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Postby creart; Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:54 pm How to do Pulse width modulation??

Hi - I am just starting to delve into Sonic Birth..
I was looking at making a software synth- reincarnation of the Formant - a modular analog synth that I have...
one of the things that I want is having a square wave generator for which I want to use pulse width modulation...
I can't find an input for that??
Am I missing something or do I need to get a PWM effect in an other way?

Any help would be appreciated

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Postby RogerJoensson; Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:13 am

creart wrote:square wave generator for which I want to use pulse width modulation...

You can use two square wave oscillators, add them and then manipulate the phase input of one of them. Pretty easy. This way you will also get some vibrato, which may not be desirable(?).

I am not sure if it is common for analog synthesizers to have the slight vibrato side effect. Below, I did a trick to get no vibrato by manipulating the phases of both oscillators, one in anti phase to the other.
(When doing anti phase you should to see to it, that the invention goes from zero to positive values)
(the slider is set to value of 100 =100Hz).

You can omit the inversion stage and disconnect phase input of the top oscillator, if the side effect of vibrato is OK. -Makes a simpler circuit...


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