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Cockos updates REAPER to v2.011

Cockos has updated REAPER to v2.011.

Changes since v2.002:

  • Revised peak cache date logic for better dealing with odd daylight savings time changes.
  • Fixed a typo in mid file loading that added extra all notes off.
  • MIDI editor transport buttons now use advanced themed images (T,MP!).
  • Fx chain: better fold button positioning (T,MP!).
  • Routing dialogs: fixed an old combo box focus issue (T,MP!).
  • VST: 2.4 "VSTPluginMain" loading support.
  • Mac port stuff.
  • Updated spectro build, new schwa JS FX.
  • Added help/show action list (mapped to ? by default).
  • Fixed editing tooltips on fully buffered drawing modes.
  • Options in Prefs/Appearance to disable tooltips.
  • Added new JS, fft-delay (which allows delay/feedback for different frequencies).
  • Added FX dialog header folding button.
  • Fixed folder soloed in "don't show peaks for muted tracks" mode.
  • Better smaller resized display of left pane in FX chain window.
  • Project setting in render dialog for realtime limiting.
  • Better track FX tooltips (shortened fx name).
  • Fixed some peak caching bugs (performance improvements).
  • Improved zoomed in waveform display precision.
  • MIDI editor velocity editing fixes (relating to 0 velocity).
  • Disk buffering now makes better use of buffer sizes.
  • Made some internal track item locking safer.
  • More reliable startup project samplerate changing.
  • Improved audio hardware error messages.
  • Bonus update: fixed item position quantize action.
  • Disabled autoscroll when alt+dragging items.
  • Updated disk read modes, synchronous now does more buffering and can perform decently.
  • Default asynchronous disk read buffer size adjustments for higher track counts.
  • Do not run muted tracks now only applies to muted tracks, not unsoloed tracks.
  • Fixed a no-peak-item display bug when zoomed out.
  • Changed default source material buffer size to 1200ms.
  • Media buffering memory is now reduced when stopped.
  • ASIO: better samplerate switching (should be more compatible we hope).
  • VST/DX: inf/NaN removal when denorm prevention is enabled.
  • VST: host controls now resize properly.
  • VST: better FX floating window sizing.
  • VST: multiple VSTs in different directories with the same filename are now ignored.
  • VST: faster startup scanning (especially when you had filename collisions before).
  • JS: automatic inf/NaN prevention.
  • Spectro: improved memory usage and fixed rare heap bug.
  • MIDI editor quantize now has optional realtime preview.
  • Swing control in MIDI editor quantize and input quantize.
  • Quantize boxes now have a slider for strength control.
  • MIDI Input Quantize config box is now "Track Record Configuration".
  • Per-track record format override (in new track record configuration dialog).
  • Added action for recording settings of last touched track.
  • Save as box can set the output file type in "trim" mode.
  • Separately configurable project format for apply fx/open copy etc.
  • Fixed post-fx sends on loop with pdc'd plugins on the sending track (i.e. Addictive Drums).
  • Stability and performance improvements when rapidly seeking/changing loop state.
  • ReaDelay: fixed preset switching bug.
  • ReaVocode: added modulation dryness setting.
  • Fixed normalize gain detection bug on certain content, faster normalizing.
  • Reduced duplicate notes when looping certain MIDI items.
  • Changed alt+drag item (slip edit) behavior, added option for old behavior.
  • Using alt+drag to move an items contents prevents wrapping loop point if loop disabled.
  • Holding shift on startup now prevents loading of last project.
  • Holding ctrl+shift on startup prevents loading of any default template project.
  • Holding ctrl+shift on loading projects prompts to offline all fx.
  • MIDI: fixed reading of certain MIDI events that have negative offsets.
  • MIDI: better smpte MIDI handling, you can now set (in MIDI item properties) for MIDI files to ignore project time signatures.
  • MIDI: fixed internal MIDI sink accuracy.
  • MIDI: imported .mid files now have a minimum 1 QN length.
  • MIDI editor: optimizations and cleanups.
  • Reasamplomatic5000: better noteon timing.
  • Theming: added colortheme items for more control over item peaks/backgrounds.
  • VST: safer ui switching for some plugs that don't properly delete their windows (i.e. oatmeal).
  • Editing: better alt+drag edge behaviors for snap offsets and fade lengths.
  • Automation: envelope auto adding/arming is now on by default.
  • Automation: new envelopes now default to armed.
  • MIDI: per-track nondestructive MIDI input quantize options.
  • MIDI: improved varispeed recording of MIDI items.
  • MIDI: fixed items at non-1.0 rates when used with tempo maps.
  • MIDI editor: quantize is now nondestructive (new actions for unquantize and freeze quantization).
  • MIDI editor: snap fixes (inserting notes among other instances).
  • MIDI editor: better handling of duplicate/overlapping notes.
  • MIDI editor: action: remove duplicate notes.
  • MIDI editor: action: set note ends to start of next note.
  • MIDI editor: action: quantize selected events using last setting.
  • Media explorer: preview stops if hidden.
  • VST: extraneous effIdle for plugins that don't request it.
  • RADAR compatibility: support for the new 3.40 firmware map.txt.
  • ReaDelay: a flexible n-tap delay.
  • ReaVoice: a MIDI controlled multi pitch shifter.
  • ReaVocode: a modulating vocoder.
  • Default option to scale peaks by pre-fx vol/pan envelopes (useful for fine editing).
  • Option for interpolated sample-level waveforms.
  • Fixed MIDI editor actions for setting grid divisions.
  • Fixed track selection when certain control surfaces are enabled.
  • Changed shift+click track selection to match the behavior of windows.
  • Bigclock sizing updates, performance and refreshing fixes.
  • Fixed key action for "delete selected envelope points".
  • Bundled an evaluation version of of Schwa's Spectro plug-in.
  • Fixed peaks on wine (wine devs: fix CreateFile's error state with OPEN_ALWAYS).
  • MIDI editor: note properties now go to 127.
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