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Postby freewayland; Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:41 pm Soundiron Rust 2 version 2.0 update and sale!

We're pleased to release a brand new update to our classic Rust 2 metallic percussion library. It's on sale for $59 now - or - you can get the full Metal Collection for only $149 through December 12, 2012. The collection includes Rust 1, Rust 2, Rust 3, Tuned Artillery, Iron Throne & Bronze Bin.

Check out the Rust 2 demos

Rust 2 is dedicated to prepared metal percussion elements, focusing on darker elements and the most remote locales, often involving quite a bit of urban exploration. Some elements are tonal, while others are percussive or long chaotic cinematic-style effects. With over 3000 samples, Rust 2 covers 81 different "instrument" sets, including bunker blast door slams and creaks, massive cold war era Hercules ballistic missile loading rack percussion, mechanical prison block cell doors, iron bathtubs, massive 6-story metal tower stairways, giant steel structural I-Beams, long aluminum rods, a 25-acre metal sculpture park and more. The instruments and surfaces have been struck with drumsticks, mallets, hammers, hands and feet, drawing more than the occasional drop of blood. We captured plenty of variety, velocity layering and round-robin depth.

For the latest version 2.0 we combed through every corner of this library with the due diligence of a true obsessive compulsive. We tweaked key-mapping, refined playability and designed a brand new custom user interface with full real-time CC and host automation support, with a unique look capturing the militaristic origins of many of our source recordings. Now each preset offers you total control over every aspect of the sound, allowing you to shape note Attack and sample Offset to create gentle, ghostly pad-like sounds from even the harshest impacts. The Release control allows you to tighten the sound into a sharp staccato click or ping in one moment, or a long ringing sustain the next. Tuning is easy with the Stepping and main Tune parameters. And of course, all of our latest exclusive technological advances are also included, like the Mega-Mixer, Layer-Builder, Tuned Selector, Uberpeggiator, tempo-syncing filter and amp LFOS, convolution loading with 50+ FX and room impulse responses, a full section of bonus tonal and atmospheric ambiences and more.

Check out screenshots of the new GUI:

Our powerful Uberpeggiator allows complex, adaptive arpeggiations and you'll find tempo-syncing resonant filter and volume LFOs build into nearly every preset. We've also included a parametric EQ and convolution reverb with over 50 room and FX impulses to choose from instantly. We've also included our mighty Mega Mixer master preset, which lets you choose from any of the percussive elements in the library, load 10 of them dynamically, each with custom key-range, tuning and mapping to create your own ensembles, drum kits and tuned percussion orchestras. Finally, the Tuned Selector Ensemble presets give you instant access to sub-categorized collections of solo tuned percussion elements, with easy browsing and automatable instrument selection, while the standard ensemble presets lay it all out for you in convenient drum kits and percussion arrays.

Price: $69 (On sale through Dec. 12 for only $59)
3,015 Samples
3.09 GB installed
24 bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav
26 .nki preset files (unlocked Kontakt open format)

And here's a library walk-through video with Brad Halverson.

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