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Postby mickwest1; Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:34 am easy way to control multiple track levels

easy way to control multiple track levels

when recording it's often desirable to be able to reduce the level of all the other tracks so that you can hear what you are doing -

in ext you can't select multiple faders in the mixer - so you would have to adjust each one - tedious right? - and it may mess up your existing mix

- but of course you can create a group channel and route the other tracks to it to get a "master" control - BUT this can get fiddly if tracks are already routed to other groups etc

a quicker/better way is to create another audio out channel in modular view - name it audio out 2 or something -
back in mixer view you need to route the output of this to your actual audio outs* (same as the existing audio out channel)

all you need to do now is route your recording track/s to the new audio out channel - your existing tracks levels will still of course be separately controlled by the original audio out channel

hope this is of use

*don't know why this doesn't happen by default?


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