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Plogue Bidule v0. released

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Plogue have updated Bidule to v0., the OS X version now features Audio Units hosting support.

New Feature:
  • OSX: Audio Units hosting.

New Modules:

  • Noise Generator (White and Pink noises for now).


  • New Preferences dialog.
  • Added progress dialog when downloading from online group catalog.
  • Now tries to load audio/MIDI devices by their names first (useful when you use the same audio/MIDI interface on different machines).
  • Faster cut/delete/polyphonize operations.
  • Right-clicking on a bidule automatically select it.
  • Now show the value of the parameter being changed through parameter linking in the bidule's window status bar.
  • Bidule ReWire dynamically shows if it can sync to the ReWire master application.
  • Added dialog to locate audio files for the media pool when loading a layout and not being able to find them.
  • Preset parameter can now be virtualized as a choice control showing all the presets by their names.
  • Audio File Recorder : now shows elapsed time and size of file on disk.
  • Basic Audio Buffer : upped maximum to 180 000ms.
  • MIDI File Player : added loop option.
  • MIDI To Sync : Better Sync generation, more options.
  • Polyphonic adapter : pitch bend support.
  • Polyphonic adapter : can now output MIDI.
  • VST : implemented reportConnectionChanges.
  • Windows Audio File Recorder : can now optionally output using WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE format.

Bug Fixes:

  • Starting/stopping audio processing causing crashes/problems under certain specific conditions.
  • Glitches when using ASIO after using MME even if the cpu usage is low .
  • Crashes sometimes happening when un-polyphonize-ing or deleting a bidule.
  • Audio File Recorder : various record/stop problems when using parameter linking with it.
  • Audio File Recorder : tries to append to the file when selecting an existing file for overwriting .
  • Default layout : Parameters of VST plug-ins in default layout not loaded correctly when starting Bidule.
  • Groups : sometimes audio skips upon deleting a group.
  • Groups : virtualized preset parameter maximum isn't set correctly.
  • Groups : UI wasn't rebuilt after changing the UI control type of a parameter.
  • Groups : terminal bidule connected to group input doesn't work.
  • MIDI Input : sending note offs for every note on every channel sometimes doesn't work.
  • MIDI Note Extractor : amplitude output sometimes cause clipping of synth voice.
  • MIDI Step Sequencer : doesn't send sync information correctly to SupaTrigga.
  • OS X : crashes on startup if Helvetica font can't be found.
  • OS X : can't load more than 200 something files in sampler plug-ins.
  • OS X : mouse wheel behaves weirdly for zooming in/out.
  • OS X : windows sometimes showing under the menu bar.
  • OS X VST : crashes when quitting when using some specific plug-ins.
  • Sync source not always updating their names in the Sync To submenu.
  • Unknown (Red) bidules: sometimes cause crashes depending on how they are connected.
  • VST : multiple plug-ins with non-characters uniqueIDs (Pluggo) can't be seen by Bidule .
  • VST : only one of multiple plug-ins having the same internal name show up in the list.
  • VST : audioMasterOpenFileSelector returns 1 even if no file is selected.
  • VST : some Waves plug-ins crashing when adding them to the patchbay.
  • Windows MIDI : can't see more than 64 MIDI devices.
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