiet funk
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Postby ClaRago; Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:09 pm

10 pts nikp2000 - black licorice
Spot on for me , more 70's pop than funk but nice & round . Cool !!
9 pts D.H.Miltz -shake it
Lounge funk ? I like the mumbling , the laid back atmosphere + the bipolar construction of the musical themes ( hopefully you can understand what I mean).
8 pts El-bo-funk that
I love the intro & the melodic lines are great. Went up my personal chart every time I listened to it (started with 2 pts).
7 pts-Vulcandj - Funk in A
I really dig the guitars . Good lyrics too.
6 pts kryptonaut-a little bit of funk
Again not so funky but really enjoyable overall retro feeling.
5 pts DocJon -get down, get funkaaay
Great production ( once again) , a bit too disco sounding maybe.
4 pts Laguna Rising -dirty fun#51
Slightly messy but tasty fusion funk .
3 pts satYatunes - what the funk
The funkiest drums+bass+guitars combination.Some others choices of sounds a bit dubious though (the strings!!!).
2 pts Mister Natural-tell me what to do
The music is good, the singing & effects a bit weird . Still works well enough for me.
1pt Irion da Ronin-Shut the funk up
Nice collage of sounds , rhythms & gimmicks.
1372 posts since 24 Mar, 2002, from Australia

Postby Barnadine; Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:54 pm

1. doc jon - classy
2. iriondaronin
3. el-bo
4. nikp2000
5. vulcandj
6. miltz
7. farlukar
8. beanpole
9. laguna
10. vicdiesel

Didn't get around to reviews, sorry. Have a good Easter.
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Mister Natural
2065 posts since 28 Oct, 2007, from michigan

Postby Mister Natural; Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:16 pm

1 el-bo
2 satYtunes
3 VicDiesel
4 Irion
5 Doc Jon
6 Vulcandj
7 Miltz
8 nikp2000
9 kryptonaut
10 ClaRago

"the digital photo of that guitar just doesn't have the same warmth as an analog photo for me"
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Postby robogone; Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:26 am

1. Doc Jon
2. farlukar
3. Irion Da Ronin
4. nikp2000
5. el-bow
6. Kryptonaut
7. ClaRago
8. D.H. Miltz
9. Vulcandj
10. VicDiesel

As has been the case for the past few months I simply haven't found the time to record something. Didn't even get my bass out to start funkin it up and figure something out for this, let alone record something.

Maybe next month...
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Postby nikp2000; Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:52 pm


1 Don Jon
2 Irion Da Ronin
3 sat ya tunes
4 Clarago
5 VulcanDJ
6 Barnadine
7 Mr Natural
8 Laguna
9 farluker
10 DH Miltz



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