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Harrison updates Mixbus to v1.2

Harrison has updated Mixbus to v1.2. This update fixes many AU plug-in issues, including those with Universal Audio hardware-based plug-ins. In addition, it provides some new or improved features such as "Show all tracks with regions under playhead", "Save As", "Track Templates", and multiple language translations..

New Features:

  • Show all tracks with regions under playhead: Right-click the Track/Bus side panel, and you'll find a new option to show all tracks with regions. Any track with a region under the playhead will be unhidden. Tracks without regions under the playhead will be hidden. This is a nice editing convenience that helps you manage large sessions.
  • Save As: In addition to Save and Snapshot, there is now a "Save As" function which creates a new snapshot in the session, but differs from "snapshot" in that future Save commands to go into the newly-created snapshot.
  • Track templates: Track templates can be stored by clicking on the track name and choosing "Save As Template". Templates can be recalled by choosing the template from the "Channel Configuration" selector when making a new track/bus.
  • Language translation: Mixbus now supports many different languages for menus and dialog text. To select a different language on OSX, use the "System Preferences->International->Language" dialog. Supported languages include English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Polish, Czech, and Norwegian (See the About page for translator credits).
  • Ardour Exchange compatibility: Ardour Exchange is a third-party utility which allows you to import AAF session files into the Ardour/Mixbus session format. Mixbus supports the ability to import AAF files from the regular "Open" dialog if Ardour Exchange is installed on your system. Ardour Exchange for Mixbus will be released in the future.


  • Audio Unit plug-in fixes:
    • "White window" plug-in issues have been fixed.
    • Problems with Input/Output configurations and buffering have been fixed.
    • Factory presets now work with all plug-ins.
    • Crashes at startup due to bad characters in au_cache file have been resolved.
    • Favorite plug-in list now saves and recalls correctly.
    • AU's are now applied correctly during Consolidate and Export.
    • Universal Audio plug-ins are now correctly supported.
  • Export Folder: The Export function will now default to the "export" folder in the current session folder.
  • Clicks when moving regions: Some plug-ins reacted strangely when regions were moved, and the transport was stopped. This has been fixed.
  • MTC Stop: Pressing a Stop command via MTC would result in a "stop and abort capture". This has been fixed.
  • K-Meter reference level: The K-14 meter was using the wrong calculation for RMS. This has been fixed so that the RMS level reads the same as the peak level of a sine wave (graphic was drawn wrong).


  • The Main Menu now follows more OS X conventions (Quit, Preferences, and About are now in the Mixbus menu).
  • Multiple AU plug-in fixes improve performance and reduce crashes caused by AUs.
  • The "measure latency" function no longer requires a second "click" on the button to store the latency. The latency will now be saved and recalled with the session, but only if the buffer size setting is the same as when it was saved.
  • Additional file types are now recognized as readable by Mixbus, and some types that were reported as readable but didn't import will now import as expected.
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