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NAMM 2016PlugInGuru releases OMG! Drums V1 for Omnisphere 2 - sample based drum kit library with Multis set up to include a drum machine

PlugInGuru.com has released what they say is the first drum sample / drum kit patch library for Omnisphere 2.1 that puts 49 drum kits in Dubstep/Chill/Hip Hop/Film and Trap genres into Multi Mode.

Based on half of the kits and grooves found in the iZotope BreakTweaker version of this library (with V2 due in March/April and contains the Dance / Trance kits and grooves).

With time spent exploring the possibilities, these library includes 3 ways of using these kits:

  1. KIT Multis have the 6 samples (using 6 patches) mapped across the keyboard from C2 - A2 for triggering in real-time and sequencing any drum groove you wish to play into your sequencer/DAW.
  2. LOOP Multis take advantage of some unique abilities of the Arpeggiator and use in some cases imported MIDI files to get the drum pattern for each of the 6 samples (patches) to play the part of the original BreakTweaker "main" groove. These 6 patches are then layered across the entire keyboard and select patches have Keyboard pitch turned on while others have keyboard pitch turned off. Play up and down the keyboard for a ton of different pitched versions of the LOOP.
  3. GROOVE Multis take further advantage of some unique features of Omnisphere 2.1's unique Multi mode to now turn Latch ON for these 6 patches and assign them to C1 on the keyboard. Play C1 and now a "drum machine" groove starts playing. John Lehmkuhl and Laurent "AIRWAVE" Veronnez then created inspiring synth leads, Splits, Pads - all sorts of crazy things to the rest of the keyboard for EACH of the 49 GROOVE Multis so you can jam your butt off for hours and hours. The icing in the cake is the extensive maniacal programming of parameters to the Modulation wheel - so that the entire groove - all 6 drum patches plus up to 2 additional synth patches all warp to completely different sounds / mix by just using the modulation wheel.

This might sound confusing. So, watch this video - you'll quickly understand what is happening and how cool this ability is to have inside of Omnisphere 2.1: youtu.be/LeXzvWSpkYI

Furthermore, the library contains every patch that created the 49 Multis as a separate patch - these patches include the ARP pattern that was programmed along with the Modulation wheels extreme changes that are found in the GROOVE Multis. In fact, PlugInGuru created the library from Kit to Loop and then to GROOVE, then deleted the Kit and Loop Multis. Then, they re-saved the LOOP and KIT Multis after finalizing the GROOVE Multis so that all the cool things that happen to the sounds in the GROOVE Multis also happen in the Loop and Kit Multis. In other words, PlugInGuru did the programming TWICE for the Kit and Loop Multis to make this library as useful to everybody as possible.

The library also contains the Multi "Stack" presets that will quickly transform the 8 patches into the 3 different Multi "modes" that PlugInGuru developed. And finally, every Arpeggiator pattern from all of the 49 kits was saved as a separate pattern so you can easily remix these grooves into new & unique grooves.

Price: $59.99. OMG! Drums V1 for Omnisphere 2.1 is on sale for $52 until February 1st.

Audio Demos using on external processing or other plug-ins. Only Omnisphere 2.1 played in REAL-TIME with no post editing or overdubbing: SoundCloud.com/pluginguru/sets/omg-drums-v1-for-omnisphere-2

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