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April Contest: Voting

D.H. Miltz
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Postby D.H. Miltz; Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:03 am April Contest: Voting

Vote for your Top 10 favorite compositions, in order (most-favorite = #1, proceed downward).

Voting ends on early a.m. (US Central Time), Wednesday, May 1.

No voting for yourself. Voters must have had 20 prior posts, or at least have participated in the contest this month.

Once you place your vote, you cannot change it, unless permission has been granted by the moderator.

In the case of equal scores after voting, entries will be separated by how many 10 pts (i.e., how many #1 votes) they got, then 9 pts and so on. (Thanks to OSC for this rule.)

You must participate in voting to win prizes!

A useful link (but please note the caution at the bottom of the page) :

Thanks and good luck.
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el-bo (formerly ebow)
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Postby el-bo (formerly ebow); Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:05 am

ok, i'll bite :)

1 ) mr natural - summer of love 2065

honestly, this really blew me away (and still with each listen)…..i love it…what really interests me is that i have no idea of where one would start to compose something like this…nothing seems to pin it down…..lots of contradicting/opposing driving rhythms played across loads of different parts that all interest me in some way or other…love the guitar parts especially (all of them)…really loved the dynamics (how things drop in and out at the right moments to let breathe)…great use of the stereo space along with the dynamics….throbbing bass is great…nothing is overdone, but leaves wanting more i.e the vocal line which brings to mind so many things but mainly bjork's 'all is full of love' , and that is never a bad thing

it also actually really sounds 'future' to me :)

one criticism is not really a fair criticism given that the strict 3-minute ruling clearly brought this to a rather abrupt end….but i think that was a better choice allowing for the last return of the vocals

competition or not this just really does it for me

2 ) forw - manual

shit !! first time i heard this it almost disappeared under the radar…just didn't 'hit' me….today upon listening it's really kinda moved me…all this stuff kinda bubbling under the low-pass-ness of it….really love the chords and all the little parts that come to aid a very calm build…
it's not even what's there, which is really very understated…it's what it evokes…my mind is off spinning with different ideas inspired by the different sections
i hear shades of squarepusher in this and in some sections, radiohead

this leaves me wanting so much more, and i can honestly say i have never wanted to remix something more than i do this

good show :)

3 ) shangsean - virtual instrument rock

let me start by clarifying (as i have done it a few times in this thread), that if i say that something brings to mind < insert reference to another piece of music here > that i do it, not to say that your piece is unoriginal or derivative, but that it makes me think of other things that i really love and that it is intended as a compliment (unless it brings to mind something i DON'T like )

so, with that being said, this piece takes me back to days when i had steve vai's 'flex-able' on heavy rotation….i'd struggle to give a higher compliment :) i love all that drum/guitar interplay…love how the section at 0:42 opens out also….

it's funny because if i knew you'd played this on guitar i would have been really impressed..i'm even more impressed that you managed to impart such nice human touches on the lead, such that i had to go back to the 'submissions' thread just to check that you hadn't also included an ibanez 7-stringer as part of your 'instruments used'

very impressed :)

4 ) peppy197 - pizza berlin

this is a really neat little track..great that this month has inspired some really different stuff….this really is evocative of the kind of retro-future i enjoy in terry gilliam's 'brazil'..also the game 'bioshock'..this is your kvr "central services" :)

great idea

5 ) irion da ronin forgotten world

absolutely beautiful piece of work….love the piano, love the triplet feel on the early percussion to add contrast.…great ambience and the main percussion track really sets it off…overall good choice of sounds and just enjoyable to listen to

6 ) satyatunes - peace

very evocative of the title, and one polished mo'fo of a piece…..really enjoyed it, not much more to say…it just works :)

7 ) cu sith - beautiful mutant birds

really like this piece….nice little intricacies in the drum programming really set it off…nice build and really like the chords…the only thing that detracts for me is that there seems to be a conflict between the chords and the bassline that stops it, (imo) from being as smooth as it could have been until it resolves on the last note each time round…this could have of course been intentional

8 ) kryptonaut may 2063 top 10

hahaha, what a great idea…every little musical vignette was well executed and provided quality starting points for good choons in their own right

unfortunately, what makes it great also kind of works against it as none of them are able to play out long enough to really enjoy…but there is great fodder here for future pieces

also love how you are trying to pre-empt your own winning by placing yourself at the top when this is announced in may, hence the title being may not april (the month of the contest) :)

9 ) autodafe - vulcan waltz

enjoying the contrasting time sigs and rhythms…and how the more intricate melodic parts shift quickly in and out of kinda major-y and minor-y feels (ok, so i never learnt music theory :) )

10 ) vic diesel - the last overtone

really love the sound of this flute, especially the splits/honks that emphasise the overtones…great stuff…well played sir :)

all the rest, in no particular order

nikp2000 - what we were part 2

really interesting percussion sounds in this that i really enjoyed, but there wasn't much else to really grab onto with this one

patrick9 - acapolka

really like how this starts off, and it makes me want the library even more….as it progressed it started to become a little too dense and the stark, rhythmic momentum got lost behind it….it's a welcome relief that you kinda abruptly cut it back again, at 1:36, and it suddenly breathed back to life…i think it might have been helped by removing some of the denser areas with eq so that the parts still maintained a nice space for the more staccato elements which i preferred

i did enjoy it though

laguna rising - aqua haze

lots of interesting elements going on here, many of which are out of the scope of anything that i could imagine replicating in my workflow….sometimes felt like it was coming unstuck, but even then i found it sonically interesting

folderol - earthwind

very relaxing piece…..and the title suits it perfectly….nothing really stands out to make too much comment, but i did enjoy it

evo2slo - 2063

shades of cat stevens in the voice, and the use of the word "shit" in the first lines quickly set a high standard

pretty little ditty, f'sure..kinda like a cautionary nursery-rhyme….enjoyed :)

d.h.miltz - lament

nice ambience/noise going on here..reminiscent of being stowed away in the dentrassi sleeping quarters, last time i hitched a ride on a vogon constructor ship…not the best experience, but i won't hold that against you :)

clarago - perspectives of radical enlightenment

an interesting piece…lots of interesting, but seemingly disparate elements that did eventually bind together with the main beat….the operatic female is evocative of 'bladerunner', which is definitely a nod in the right direction :)

beanpole - rocking chair memories

really like the sentiment of this song….enjoyed the lyrics, melodies etc, but it was let down for me by being a little too sloppy in execution….all the elements are there, and you can clearly play, but it would have made so much more impact (imo) if the timing were better….

a good song, nonetheless
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Postby folderol; Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:37 am

My votes.

1 Iron Da Ronin
Ah, I was waiting for an introspective memories one. And here it is, done very nicely.

2 Patrick9
Excellent work. I can really believe this as future music.

3 evo2slo
Great folksy song

4 VicDiesel
Strange loveliness

5 satYtunes
Probably the only optimistic entry in the set. Nicely done.

6 Mr Natural
Interesting future sound + song!

7 kryptonaut
I very much like the idea of a future top ten. Gives you the chance to show your style range too!

8 Peppy197
Different! A futuristic promo. I like the idea.

9 autodafe
I'm sure Spock would approve.

10 Cu Sith
More of a 'transition' sound I think (say 25 years+).

A few other comments.

Could be, could be. Very different.

Sort of future folk rock I guess - as you say in the song!

Can't help thinking this would do rather well today let alone in the future.

Gives me a sort of 'Red Dwarf' view of the future.

What can I say except "Wah" :)

Sounds and melodies are good, but for me the contrasts are too extreme to be comfortable.

D.H. Miltz
Some nice sounds but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. Does 'ambient' have a future.

Laguna Rising
Really too extreme for me I'm afraid.
It wasn't me! (well, actually, it probably was)
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Postby VicDiesel; Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:22 pm

1. evo2slo

You win mostly on the concept. The music is not particularly innovative, but the "2525" treatment of the lyrics is great.

2. Folderol

Just a really great bit of ambient atmosphericity.

3. Kryptonaut

Again a great concept. The music is only marginally futuristic. Nice to see that you kept the best bit for yourself.

4. shangsean

This has the schizophrenic intensity that one often associates with hi-tech dystopic futures. Good stuff.

5. satYatunes

A vision of the future that I'll be happy to see. Lovely.

6. D.H. Miltz

and back to the distopias..... Great bit of noise.

7. Patrick9

An inventive attempt at a new genre.

8. ClaRago.

I think I read that novel a long time ago. Very good realization of the basic idea.

9. Irion Da Ronin

Pretty. I believe "wistful" is the term I'm looking for.

10. Laguna Rising

More dystopic noise. I like.

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Postby nikp2000; Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:07 pm


1 pat9 akapolka
2 laguna aqua haze
3 shangsean virtual rock
4 evo2slo 2063
5 beanpole memories
6 mr natural summer of love
7 irion da ronin forgotten world
8 cu sith birds
9 satyatunes peace
10 kryptonaut top 10


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1826 posts since 22 Aug, 2006, from Charlotte

Postby satYatunes; Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:11 am

1 Cu Sith - Beautiful Mutant Birds
2 El bo - Lulaby for Dark Future
3 VicDiesel - Last Overtone
4 Folderol - Earthwind
5 Mr Natural - Summer of 2065
6 Forw - Manual
7 Peppy197 - PizzaBerlin
8 Irion Da Ronin - Forgotten World
9 Kryptonaut - 2063 Top 10
10 Beanpole - Memories
Cu Sith
14 posts since 18 Apr, 2013

Postby Cu Sith; Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:06 pm

1) Irion Da Ronin - What can I say. This was beautiful. Reading your story and listening to this piece at the same time really moved me. You get my top vote for sure. Keep up the good work!

2) SatYatunes - So glad people will still be makin' love in 2063. Very polished. Great selection of sounds. Excellent composition. All around really liked it.

3) Laguna Rising - This piece was very fun to listen to. I never really knew what was going to happen next. Maybe I have mutant ears?

4) VicDiesel - Very interesting piece. Love the simplicity and the breathiness of this piece. Very human and eerie at the same time.

5) El-Bo - Loved the sound palette you came up with for this. Liked the transitions as well. Hope to hear this when you finish it.

6) Mr. Natural - Creepy! Almost awkward. Made me uncomfortable in a good way haha.

7) Patrick9 - I liked the composition of this piece. Really made me get in to the spirit of 2063. I wish you had grabbed more vocal samples from a wider variety of sources though.

8) Kryptonaut - The premise for this song was hilarious. The sad part is I actually think this will happen sooner than 50 years.

9) Peppy197 - Very fun piece.

10) Forw - I listened to this a few times upon el-bo's suggestion. It definitely has something about it that makes your mind wander. Very cool.
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Postby forw; Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:48 am

1 shang sean - great programming
2 clarago - sounds fit together perfectly
3 autodafe - nice polyrhythms
4 kryptonaut - great concept
5 patrick 9 - love that vibe
6 mister natural - nice electronica/acoustic mix
7 nik p2000 - minimalistic, love the sounds
8 peppy 197 - bioshock soundtrack :) nice athmosphere
9 el-bo - ineresting combination of sounds
10 satyatunes - not my cup of tea but sounds/mixing etc. is just
very convincing
21385 posts since 26 Jul, 2005, from Gone

Postby robogone; Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:45 am

Ho hum. Getting kind of predictable that I don't manage to finish something and just get to vote...

1. Patrick9
2. Folderol
3. Mr Natural
4. shangsean
5. autodafe
6. satYtunes
7. Iron Da Ronin
8. kryptonaut
9. evo2slo
10. Peppy197
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Postby peppy197; Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:53 am


001: Cu Sith
002: kryptonaut
003: cLArAGO
004: beanpole
005: LagunaRinsing
006: evo2slo
007: DHMiltz
008: Irion Da Ronin
009: MrBatural
010: nikp20000

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Postby Patrick9; Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:56 pm

1: Cu Sith - Beautiful Mutant Birds
2: Irion Da Ronin - Forgotten World
3: Laguna Rising - Aqua Haze
4: Mr Natural - Summer of 2065
5: Satyatunes - Peace
6: Shangsean - Virtual Instrument Rock
7: El bo - Lulaby for Dark Future
8: d.h.miltz - lament
9: clarago - perspectives of radical enlightenment
10: evo2slo - 2063
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Postby IrionDaRonin; Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:33 pm

My winners this month

    1 - el-bo - 10 points
    2 - folderol - 9 points
    3 - VicDiesel - 8 points
    4 - satYatunes - 7 points
    5 - Cu Sith - 6 points
    6 - Patrick9 - 5 points
    7 - kryptonaut - 4 points
    8 - Laguna Rising - 3 points
    9 - Mister Natural - 2 points
    10 - Shangsean - 1 point

Honorable mentions to

I always will love your voice bro, keep doing it so nice. And sorry, no more points left.

Now i go to bed to get rid of these little germs. :drunk:

Good luck everyone and have a nice day :)
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Postby kryptonaut; Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:36 pm

Votes based on a blend of personal taste and futuristic believability...

1. vicdiesel - The last overtone
2. Peppy197 - Pizza Berlin
3. Folderol - Earthwind
4. forw - Manual
5. DHMiltz - Lament
6. evo2slo - 2063
7. mr natural - Summer of love 2065
8. Cu Sith - Beautiful Mutant Birds
9. Irion Da Ronin - Forgotten World
10.nikp2000 - What we were part 2
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Mister Natural
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Postby Mister Natural; Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:56 pm

1. Irion
2. VicDiesel
3. SatyaTunes
4. El Bo
5. ClaRago
6. ShangSean
7. cu sith
8. Peppy197
9. autodafe
10. Laguna Rising
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Postby Shangsean; Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:47 pm

I didn't take any concepts into account as everyone has their own take, so I just voted for the music I liked best:

1. el-bo - Lullaby
2. Cu Sith - Mutant Birds
3. Irion Da Ronin - Forgotten World
4. evo2slo - 2063
5. Forw - Manual
6. Folderol - Earthwind
7. Autodafe - Vulcan Waltz
8. Peppy197 - Pizza Berlin
9. VicDiesel - The Last Overtone
10. satYatunes - Peace

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